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Worst case of canine diarrhea imaginable!

We are completely sold on Vitality Science Products!

In March of 2007 on our way back from our winter in Mexico our 11year old tri colour Collie, Izzy, had the worst case of animal diarrhea imaginable. We were in Orlando and the local veterinary clinic would only assist us if we agreed to a total and costly work up of Izzy’s blood work etc etc. We were going to go this route, when a fellow Rv’er suggested that we go online and visit a company called Vitality Science. We did, and based on what was presented on the site, decided to order their multi product kit (Treatment-Resistant Protocol)and give it a try prior to spending major dollars with the local clinic.(which of course they knew we were prepared to do)To make a long story short, we ordered online and received the products within a day or so. Herein lies another story. I telephoned Vitality Science President and owner Mr. Steve Becker to request urgent shipping and delivery of his products. Mr. Becker was most understanding and concerned about the situation regarding our Izzy and assured us he would do everything and anything within his power to get the products to us post haste. To say that he and his products are the #1 item on the most important list for our pet’s health would be an understatement. Within 24 hours, Izzy was rapidly improving and now 3 weeks after the event and continuing on the Vitality Science regimen, is to quote a phrase, “a new dog.”

We are home now and we took Izzy to our local vet for a check up. We received a “better than ever” check up report on her health and blood work.

Thank you Steve Becker and Vitality Science products for what we believe saved our Izzy’s life.

Maurice & Joan Fairweather
Uxbridge, Ontario Canada

Real Stories From Real People
Believe It or Not…

Vitality Science’s natural pet remedies work when nothing else will!

Some pets got better with one product, some with two or three. Many require a battery of products as found in our Treatment-Resistant Protocols.

Nevertheless, even with so-called “hopeless cases,” Vitality Science offers a substantially improved quality of life.

People who continue to give their pets our products as a preventative have found their pets to be healthier and happier.

We have thousands of satisfied customers, including veterinarians. and

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Dr. Sharon Doolittlle DVM is a well known speaker and holistic veterinarian with offices in Smithfield, RI. She has a large client base and a long waiting list. To stay on top of the many new and treatment-resistant animal diseases, she needs the most effective,
natural and safe pet remedies(Excerpt from video)
I have used Vitality Science products for several years. I have been very impressed with their products. I primarily use a lot of their Feline Comfort and Canine Comfort. I also use their Pet Flora and Luxolite. Energetically their products are very very good. The results in animals are quite incredible sometimes, actually many times. Their products test very well with animals with allergies. They have high quality manufacturing. They are great all around, products, services, everything.
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Michelle Cohen runs the Dog Bars, a very successful chain of natural pet stores, in Miami. She demands the very best natural products for her holistic customers. They want natural products to treat the diarrhea and vomiting of their cats and dogs. Michelle offers her educated clientele Vitality Science products.Back To Top

holistic vetI give your website address to nearly every client that I get. I feel like your products, coupled with your info and support, are a safe and effective source.

Dr. Michelle Williams, DVM
Knoxville, TN
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pet Flora TestimonialMay was running up big vet bills and her Labrador still was sickly and had treatment-resistant dog diarrhea. Pet Flora and SuperFood Supplement has restored her dog back to health. Listen to her story here.

May Cheung
Smart Choice Realty
San Leandro, CA

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Grace Becker is a beagle lover and one of our first customers. Despite being a relative, she is a tough critic of her dad, much tougher than any unrelated person. She has become a true believer because of what she saw in her dogs. Watch and listen to her 58 second testimonial.
Back To TopMinnie had a bad case of hot spots, constant itching, and seizures after a round of skin cancer treatments. Watch Kristen tell how Minnie was brought back to vibrant health with these Vitality Science products: Celloquent, Vital Pet Lipids, Pet Flora, and Super
Pet Enzymes.
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chihuahuaKathy is a devoted Chihuahua lover. Read her story here.

I used your products with great success when my Chihuahua puppy had some intestinal issues going on. Your product definitely helped her get better.

Kathy McCoy
Columbia, SC
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THANK YOU VITALITY SCIENCE!! In March of 2009 my very healthy, athletic 4 year old Boston Terrier “got into something” in the yard and became sick. Over the next 6 months he had constant and bloody diarrhea, never ending vomiting and would break out in heat rashes all over his body. My veterinarian couldn’t give me any answers, so I sought out another; neither provided answers or “cured” my dog. My dog, Aube (O-be), went from 31 pounds down to 13, he lost 1/2 his coat, his eyes were fogged over and always puss-ing. I was an exhausted wreck( physically and mentally)- my “son” was sick and no-one was giving me answers!! 2 vets and $4,000.00 dollars later they suggested I “end his suffering”. What?! That’s all they could say to me?? That was not a solution I would even consider!! I began searching the internet for help and found Vitality Science. As my dog was already on “his last leg”, I ordered your product (Pet Flora) figuring- “it can’t hurt!!” To my absolute and utter amazement your product worked in days what “medicine” couldn’t cure in 6 months!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Aube hasn’t had any other episodes and I’ve even put his younger sister on the maintenance program. They are healthier, more playful, their coats are luxurious and shed less, eyes clean and sharp and no more irregular poops!!

How refreshing that a company and product actually DO, and WORK, just as they claim!!

Karen Ciemiega
Englewood, FL

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Update on Minnie the 13.5 yr old poodle: My husband and I are convinced that, on top of ALL the other things vitality science has done for her, her hearing is returning. She’s been certified deaf as a stone for 2 years now, but in the last 2 weeks has suddenly started hearing things again. I wouldnt have believed it if… I hadnt seen it for myself. Her eyesight also seems to be improving. Amazing!!! Thank you!

Kristen Thompson Christensen
Pearl City, HI

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I believe several of your products saved my two 14 year old pugs lives after dealing with giardia and coccidia from a litter of pups I was fostering.
We still use the Super
Food Supplement
, the Pet Flora, Vital Pet Lipids, Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and the Celloquent. I have one hemangiosarcoma cancer dog who has lived over a year past his expected 6 months using all of these products as well!Carol Wood
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Hi Stephen,To bring you up-to-date; last November I called regarding the Blood/Thyroid Tests taken on my dog, Sandy, age 8-1/2 yrs. at a routine vet visit. History: no vaccines since 2006 � Titer Tests proved she was well above all acceptable levels including Rabies. Only 2 issues: very low thyroid and some loss of weight although I hadn’t changed her food/amount and her activity level seemed the same.

You suggested the Vital Pet Lipids and Celloquent since I was reluctant to start her on medicinal drugs. In about a week she started showing more interest and a little more pep. ( I guess I had become accustomed to her somewhat low-key demeanor.) Well she has been back to the vet for a re-check and her thyroid levels are perfect and she has put on the 4 lbs. that she was lacking! As a terrier mix/shepherd mix, she is still full of energy and not showing any signs of aging. I’m going to keep the Celloquent and the Vital Pet Lipids as part of her regular diet and I’m also offering it to my 3 cats! Thanks again for your advice. And Sandy says thanks also for steering my pet-parent in the right direction!

P.S. I would even swear that the white facial hair indicative of an aging dog had diminished also!

Best regards,
Cathy Contarino
Adstar, Inc.

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My 8.5 year old Border Terrier, Rigley, went through 19 rounds of chemo and
radiation for stage 3 lymphoma and stomach and liver cancer. She is now in
full remission. However, when it was all over she would throw up
everyday….sometimes a few times a day.I tried everything…..ant-acids,
pepto bismol, baby food, some worked temporarily. I had a natural vet put
her on baby food, pepto and suggested I try some Canine Comfort..

I spoke to
vitality science and they suggested the whole regime…anti cancer including Luxolite . Well the Luxolite was a miracle. It took a while to get the
balance right. Luxolite and canine comfort are the regulars….with some Vital Pet Lipids ( a bit in the odd meal) and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (on treats
through out the day).

Thank you so much you guys for all of your help!
I will let you know how she continues to be healthy!

Tracey Boulton

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I’m thrilled!! The Canine Comfort did the trick for my 15 year old whippet within 2 days. I’m going to keep him on that forever!!

Tammy Morehart
El Segundo, CA

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This is just a note to thank everyone at Vitality Science for creating great products for my pets. MY schnauzer RAMBO had 3 lumps in his chest.One was the size of a marshmellow the other 2 where the size of mini marshmellows. My holistic vet did not like the way they felt. She said they were not fatty tumors and she gave me the jar from vitality science known for its benefits of helping cancer in pets. She also stated that we would try this for 1 month and if they were not gone by then they should be surgerically removed. Within two weeks the lumps were completely gone. I was amazed and very thankful to be able to avoid surgery plus the cost and risk involved.Now all my other pets get canine food supplements and vital lipids and other products that are natural and good for them and its made in the USA. Thank you Vitality Science and team for your dedication to our beloved pets.Sincerely,
Irene Foster and Rambo
Johnson City, TNBack To Top

Canine Comfort TestimonialCanine Comfort Testimonial
Listen to Dale’s story here:

Dale SeymourOntario, CanadaBack To Top

Super Food Canine SupplementBack from the dead with the Treament-Resistant Program!
Thank you so much for the wonderful products you offer! Last time we spoke, my dog Daisy was on death’s door. She would not stop vomiting and was dehydrated and sickly. I told you that I didn’t
think she’d make it through the night…Well, you rushed me my order overnight and I got it promptly the next day. You even included some Luxolite for Daisy, and a complimentary can of Super Food Supplement as a welcome home gift for our new autism
assistance service dog! I was so amazed that you did this for us and grateful too.After just a few days on the products Daisy turned around and got better! She started eating her food and perked right up and we were so thankful. I have continued to use the Super
Pet Enzymes
and Super
Food Supplement
for her, and I give my other 2 dogs the Super
Food Supplement
as well. We go through it quickly with 3 dogs, but they are worth it.

I am still looking for a holistic vet for our new service dog as we are required to get him immunized. I checked the website you told me about, but have had no call backs so far. Anyway, this letter of thanks is long overdue on my part. You are a wonderful person and I appreciate the care and concern you showed us when we were having our doggie crisis. We will continue to buy your awesome products as our resources allow to keep our dogs healthy and strong.

Thanks again and feel free to use any part of my letter as a testimony on your website.

Be well,
Jodi Brock


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Vital Lipids and Soothing Solution stopped the worst case of seizures.

The use of Vital Lipids, about a half of teaspoon to a teaspoon twice daily along with an eye dropper full of Soothing Solution has given our dog 40 days without a seizure!

Your records would tell the date approximately we started using the vital lipid oil. When we started, we noticed a difference in the dog (a Husky/German Shepard mix). Initially, the nature of seizures changed. When they happened, they were not as severe. At one point I gave him the wrong food for a couple of days and paid the price, he had 8 seizures in 25 hours. Finally, adding Soothing Solution and more Vital lipids, he has been seizure free since November 25, 2009 (40 days)–amazing.

LeRoy Lloyd
Bowling Green, Ohio

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Jeff Smith is a nationally known talk show host for dogs and breeder of hunting dogs. Read his story here.


My dogs and I are very happy with Pet Flora.

But before I tell you about my experiences, you should know I am the owner of American Sport Dog Supplements, the President of the Hunter Retriever Association, a member and director of numerous canine associations, the narrator of the syndicated talk radio show “The Dog Man”, and the proprietor of the Rocky Mountain Retriever Kennel. In short, I know dogs, and I know what works for them and what doesn’t.

Once my dogs are given one dose of Pet Flora, their stool quality rapidly improves and they have a lot more gastric balance. No question, it stabilizes the intestinal tract quickly. Pet Flora works better than anything else I’ve ever seen in my thirty years as a dog handler and breeder.

No product works as fast or as effectively to treat diarrhea as Pet Flora. One dose at night and my dogs are better in the morning. Most amazing of all, over a three month period, the product has unfailingly succeeded in curing my dogs of diarrhea overnight!

Please feel free to use my testimonial any way you see fit. Pet Flora is a product that will support the health of all dogs.

Jeff Smith
Rocky Mountain Kennels
Missoula, MT

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I just wanted to say that my dog “Fleetie” is still eating after eleven weeks. I have also eliminated the small yet worrying (for me) dose of Prednisone which had previously been impossible to do without. Over the years I have tried so very many products and supplements, only to be disappointed when they did not work. I tried the Canine Comfort several months ago and immediately saw an improvement, however this was fairly short lived. I felt that yet again I had met with failure to help my beloved companion but for some reason decided to keep on giving the product. I had made a few other changes simultaneously so do not know for certain if the Canine Comfort is solely responsible for Fleetie’s improvement, yet feel it is definitely a large part of it at the very least. Fairly suddenly, eleven weeks ago, Fleetie’s eating reluctance became significantly improved. I can’t tell you how much this problem has affected our lives over the years and what a miracle it is to finally see improvement after so long. I am extremely grateful and fervently hope things don’t change.

Louise Bullard
Greensboro, NC

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Amanda decided to try one last thing before putting her beloved Sharpei, Zoe, down. Read her story here.

I just wanted to let you know that your product saved our dog’s life. I was at the vet for a check up today, and the vet looked over her chart and asked me about Pet Flora (it was on her charts), which got me thinking about how bad things looked a year ago.

Our sharpei Zoe had unexplained diarrhea, vomiting, and her kidneys were failing. We had the vet do every test except one for a genetic disease that cost $1000 to do and there is no treatment for. We thought we were going to put her down. Her body wouldn’t hold any water, and the puppy who was house trained the first day we brought her home at 8 weeks was peeing in her crate, her bed, and our car because her kidneys were failing.

We ordered Pet Flora and less than two weeks later, she was back to normal. She has been ever since.

I wanted to let you know, in case you want to share my experience with possible customers.

Thank you so much for your product.

Amanda French
Houston, TX

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Celloquent Testimonial Tammy’s Yorkie was headed down hill fast with gastroenteritis and bloody diarrhea. Many drug treatments did nothing. The outlook was gloomy until Tammy found Vitality Science’s Treatment-Resistant Protocol and Celloquent. Listen to her story here.

Tammy Chaney
Shelbyville, TN

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Health Decline Following Dental Surgery For Pat Martin’s Chihuahua Canine Comfort Testimonial

I have two rescue Chihuahuas,
Salsa (9 years old) and Chips (3 years old). Several months ago, shortly after
Salsa underwent oral surgery, I noticed she did not seem to be herself. She
became bloated and overweight. This previously picky eater suddenly developed a
voracious appetite but had low energy and would vomit frequently. Her stools
were unpredictable and would vary between loose and hard to pass. Her coat
became coarse and oily and smelled rancid. She scratched herself frequently and
her breath smelled like garbage. Her eyes appeared cloudy with a lot of mucous.
She had become very cranky and impatient with Chips.

Raw Foods, Premium Supplements and Lipids Was Not Enough

In spite of being on a raw food diet with a premium supplement and oils for years,
I knew something was amiss in her system. I began a quest to fix my baby.

Probiotics. But Which Ones?

I noticed that she began pulling at grass and was trying to eat the roots. I
did not allow this due to chemicals and pesticides, but it gave me a clue about
what she was trying to do. I started to give her plain organic yogurt and saw
an improvement so I knew I was on the right track. After a couple of months of
obsessive research and experimentation, I came across your website. First, I
was impressed that your products specialized only in immune and GI tract
health. Secondly, the ingredients and philosophy behind them agreed with what I
believe and know to be of sound value.

Dramatic Improvement With Vitality Science

On January 21st, I ordered Canine
and gave it to both dogs. Less than a
week later I saw a dramatic improvement in Salsa. Her movements became
consistent and her bloating lessened so I ordered Pet Flora and Super
Food Supplement
February 4th. I gave Salsa the Pet
for a week and Chips received it for four
days. In only four days the change in Salsa was dramatic. Her breath and coat
improved almost overnight. The bloating was completely gone and her energy
returned. I then introduced the Super
Food Supplement
to both of them and am truly amazed
at the transformation in both dogs in such a short period of time. Since they
are such small dogs, the change was apparent very quickly.

Improvement In Every Area Of Health

In spite of Chips youth and cast iron stomach he had been exhibiting
hyperactivity and lack of focus like that of a teenager on a junk food diet. He
is now calmer and learns new things easily. He was a pretty dog before, but now
he is downright handsome with a beautiful coat and calmer demeanor.

Salsa has regained her youthful waistline and has enough energy to keep up with
her younger companion. Her coat is glossy and soft again. Her eyes are clear
and bright and she’s sweet tempered and lovable again. To watch Salsa and Chips
play now is truly what makes me happy. To know I am the best dog mom I can be
is exceptionally satisfying.

I am glad I did not wait until my dogs became seriously ill before taking steps
to improve their health. I believe that when we bring animals into our lives
and homes, we have a serious responsibility to do the best we can for them.
They are not disposable. Your products are a very important part of this
philosophy and I am very grateful that I found them.

They will continue to get Pet Flora once a week for maintenance and Canine Comfort and Super
on a daily basis and I will continue to be
a customer for as long as I have pets in my home.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Patricia Martin
Aloha, Oregon
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After 8 weeks of soft to totally liquid stools, sometimes bloody,
multiple dietary trials and 3 sets of negative stool cultures…4 days of Pet Flora and our 9 pound stray toy poodle puppy is having NORMAL
STOOLS!!!! We cannot thank you enough! What a relief for all of us!Judy, Jim and Sarah Hibel and “Beal”, the 9 pound wonder dog:)
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Mandie’s condition was so
poor the vet recommended she be put down. Instead Andrew began using the Vitality Science program. Listen to his story here.

Canine Restoration
Hi Steve,
Mandie is a 14-year-old mix breed foundling. In late spring, the Vet didn’t
think she’d make it to this Christmas. Her stools were small and runny. She was
lethargic. Didn’t eat with any regularity and when she did, she just picked at
it. She was showing increased difficulty in getting up off her pillow to go for
her walks. And, she would occasionally lose her balance during our walks.

First, you persuaded me to try the Pet Flora in her food to attack her stool problem. Mandie showed only slight improvement for the first three or four weeks. Then, you suggested that I try adding Super
Food Supplement
to her diet. A couple of weeks went by before the new stuff came but it was interesting. I now know
Pet Flora was starting to work. Mandie’s stools were becoming firmer, back to normal size and consistency.

It was several weeks after that when noticeable changes were occurring across
the board. Her manner improved. She showed enthusiasm, was eating regularly and
well, her bowel movements were normal and regular. With all the problems she
had, I believe your two products eliminated most of them. The Vet is amazed.
But more importantly, I can look forward to having Mandie for several more
months … maybe even past next Christmas.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Andrew Monaghan
Centennial, CO

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and Super
Pet Enzymes
brought this poodle back
from the dead!My 14 year old poodle is on the Pet Flora and the Super
Pet Enzymes.
The Pet Flora was a
miracle as it literally brought him back from the dead as he had not eaten for
months and I was feeding him baby food thru a syringe.

Chula Vista, CA

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Pug breeder impressed by effectiveness of Pet Flora when nothing else would work.

I breed pugs and feed a minced pre packaged raw diet. I have always used FastTrack powder for a probiotic and also use a dietary enzyme on a daily basis. I have had great results, healthy, good coats, drop kick stools etc. I also when traveling to shows, will use the FastTrack paste for one of the bitches that will not eat and gets intestinal issues.

Recently one male got a stomach upset and would about 3 to 6 hours after eating vomit food which was not digested at all. Vet exam also showed he was constipated. My pregnant bitch did not want to eat. This was not unusual for her however but then another bitch began to show signs of just not being herself. The cause was probably their food (daughter left it out too long or whatever) since the other two who eat different food did not get sick but it could have been anything.

Vet exam and x-ray for male after two days of this showed no blockage and he was sent home with Pet Flora to be given twice a day. 36 hours later, he was back to himself, was eating normally, and relieving himself normally. So I gave it to the two bitches and after 3 doses the pregnant one all of a sudden is back to eating and the other is more perky.

Obviously I am really impressed with the product.

Thanks for your help.

Kim Yoshida
Andover, MA

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Just placed another order. My French Bulldog has been on Pet Flora and Canine Comfort for a
few years and has overcome horrendous allergies. I’m so glad that we found you!Clint Kenrick
Seattle, WA

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No hope for Thea’s
Pomeranian until she found Vitality Science.
I have a 8 year old Pomeranian, Buddy, who we adopted from an abuse case. The 4
years we have had Buddy, he has always been a finicky eater and would sometimes
have loss of appetite vomiting and diarrhea.

About 15 months ago Buddy got a lot worse with constant
bouts of vomiting, loud gut noise and discomfort, and bloody mucus diarrhea. We
have a wonderful vet who tried everything – diet, yogurt, fiber, and antacids.
Buddy lost 3 pounds – pretty scary when he only started out at 13 pounds! We
finally got the vomiting to stop and he gained about a pound back, but Buddy
was still having bouts of abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and the bloody
mucus diarrhea about every one to two weeks. I was desperate to find something
to help Buddy. We thought we may have to put him down if he continued to get
worse. I got in contact with Stephen with Vitality Science who truly made you
feel like he cared about your pet. He got back to me right away and answered
all my questions. After only 2 days on the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, Canine
and Super
Pet Enzymes
– Buddy is a different
dog! The diarrhea cleared up and he is happier, bouncier, and livelier than we
have ever known him to be. I never thought he would eat the supplements, but he
just begs for his food and is eating everything in his bowl – he has NEVER done
that before! In the last 3 weeks, Buddy has gained 1 1/2 pounds back and,
though he has some minor occasional problems with stomach discomfort which
finding the right food for him will alleviate, his major symptoms are completely
gone. I also noticed that Buddy’s eyes, which were frequently inflamed after
all this started, have cleared up. I thought this stuff was too good to be true
– but it is not. It truly has saved Buddy and given me a much happier and
healthier dog!!

Thea Lamb
Limon, Colorado
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Dog club executive
claims our products are amazing. Read why here.
“Two of our adult males (1 German Shepherd and 1 Dutch Shepherd) both got
extreme cases of diarrhea because of the stress associated with their sexual
frustration. Both are mature adult males who have been bred before so they knew
what was happening with the female. The Dutch Shepherd actually had blood in
his stool and the German Shepherd was pooping mostly water. I gave both of them
2 capsules of Pet Flora as soon as I noticed the problems they were having. The
next day, BOTH dogs were back to normal and had firm healthy stools!

You’re product is amazing and I feel much better about giving my sport dogs
something that is natural and not chemically charged like Metronidazol or
Imodium AD. I will definitely spread the word about Pet
and wish you the best of success with it.
You’ve certainly sold me on it!”

Dara Hunt
Cascade Schutzhund Club

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Fran Stojek spent more than a thousand dollars on vets
to help her cat with IBS. Nothing seemed to help until she found Vitality Science and the
Longevity Program for cats.
Watch her tell of a very happy ending.

Dan and Jun Park from Reston Virginia were devastated by the decline in Bell, their cat. After $1500 in expenditures with seven vets and one year of treatments, Bell was worse than ever. Watch their story here.

Immune Restoration Program

Treatment-Resistant Program

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Beth Chancellor from
Daphne, Alabama, has a cat, Haley. Haley was plagued for ten years with digestive
After a short dose of Pet
Haley is doing fine. Read Beth’s
letter to get a feel for the power of Pet Flora. All punctuation and formatting
is exactly as sent by Beth.

“Dear Steve,
We have an eleven year old Siamese, She has had stomach problems
all her LIFE!!! Constantly throwing up… 3-6 times a day. We have had
her to over 15 Vets with numerous treatments ex: steroids by mouth and
injections, antibiotics, to many different foods to name… and on and on and
on! She used to weigh 10 pounds but the last 3-4 years she has lost down to 6.5
pounds due to the vomiting. She would throw up anything she would eat within
15-30 minutes of eating. She was getting NO NUTRITION in her poor
little body!

The first time I used Pet Flora her food stayed down!!! She did
throw up some the first week…but then it just stopped!!!

In the last
three weeks the only throwing up she has done…3 hairballs (which is normal),
and small amounts of just spit! Hopefully she will start
to gain weight again!

It’s a MIRACLE!!! Pet Flora is!!!

Ooh…her Vet can’t believe it!!! I’m giving her a few capsules to try on her

Animal Lovers pay attention to these Testimonials!!! They are for real!!!
This is ONE AWSOME PRODUCT, Pet Flora is!!!

Thank you Pet Flora…you have made one very WONDERFUL Kitty much happier and
Defintely Feel much Better!

Beth Chancellor
Daphne, AL

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Julia Wells found that for Bebe,
her Manx cat, it took a little experimentation and some advice from Vitality Science to finally achieve success.
Hi Stephen,

We’ve spoken
on the phone a couple times in the last week – about my 10 year old manx, Bebe.

She has had IBS for 10 years, and had been having some issues with the whole protocol plan, which we started around September 7th or so.
One of your staff persons had recommended I just try the Luxolite (1/2 tsp) and GI Distress (10 drops),
but she kept throwing up – then you recommended separating them, starting with the Luxolite.

I just wanted to give you a happy update! After I spoke with you, I gave her 1/2 tsp Luxolite with her food – she got sick again, and had more diarrhea.

The next day, I gave her 1/4 tsp Luxolite, and she had a much smaller vomiting episode.
I tried it again that evening, and since then, she’s kept her food down and this morning had a normal bowel movement!

I can’t explain how relieved and thankful I am – I know I probably still have some trials ahead, as it may take some time to get her truly stable, if it’s possible.

But, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all your work and help getting my cat to a
healthier place without using potentially dangerous drugs and whatnot.

Thanks so much, and have a good weekend!!

Julia Wells

Kansas City, MO

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I have been meaning to thank you for your help and support in getting Adam to recover from his
seemingly nonstop diarrhea. I started him out on the Feline Comfort,
but after trying it for about a week there wasn’t dramatic
improvement.However, he got no improvement from taking Flagyl and I know that allopathic
drugs can be pretty hard on the system, just like with humans. I was very
worried when it seemed that he wasn’t improving, or at least improving as
quickly as I had hoped, but you were kind enough to send me a sample of the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory remedy, which I think did the trick.

I am continuing to feed him and my other cats using the Feline Comfort and I can’t say enough about how much your products have helped Adam and my other kitties. I’m enclosing a picture of Adam. He is a happy and healthy cat!

Meg Chrisler & Adam
diarrhea recovery

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Cheryl Streiberg is a professional acupuncturist. She has an extensive knowledge of natural remedies. Listen to what she has to say about Feline Comfort and Super
Food Supplement.

Cheryl Streiberg
Worthington, MA

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Carol Carlson’s cat Zelly was on the verge of death and got a few months quality of life from Feline Comfort and Super
Food Supplement.
Listen here to her story.

Carol Carlson & Zelly
Index, WA

Feline Treatment Resistant Diarrhea & Vomiting Protocol

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Dawn’s cat Casper was on the last of his nine lives with squamous cell
carcinoma of the tongue. Read the rest of the amazing story here.My cat, Casper Kitty, has recently been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma
of the tongue. Along with the homeopathic
remedies that I am giving him, I have begun giving him yourVitality Science Feline Comfort, Anti-Inflammatory drops, Super
Food Supplement
and Vital Pet Lipids.

When I started giving him the Vitality
, it was just after the diagnosis, and he
was not doing well at all. He was in pain (drooling and crouching), and had
just had a biopsy for his tongue.

I have been hand-feeding him since all this started, and have added your
products to his soft food. Since his diagnosis, I have been using a syringe to
feed him, and he has been unable to eat dry food.

Unbelievably, his health seems to have improved, and he has turned around so
much that he is eating dry food now (which is his favorite). His tongue is no
longer bleeding, and he seems to be doing better than he was previously. Only
time will tell if his cancer has been reversed, but I am grateful to you and
your products for helping his body to heal.

I am continuing to feed him a small portion of food with the Vitality Science
products and his homeopathic remedies each morning and evening. Again, I am
extremely encouraged that not only is he very interested in eating dry food,
but he is eager to eat at all!
Thank you, again!

Dawn Ward
Barrington, RI

A few weeks later, Dawn wrote us this email.


I just wanted to give you an update on Casper Kitty. His SCC tongue tumor has
receded completely, and I continue to give him your products.

Thank you so much for your
products. I am on the feline-cancer yahoo group and have shared my story on
Casper’s SCC remedy with other websites devoted to cats & SCC or cancer in

Warm regards,
Barrington, RI

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Feline Comfort Testimonial

As you can see from the photo above, Lisa Harden knows cats! Head, her tomcat, was diagnosed with FIV, Feline Immuno Virus, and had terrible problems with his GI tract. Listen to the happy resolution of her problems here.

Lisa Ann Harden
Keymar, MD

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Pet FloraRiley, Donna Wheeler’s cat, was diagnosed with IBS and was treatment resistant. Donna feared Riley might not make it when she discovered Pet Flora. Listen to her story.

Donna Wheeler & Riley
Long Beach, CABack To Top

Mary Lou Dean was devastated to discover that her cat, Billy Bob, had cancer. The vet suggested putting Billy Bob down. But one year later with the help of Luxolite, Feline Comfort,Super Food Supplement,Super Pet Enzymes, and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Billy Bob is tremendously improved and on the way to a long and healthy life. Listen to her story here.

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Diet Plus Vitality Science Products Is The Key To
Success!”It’s been 4 months since I purchased your Treatment-Resistant Protocol and
began treating my cat. I have an important note for those who do not see prompt
improvement in their pet’s conditions! My boy (13 yrs) didn’t show any
improvement until I took
him off commercial food.

This had nothing to do with any recall products, but rather the generally poor
quality that permeates almost the entire food industry! Once I started
purchasing and semi-cooking specially ground (pets only) chicken and beef and
supplementing it with your products, he started holding meals down and
producing solid stools again. His condition had gotten very bad, and this
improvement took a few weeks.

I speculate that his advanced age, a move after 11 years where I found him, and
dealing with his new 3 yr old brother (found while moving, intact) contributed
some stress. But today, he’s my “bratty-brat” again and keeps his
testosterone-checked brother in place! Interestingly, his stools go loose again
whenever I stop giving the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory– but at this point, he does
very well on 1 drop, 2x daily.

The point is that if your products don’t help, a diet change may be necessary
for the animal. Thanks a lot, I’ll place my next order soon!”

Jerilyn Jernigan
Sherman Oaks, CA

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I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful your Easy Go product is! It is far superior to keeping my chronically constipated cat Sherlock regular…I was pretty surprised at how effective it was! (I teased my husband who sometimes has “problems” and said he should try it – can people use it?) (Editor: Yes.)Sherlock was vomiting blood periodically and you said we had to stop the vomiting…a twice daily dose of the Treatment-Resistant protocol (syringing Luxolite, Feline Comfort, Soothing Solution, Lithothamnium, and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory) has worked wonders.

We stopped the Clavamox, the Pepcid, and also the carafate (which was to act as a “bandage” over any bleeding ulcer he might have).

My cats’ homemade diet is lightly cooked chicken in its own plain broth, with a little pumpkin mixed in.

Thanks again for your great products – I tell all my pet owner friends about them.

Paula Holmes
Erie, PA

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We have been buying the Super
Food Supplement
from you a bit longer than a year for our cat,
Blue, who has the Feline Gingivitis/Stomatitis Complex. I wanted to let you know that it has made a world of
difference in him. We are coming up on a year since his last infection (Aug 2009) and he has been symptom free.
Other than some upchucking, he’s been in the best spirits he’s ever been since we’ve had him as a kitten.Ann Curtis
Madison, WI

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diarrhea recovery I just wanted to let you know how much your Feline Comfort has helped my four year old Ragdoll cat, Lucy.

She has suffered from irritable bowel syndrome since she was about a year old. She was back to the vet every four months or so for two shots when it flared up.

Since I have been using the Feline Comfort, Lucy is a changed cat. She runs through the house like a lunatic, and eats like a pig. She still eats a prescription dry cat food for her condition, but I sprinkle the Feline Comfort on her food, and mist it a little bit with water, and it works like a dream. She hasn’t had a flare up since I started using the Feline Comfort. I’ve even noticed a change in her eyes. She always had crusty eyes. That has completely gone away. I want to thank you for your product, and recommend it to other cat owners.

Kathleen DeBolt
Sparrows Point, Maryland

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Patty’s cats, Stripe
and Muskie, had IBS and Patty had GI problems. Read how they all found relief
with Vitality ScienceAs we discussed my 2 cats, Stripe and Muskie, had terrible diarrhea for
several months. The vet tried a number of antibiotics and other remedies, but
nothing worked. It was a mess. I found Vitality Science on the internet and
purchased the Pet
Flora capsules

I sprinkled 1-2 capsules on
canned food, twice per day for several days. I saw immediate results. Whenever
the kitties get diarrhea I use the Pet Flora and it is remedied. It is amazing,
and I keep a bottle on hand at all times.

Additionally, I came down with diarrhea, accompanied by gas and bloating myself
that I believe was caused by use of a 7-day miracle cleanse diet product. This
diarrhea was resistant to off the shelf products such as Imodium and Imodium
AD. My doctor ran extensive fecal tests which showed no issues. The doctor
wanted me to see a gastroenterologist, but I had another plan.

After 2 months of daily diarrhea (sometimes 7 times per day), I decided to try
the Pet Flora on myself. I used 5 per day without relief. I then increased the dose to about 7-10, twice per day, and included your Luxolite, 1-2 T. per day
(taken with some fiber, but not near mealtime) and your Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and Soothing Solution product (taken apart from the Luxolite). After 4 days I
was 80% better. I continued on for another week lowering the dosage of each and
continued to feel better. I haven’t used any of the product for 4 weeks and
continue to feel great.

Thanks for creating such wonderful products.”

Patricia Moore-Davidson

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How may we thank you for the hope you have given this family! Cal is responding, as slow and as little the change is we are beyond excited to say that there is improvement. The odor has lessened tremendously and the blood is gone. Even with this tiny change it is more than he has ever experienced in his life. Your research and products (Treatment-Resistant Diarrhea & Vomiting Program for Cats) are most appreciated. (Too thank you for writing back initially, that is unheard of in todays business world!) All the best to you.

Candice and John Morales
Long Beach, NY

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Lee Ann was one of the
millions of cat owners perplexed by her cat’s GI problems until she tried Vitality Science products.When we received the Pet Flora, after the first
treatment the vomiting and diarrhea stopped. Within 24 hours our cat began
eating again and now three days later she is back to her normal active self.
Prior to finding your product we spent $120 at the vet and all he could offer
was to hospitalize the cat for a few days to do more tests. Thank you for
offering this alternative.

Lee Ann Lajoie
Tijeras, NM
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Crying and howling from pain, Kelli’s cat
was in pain and so was Kelli when
nothing seemed to work until she found Vitality Science.Please add me to your testimonials, I’m now a believer! I got my now 14 year
old Devon Rex, Arnie, from a local shelter a couple of years ago, with very
little medical history to go on. At the time, his belly was very bloated while
the rest of him had the typical bare/skinny Devon look. Since bringing him
home, he has had ongoing GI problems: vomiting of some form nearly every day or
night, diarrhea, pooping throughout the house, increased thirst, and lots of
crying/yowling. I thought it was simply “because he’s a cat,” or that
he was just getting old, and that’s what happened with older cats. I tried
everything: white fish, white rice, boiled chicken, greens, oatmeal, whole
grain/omega-3 additives, baby food, yogurt, you name it; nothing worked. After
another $250 vet visit for blood work and tests–where the vet found nothing
wrong–I happened upon your website while surfing for an answer. I was rather
skeptical, so I ordered the smaller Pet Flora.

WOW. I noticed a real improvement within 24 hours: No vomiting! No diarrhea!
His stools were more normal! No crying! Even more, now after a few more days,
I’ve noticed that his breath is less stinky. Could it be true? – this stuff
actually works? Halleluiah!

So call me a believer…and I plan to order more of your wonderful Pet Flora, it definitely worked for my Arnie!

Kelli M.

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I want to thank you for an excellent product. I just placed my second order for Super Food Supplement for cats. This time I ordered the double size. It was with some skepticism that I decided to try this product several months ago. I was doing internet research on how to deal with what I defined as my failure to thrive cat and found your website with the description of the Super Food Supplement. My three year old Maine Coon, Giggy, has been on a raw diet since I got him and has always been very thin. I think part of this is because the raw diet has very few carbs so the weight stays down. (My other cat is a dry food addict and he is fat.) Unfortunately, Giggy was looking just too thin and was not eating. After taking him to the vet who could find nothing wrong after numerous costly tests, I decided to do my own research and I thought the best term to describe Giggy was failure to thrive. At this point, he felt very bony and even his eyes were sunken so failure to thrive was very a propos description. He was off his food and just didn’t want to eat much at all. It was then that I found your website with the description of Super Food Supplement including the very words failure to thrive so I ordered it online (I live in Canada) and added it to Giggy’s food bit by bit. After a week, he started eating again, this time with relish. After about 6 months, he has put on some weight and is eating well. Some mornings when I have felt a little lazy and didn’t add the Super
Food Supplement
to his food, he knew something was missing and although he ate, it was not with the enthusiasm I had become used to seeing. I am almost finished the original jar of Super
Food Supplement
so have ordered more. I don’t think we can be without it because Giggy is the picture of health and I’m relieved that I have a healthy, happy cat.Thank you so much,
Kristina Mulak
Toronto, Ontario

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Hi, I work at the DogBar (Miami Beach) who carries your products, I talked to you a few days ago about my cat who developed an eosinophilic granuloma on his lip and I wanted to share that with the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory andVital Pet Lipids as well as removing all dry food and only feeding raw his lip is almost 100% better !
Thanks so much I knew if I took him to the vet they would want to give him a steroid injection.Michelle Thomas

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A severe grain intolerance
was the cause of MacDuff’s problem.Vitality ScienceTestimonial I wanted to thank you again for all your assistance and fantastic
customer service.

I also wanted to update you that I took Macduff to a vet that specializes in
cats, and after a month of a diet of only 100% cooked chicken breast, he
finally stabilized, and we are spending the next 2 months getting him off
“people food” and back on cat food. It seems that he has a severe
intolerance for grains of any sort, so we have started adding a very simple
canned food, and we’ll be starting to mix in a grain-free dry food.

The new vet has recommended that we keep some probiotics on hand in case he is
hit with a bout of diarrhea again, and I do have the remainder of the Feline Comfort in the refrigerator just in case.

Thank you again for your integrity – in customer service and in your product.

Melissa Leung

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Hello Vitality Science,
Just a quick note to tell you I give my cat your vital lipids and his dandruff is now gone. I worried for the longest time because I was told that if a cat has dandruff it might be a sign of diabetes. Turns out he was lacking his vital lipids. I had tried different kinds of oil for him but nothing has worked like your Vital Pet Lipids and he really loves them.Thank you,

Cindy Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Vitality Science products have vastly improved, if not literally saved, my three cats’ lives. (That’s 27 lives total :-) ) My eldest cat had a GI ulcer that resulted in his vomiting blood – very alarming. Vet prescribed antibiotics, anti-nausea, and a “sealant” type of tablet to heal the ulcer…very costly and hard to give him. Soothing Solution and Feline Comfort have improved cat’s symptoms tremendously. Customer support via phone and onlline is superb.

Paula Holmes
Erie, PA

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Success!!!! Thank you, thank you
for this product. My sixteen year old cat had very bad diarrhea (no vomiting)
for a while. I had tried what seemed to be everything, worm meds, antibiotics,
pet pepto-bismol, acidolphous culture and nothing seemed to help. Fortunately,
she never lost any weight and her activity level remained normal. So, I
searched the internet and found your product along with others and followed my instincts
and ordered yours. After reading the testimonials, I had a very strong feeling
about this product; so, after the first capsule was administered with no
results, I did not give up. I waited 48 hours and tried another capsule; still
nothing. Then, 72 hours after the second capsule, I gave her the third capsule
and finally, success!Again, thank you so much for all the pets who will benefit from this wonderful

Corinne B.
Harriman, TN

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Feline Comfort Testimonial
I had called you about a week ago after my 6 month old
“toyger” (the new breed- check it out at toygers.org.) had been
having liquid
diarrhea for about 10 days. The vet could find
nothing wrong. I ordered Feline Comfort from you but had not received it yet.
You were very nice to take the time to help me understand how to administer it.
As soon as I got it I started “DUMA” on it, and after 1 week she is
now having solid stools and is much, much more active and happy. Thanks again.
I am sending along a snap of her.Robert Ohanian

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Deb loved the results
on her Himalayan kittens and emailed her vet, who had no interest whatsoever.
As a note, we have many holistic vets as customers (You can find them by
clicking on the AHVMA icon) but no so-called “regular” vets. You may
draw your own conclusions.Hi
I have two 5 1/2 month old Himalayan kittens, one of which has had chronic
diarrhea since I took her home from the breeder at 12 weeks. After the usual vet
course of worming, antibiotics, antiviral, the vet suggested Metamucil. Almost
all types of cat food went right through her system; even the premium canned
foods, such as Waltham Coat Care. I started feeding her Wellness canned kitten
formula, and had some degree of success in preventing the horribly runny and
smelly stools with Metamucil and Feline Comfort.

However, I am happy to let you know
that the Treatment-Resistant protocol has resulted in solid stools in only two days
time. Her appetite seems more stable also; I can’t tell you the number of times
she would eat a couple of bites of food and then walk away from her bowl.
Obviously, her digestive system was not functioning well, and your products
have calmed and regulated the digestive process.

I am very grateful for your products; I am going to email my vet, and let her
know of the success.

Most Sincerely,

Deb Simpson
Manchester, ME

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My 3 year old Himalayan,starting having loose stools this past summer, I tryed everything I could remember to do, being a former breeder….I had him to two different vets he was put on Metronidazole,and then baytril and it did’t even touch it the stools were just running out of him like chocolate pudding,I tryed pumkin,yogard,anti-diarrheal liquid, Imodium A-D and was at my witts end, and one night as a last resourse, I typed in on my computers browser diarrhea in cats and found this company called Vitality Science. I was sent a product called Feline Comfort (A natural support for cats with a delicate digestion) and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, these two products worked in two days,and the support I got from the owner of the company Steven Becker could not be more helpful in his positive demeanor. I highly recommend all the Vitality Science Produts, the natural way to go to get results.

Cathy Sorbello
Waynesville N.C. 28786

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Managing Director of NYC firm just couldn’t believe the claims but was so desperate she tried anyway.

I must admit that when I read the testimonials on your website that I was skeptical, but I was desperate so I ordered the Pet Flora and Super
Food Supplement.
Pet Flora is amazing! I gave my darling cat Kiwi a dose in his evening meal on Monday and Tuesday morning he had a perfectly formed stool! That may not seem like a lot, but he has had chronic problems with diarrhea for the last year. The vet had tested him for everything and had come up with nothing. As he seemed healthy in all other aspects, we had sort of become resigned to his occasional accidents and voluminous loose stools. He had another perfect stool late last night. We are holding our breath, but I am very encouraged! Thank you so much.

New York, NY

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I just wanted to Thank you for helping me out with my cat tigger. I have been dealing with cat diarrhea for 11 mos. I have been to two different vets and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. Well after my vet bills racked up to $1200 with IV for dehydration, not eating, and nearly dying.. I didn’t know what else to do. I thought he might have a food allergy. Well with him being 11 yrs old it was unlikely. I did some research on line and happen to come across some pet lovers that have also experienced the same thing as me. I decided I had nothing to lose. I made a deal with myself to either try one more thing.. the pet flora med… or put him down. I was in tears to even think to put my cat to sleep.. because no one knew what was wrong with him. Or my other last thing would be spending $500 on a scan for the cat.. but that still wasn’t something they knew would tell them how to stop the diarrhea.

When I started the Pet Flora,I did notice a BIG change overnight with tigger. He took the powder med just fine. I mixed it up with his canned food that i was feeding him. I did this twice a day, and today he finally showed me the results.. EVERYTHING is normal! I just want to thank you so much in sharing this kind of info for someone like me. Again Thank you!”

Jessica Henry
Portage Michigan

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Vet never saw a case of IBS clear up so quickly.

My cat has IBS and I started him on the Pet Flora and Super
Food Supplement
about 3 weeks ago. Within a few days his symptoms cleared up
completely. Since IBS is a reoccurring problem, I am assuming I
should continue the Super
Food Supplement
forever. Your product is miraculous. The vet said she had
never seen an occurrence of IBS stop so quickly.

Thank-you for your help in advance.

Katrina Holthus
St. Louis Park, MN

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We failed to help
Marsha’s cat, but she wrote us a testimonial anyway. Read on to find out why.Hello, My Name is Marsha. I ordered Super
Food Supplement
for my cat who has been having
intestinal problems such as diarrhea for almost a year. Like every other loving
pet owner we have had her tested and checked out by a number of vets. But still
no one can find a reason for her irregular bowels. She is a happy and healthy
cat otherwise. When I came across the Super
Food Supplement
website at Vitality Science I was so
happy. The people there where wonderful and I was sure that we would be able to
finally “fix” my kitty. Unfortunately, my cat was one of those 2%
factors and she did not get cured with the probiotics.

However, I must applaud the customer service I received. These wonderful people
tired everything to get her in health for me and gave me very valuable tips.
Although some of the suggestions did lessen the severity it never did clear up.
When I finally contacted Vitality Science again they just offered me my money
back and expressed how sorry they were that the Pet Flora did not help my
particular cat. I just wanted to express this “positive” situation
with this lovely company. Even though the probiotics did not work on my cat I
still recommend this company and product to anyone who has a problem. It is
worth the try you really have nothing to lose!

Marsha Spring

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It is such a pleasure to know that there really is a live person on the other side of my keyboard! Thanks for your quick response. You asked how the animals are doing.

However, I thought you should know why I initially began ordering your products; namely Pet Flora. I am involved with a cat rescue organization and have for the last three weeks been providing sanctuary for two cats who had been removed from a less-than pleasant situation in addition to recuperating from some existing illnesses.

One of the cats came to me with a bad case of diarrhea and was on Prednisone for sores that resulted from dermatological granulomas. I was told to dispense Flagyl for the diarrhea if it flared up. As someone who is very interested in the natural way of foods and healing, I knew immediately that the constant onslaught of chemical medication was the reason for the loose stool. Anyway, to make a long story short, I ordered the Pet Flora and in less than 24 hrs saw an immediate improvement. I never had to dispense the Flagyl and kept her on the Pet Flora indefinitely due to the continuance of the meds she was taking. The vet who was treating her was so impressed that she asked me what I was giving her because she was doubtful that anything but the Flagyl would work.

So there you have it. Feel free to use any of this story as a reference for your web site. Thanks again.

Cathy Contarino
Lynbrook, NY

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Here’s a report on the changes in my cats’ condition since starting your products.

I live with four cats. Neo was fished drowning from a canal when he was about five weeks old, and had numerous near fatal illnesses and problems until he turned about one year old. He was on interferon for at least a year. He’s six now. Marla, Persephone, and her brother Elliott are all shelter cats about five years old. Persephone and Elliott have calicivirus (spelling?) and Marla has had loose bowels or diarrhea for the four or so years she has lived with me.

Marla’s coat had become over a period of months patchy and dry and her diarrhea was worse. The vet put her on antibiotics this August, and her coat improved within a week, but her stools were still loose. I got Pet Flora for her and am happy to say that although I have given her no more than four of the capsules, the diarrhea and loose stools have stopped!

Anyway….. I started putting a small amount of superfood in the other cats’ food each day, too, and am totally amazed at the difference in their appearance. All of the cats now have absolutely glistening fur and are shedding far less. This is a huge change, especially for Elliott who always had large greasy flakes of skin come off whenever I brushed him, and his fur was coarse. Now it has become sleek and smooth. His eye is still runny, but other than that, he and the others look incredibly healthy. I thought they looked good before, but I can’t wait to tell their vet about their dramatic change since starting Super
Food Supplement!

I have to tell you that I thought feeding Nutro was the best I could do for the cats, and then became concerned that I was not feeding them raw food, but being able to add superfood to their regular food makes me feel better because I can see that it is definitely having a positive impact on their health, as demonstrated by the improvements in their coats.

Jennifer L.
Baldwin, NY

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Canine Lymphosarcoma

I am a new customer and have called your hotline a couple of times now since July 19. I spoke to Steve and I wanted to attach this PowerPoint that I put together for my concerned family and friends. Pepper is my 9 year old schnauzer that was diagnosed with Lymph sarcoma about a week ago. We started Vital Lipids about three weeks ago and are on day 2 with Celloquent. I am amazed at my dogs progress since starting the vital lipids alone. Pepper went from having to be hand fed and picked up to go outside to relieve himself to his usual personality. I strongly feel that this supplement (Vital Lipids) has helped my dog and his overall health in just three weeks. We have been using a mix of Peroxide and Baking soda to shrink the tumors on his back. So with the Vital Lipids healing him internally and the topical Peroxide Baking Soda treatment I am seeing some amazing results.

We just sprinkle baking soda on his sores then apply peroxide. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse. The sores instantly turn very red but several hours later the sores begin to dry and shrink . The sores dried in a matter of two days. They were raised and leaking pus and blood.

I will keep you posted on his progress using the Celloquent. Thank you so much! This is like a miracle.

On Thursday August 5, 2010 Pepper was diagnosed with Canine Lymph sarcoma which is a form of cancer. This was devastating news. At first I cried and cried but then I prayed…..and I prayed and I continue to Pray. Today I feel better than I ever have because through Peppers strength I have found strength.
I wanted to update you with information on how this all came about and where we stand today.

March 2, 2010 Pepper was seen for a neurological episode. At that time Pepper had a small wound on his hind leg that was infected. The wound could have been the cause for the episode is what we were told. Pepper was given some antibiotics and steroids. A couple of weeks later Pepper was seen for his annual exam and was given some other antibiotics for this wound that would not heal. Over the next month Pepper’s belly would get worse as more small sores would appear and some scaly patches. Cytology was done to see if there may be a possible ring worm. Ten days later we found that it was not ringworm. Pepper was given another course of antibiotics and more steroids.

By April Pepper was to return on a weekly basis for some medicated bath treatment. By May we returned and cytology was done this time suspecting that there was yeast so Pepper was given more antibiotics and steroids. After no improvement by June a biopsy. At this point we decided to go for a second opinion.

We were examined for the 2nd opinion and without any blood work we were told that this was severe dermatitis caused by allergies. It was recommended that we order this High tech Allergy exam and not to bathe until the results were in which will be approx three weeks. The next day pepper had some blood in his urine so we returned. We were told that pepper needed to stay overnight because he was dehydrated and had a severe kidney infection in addition to suspicion of Cushing’s disease.

The following day when I picked up pepper I was given a prescription for special food and told that there was concern for peppers gall bladder and liver. I was then told that we will need to repeat the ACTH test on July 30 but we will need to have an ultrasound for peppers gall bladder and some type of liver exam will need to be done. I asked about the real issue at hand…..Peppers Skin. This was dismissed quickly and I was told that they will address this later because his gall bladder may be diseased. At this point I would not return to this vet.

I then reached out to Tuskegee Veterinary School for possible consultation. I typed up a summary detailing this entire medical fiasco. While I was waiting for some response from Tuskegee, I decided to take Pepper to Banfield Hospital in Petsmart. There we found that the vets were dumfounded at what they say in Peppers skin. We saw three different Vets, had one week of antibiotic treatment before they decided to do Skin Biopsy. In addition we learned that Pepper has a large bladder stone and enlarged liver. The Vet felt that his liver was enlarged due to extensive steroid treatment. This is when we discovered that Pepper has Canine Lymposarcoma which brings us to today August 10, 2010. Additionally, I noticed that Pepper would not lift his leg when he urinated. In the last few days, Pepper now lifts his leg. Also, Pepper had been shivering which is a typical sign for pain in dogs but surprisingly he has not done this in the last few days as well. Pepper’s attitude is amazing. He went from a severe lethargic state to coming back around to the Pepper we all know and adore.

We are currently on day 19 using Vital Lipids from www.vitalityscience.com. 2 tsp daily
Other natural remedies include:

  • -Bottled Spring H2o
  • -Cancer Diet (Organic Chicken and Turkey) 75% Protein and 25% organic veggies (pumpkin, broccoli and squash) prepared by mom daily
  • Host Defense Mushroom vitamins
  • Celloquent from www.vitalityscience.com
  • Superfood from www.vitalityscience.com
  • -Mom has created a spreadsheet to record my daily progress (temperature, feeding times, vitamin and medicine times, behavior and moods)
  • -Dad gives me a bath with a Mix of Baking Soda and Peroxide which seems to shrink my tumors.

With Prayer, Vitality Science and cancer diet we will continue to monitor our progress!

Kym Collins, Mobile, AL

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I bought your product about 10 days ago with the hopes of helping my Ragdoll cat. We have had him for 2 years now and he has thrown up nearly every day. We tried giving him Pepcid AC, one pill twice a day, to combat that problem. It would help some days, but not every day. We have had our rugs cleaned so many times, and just recently took the hall carpet completely out and replaced with hard wood just because we could not get the cat throw up stains out!

I was web surfing, just trying to find out if others in my same predicament had any solutions and I came across your website. I ordered your Pet Flora just to see what would happen. IMMEDIATELY, my cat quit throwing up! It has been amazing! His appetite, and his playfulness has increased ten-fold! Thank you just does not say enough, but thank you!

Thanks again,
Leslie King, Marietta, GA

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