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Fish oil for cats supports the health of the skin, coat, joint, kidneys, heart, and immune system. It’s even been shown to aid in more serious problems, like cancer. The EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docahexaenoic acid) are the long chain omega-3 fatty acids known to reduce inflammation in humans and pets. These fatty acids are found in fish oil. The benefits of fish oil for dogs can be surprisingly far-reaching.

5 Great Things Fish Oil Does

  1. EPA, one of the two omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, acts as an anti-inflammatory. It will help with any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and joints – such as arthritis.
  2. Eases inflammation due to allergies, and reduce itchy skin and dandruff. This can also be an effective way to potentially decrease the incidence of hot spots on your pet.
  3. Like many fat supplements, it promotes a shiny, healthy coat, and reduces shedding. (For cats, this may also mean fewer hairballs, since your cat won’-t pick up as many loose hairs while grooming.)
  4. DHA, the other omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil, is important in brain and eye development in puppies and kittens. Giving fish oil to pregnant or nursing pets can benefit the babies once they’re born.
  5. In some studies, fish oil has slowed the growth of cancer. Though more studies are needed to reach conclusive results, some veterinarians recommend it for any pets with cancer.

Product Info

Vital Pet Lipids is a liquid supplement with an unusually effective spectrum of oil-based nutrients. These nutrients produce rapid results unlike any other product. In addition to the fish oils we add Astaxanthin, an immune booster, and Vitamin E. Regardless of age or condition, your cat will jump to life with these lipids in their diet.

Promotes glandular strength, enhances mucus membranes, and makes coat and eyes shiny.

How to Use

Give with food or water once a day:

Cats | 1/4 tsp.

Note: Animals should have GI stability before administering Lipids, due to it’s laxative nature. Dogs are able to process EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) more effectively then cats, thus making their dosage more flexible. However, cats should follow recommended dosage exactly.


Krill Oil : The premiere long-life and healing oil, contains 9% DHA and 15% EPA, essential to the good health of all animals. We add extra Astaxanthin, extracted from spirulina, one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory known to science. Krill oil has uniquely structured phospholipids. The EPA and other nutrients are encased in a lipid framework that facilitates entry into cells. Studies using Krill Oil and Astaxanthin have shown a marked reduction in symptoms of inflammation, joint pain, cholesterol levels, and a normalization of blood sugar levels, along with an improvement in immune function and restores neurological structures

The antioxidant values of Krill Oil shown on the chart below were obtained by independent evaluation of leading national brand products in order to measure their antioxidant potency using the scientifically-recognized ORAC method (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

Tuna Oil: Extracted from deep-sea tuna fish, rich in DHA (6%) and EPA (25%). Our Tuna Oil tests at 5 millionth of a gram of mercury per kilogram of oil, twentieth of the allowable limit. Tuna Oil is the preferred DHA supplement because it has high levels of DHA/AA, vital ingredients for proper nerve function and for transmission of messages between nerve cells.

Astaxanthin: A red carotenoid, extracted from Spirulina. The substance that gives color (red) to salmon, algae, and many fruits and vegetables. Our Astaxanthin is a super critical extract of Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae, meaning no use of toxic solvents. It is one of the most beneficial lipids known to science, containing antioxidant strength 550 times stronger than Vitamin E in singlet oxygen quenching. Astaxanthin-s many astounding health benefits, include protection for eyes, heart, and skin, improvement in oxygen utilization, reduction in inflammation, and fights infection. Every type of animal given astaxanthin lives longer, grows faster, exhibits greater fertility and shows much stronger immune system function

For more information about the many benefits of Astaxanthin, read “The World’s Best Kept Health Secret: Natural Astaxanthin”

Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherols) primarily controls lipid peroxidation and complements some of the funtions of vitamin A. Prevents premature cellular aging and tissue degeneration, also oxygenates, and provides cardiac support.


Scientific Studies

(1) Astaxanthin reduces the negative effects of toxins and is a powerful antioxidant. Astaxanthin, a red- orange carotenoid pigment, is a powerful biological antioxidant that occurs naturally in a wide variety of living organisms. Astaxanthin has antioxidative and anti- inflammatory properties. It has beneficial effects on cancer, diabetes, the immune system, and ocular health, and other related aspects, including antihypertensive and neuroprotective potentials.
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Vitamin E
(1) Vitamin E inhibits many types of cancers
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(2) Alpha tocopherol is the predominate form in vitamin capsules but all the other forms are valuable. For example, higher Gamma tocopherol levels correlate with lower rates of heart disease and cancer
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Success Stories

The statements on the Testimonial pages are those of the Vitality Science Costumers only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Vitality Science.

“Good Morning Steve,
Hope all is well?

I just wanted to give you an update on Gigi. She is the little Yorkie with the pancreatic and liver cancer and low sugar levels.

We have been on the Celloquent (small amount 1xday for 4 weeks) and the Enzymes (4 x day for 18 days) and the Vital Pet Lipids (drop 1x day for 8 days now). Also every other day Lypo-C and everyday milk thistle and samE.

Her diet is baked 2 chicken breast and sting beans and pumpkin puree throughout the day.

We are doing well THANK GOD!!!!

Again thank you for all your help!!!!! I have sent so many friends and pets to your sight!!!!!

Warmest regards,”

Pat and Gigi Caruso
Lake Worth, Fl.


…Thanks to your guidance, products, a diet change and lots of prayer Gigi now weights in at 13 pounds!!! And we also noticed her once grey fur is now turning dark again!!!!

…The Vet was surprised and shocked to see her. She asked if Iwas giving her the previously prescribed medication and I said NO because I chose to do it naturally. (Why would I give her medication when at the same time I was informed about her ‘life’ sentence.)

The best part was when the following blood work came back!!!!!!! I on the other hand have not stopped thanking God and blessing you!!!

“We didn’t have any animals after building a new house 23 years ago, then we took in a cat that was my Mothers. Then we had a stray kitten come to the door and I let her in. Then we started getting many strays when they heard we were easy. Now we take care of close to 30 stray cats. When it is cold out, some come in on the porch to sleep. The shelters are all full and no one seems to want more cats. We try to get them fixed, so not to get more, but can’t always keep up. One of the females who had been fixed, started having diarrhea. I tried for 3 months to stop it. I cooked just chicken and rice, tried kaopectate, but nothing helped. I searched the internet and found Vitality Science. I decided it was cheaper than another Vet appointment and it was also guaranteed, so I ordered Feline Comfort and Vital Lipids. She was better in 4 days and much better by weeks end. Since then I have used it for many cats with great results every time. One cat we called Suzie was laying on our porch step close to death. I brought her in, wrapped her in a towel and called Mr. Becker. He sent Herbal Anti Inflammatory. I gave her that, Feline Comfort and Vital lipids for a week. She was much better and was able to walk again. As soon as she could, she got out. She still comes to eat, but we can’t touch her. I bought some for my Mother in law’s 16 year old cat and she is feeling much better and can move easier now. I have been very impressed by the products I have tried. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. Mr. Becker answered an email question with a phone call. He explained many of the problems and helped immensely. I’m surprised and happy that in this day and age there is still a company that is so very good and helpful also. Thank you from the many benefactors of your kindness.”

Ann Reynolds
Wyoming, New York

“She is 6-7lbs. and I gave 1/4 tsp daily (cellq) and 1 dropper lipids (just under 1/4 tsp). Will be 3 weeks Tuesday since starting, and the rodent ulcer hasn’t been visible for 3-4 days now…

She is not as blah now and makes her twin sister seem to be the lazy one (sis gets vital lipids too).

Thanks & happy holidays!”

Tammy Coleman

“Mr. Becker

I am writing to you in regards to my cat Shadow. Shadow was born from a cat I had rescued from a vacant lot. His mom died of feline aids and kidney failure, so it was only a matter of time before Shadow would become symptomatic. He is approximately 12 years old. Over the past few months he started going down hill. He had gone from a large cat to a cat of skin and bones. He had not eaten in 4 days. I was feeding him chicken broth, egg yolks and baby food by syringe 4 times a day as well as Transfer Factors and a few other homeopathic remedies which were at best only buying a little time. I left him real fish and chicken which normally he would devour, but he could not eat it. I found Vitality Science while googling which I do quite often because I have more faith in natural remedies as opposed to toxic drugs. I ordered the cancer protocol which consisted of Vital Lipids, Celloquent, Enzymes and Pet Flora. I gave him his first dose before I left for work and I also left him some food which he normally didn’t eat and to my surprise he ate about half a can of cat food. The next day a whole can and two cans a day ever since. It has been about two weeks now and Shadow has actually gained about a pound and is more active. Shadow is not what most would call a cute cuddly cat (he is to me) but never the less, attached is a photo of him. It is form a cell phone camera so please excuse the quality. Thank you Mr. Becker for your help.”

Ed Chow
Honolulu, HI

Listen to Curtis Gurak of Green Lane, PA talk about his experience with Vital Pet Lipids.


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