Skin Allergies Combo


Pet Flora 50 caps.,
Noni Lotion 4 oz.,
Blessed Relief 100 caps.,
ASAP Pet Shield 1.8 oz.


Skin Allergy Combo is a four pronged treatment addressing the primary factors in allergies, skin and coat problems. Only Vitality Science treats the outside by treating the inside with probiotics, anti-inflammatory enzymes, colloidal silver gel and a Noni Lotion that is edible! In addition, Skin Allergies Combo is beneficial for all animals young, old, sick or healthy due to it’s long life and immune strength properties.

Most vets treat hot spots, itchy skin, and incessant scratching in a limited fashion (treating the effect instead of the cause). Most of the time, though, the cause involves the whole animal. Even flea allergies are an inside response to an outside problem. Healthy animals are able to handle a few fleas, animals prone to flea infestations are sick animals.

Vaccines and foods are the two primary causes of skin conditions.

Generally, pet owners continue with the same food until their pet refuses to eat it anymore. By that time, it’s too late! Most manufactured cat and dog food consists of grains and genetically modified corn (in almost all pet foods), which have a distorted nutritional profile and are highly allergenic.

Also, dogs and cats are carnivores. They are not designed to eat high glycemic foods like grains and potatoes. These foods can destabilize their sugar levels, and in susceptible animals, cripple their immune systems.

Also, over vaccination can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Vaccines are a witches brew of toxins, all of which have a long history of damaging effects. The more vaccines animals receive, the sicker they are. While the rabies vaccine is one of the most damaging, it is also may be legally mandated.

What can you do?

Change your pets’ food to a diet more in keeping with their needs. Achieving the right diet for your animal can not be understated! We recommend a grain-free diet for all cats and dogs, avoid at all cost prime allergen foods such as; corn, wheat, and soy. Many people have success with a very simple diet consisting of 50% protein (lamb, venison, or rabbit), 25% very soft rice, and 25% plain pumpkin (fresh or canned). Although animals love the taste of chicken, birds are often a common allergen and should be avoided, this includes turkey and duck. Organic is best in order to avoid negative reactions from additives.
Carefully assess each vaccine before injecting heavy metals, genetically modified viruses, animal proteins, and many other morbidities into your pet..
Provide the best protection against and remedy for allergic reactions including skin and coat problems by supplementing before, during, and after vaccination with Pet Flora, Vital Pet Lipids, and Super Pet Enzymes.

Relieve the pain and suffering of incessant itching, scratching, hair loss, and bleeding starting right away with Skin Allergy Combo. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

For every pet lover and especially for those that have any faith at all in vaccines, I highly recommend Catherine Diodata’s fine book Vaccine Guide For Dogs & Cats: What Every Pet Lover Should Know

Product Info

Skin Allergy Combo Pack addresses the primary factors in allergies, skin and coat problems:

Blessed Relief contains ingredients that may reduce heat and dampness and accelerate healing of the skin. It boosts the immune system enabling the body to heal itself.
Noni Lotion, made from the Noni Fruit native to Southeast Asia, possess significant medicinal qualities due to its analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The Noni Lotion is beneficial for cats and dogs to lick and eat, it can be given orally!
Pet Flora, a soil based organism probiotic, remedies dysbiosis, and microbiological imbalance which produces acidity and an overgrowth of yeast, as well as other pathogens. Allergic responses can often be directly related to an imbalance of healthy flora.
ASAP Pet Shield, Water-based hydro gel containing: 24 PPM Proprietary Silver Solution, which may inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the dressing.


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