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Treatment Resistant Diarrhea & Vomiting Cat

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When everything else has failed …

220g Feline Comfort Plus
16oz Luxolite
2oz G.I. Distress Remedy

120g Feline Comfort Plus
4oz Luxolite
2oz G.I. Distress Remedy

Treatment-Resistant Vomiting and Diarrhea Protocol is a targeted collection of safe and natural products to address all of the known underlying factors in cat and kitten diarrhea and vomiting. The protocol is a collection of effective yet gentle, high quality ingredients from around the world, with special attention paid to the taste, for finicky cats. The key to the success of TR Vomiting and Diarrhea is the combination of three of our most popular products: Luxolite, Feline Comfort Plus and GI Distress. The products and information available in this protocol give our costumers the tools needed to achieve success.

Every ingredient had to have a high acceptability from finicky cats.

No matter the kind of diarrhea: explosive, watery, dribbling, bloody, bloody with mucus, black, and no matter what the diagnoses, this protocol will help your cat body regain normal functions.

Cat diarrhea can be difficult to treat for three reasons

There are many substances that can destabilize the gastrointestinal function of cats: poor diet, environmental contaminants, over vaccination, toxic drugs,etc.
With cat diarrhea, there are predisposing conditions (genetics, stress, location changes, health history).
Time is a critical factor as the longer the feline diarrhea persists, the more body systems degenerate. If not treated then electrolytes are excreted, tissues become water logged and slough off, acidity builds up, and pathogenic bacteria take over the microbiological population.

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Product Info

Feline Comfort Plus has been carefully formulated to meet the special needs of domesticated animals. Every ingredient works synergistically to promote normal digestion. The Plus in “Comfort Plus” is the addition of Diatomaceous Earth and Lithothamnium; both are naturally absorbent and drying, while promoting mineral absorption.

GI Distress’ six ingredients, especially Yucca and Venus Fly Trap, have a pronounced effect on pathogens throughout the animal’s body. According to folk medicine, Yucca extracts have anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects. The plant contains several physiologically active phytochemicals and is a rich source of steroida saponins. The ancient plant, Venus Fly Trap, extracts nitrogen from insects instead of the soil, its enzymes are highly specialized proteins. These protein enzymes are capable of digesting pathogenic protein structures, such as those causing chronic digestive disorders.

Luxolite, Bentonite Clay is the second most widely-used internal clay, Zeolite being the first, which gains most of its detoxifying abilities from its absorptivity. It works by the principals of Cation exchange. Cations are basically positively charged atoms or molecules, which in the case of bentonite are often nutritional minerals that are released within the digestive tract for absorption in the body. These nutritional cations are ’exchanged’ for other positively charged matter within the body such as toxins, which are then bound up in the molecular structure of the clay and excreted from the body. While bentonite clay absorbs a decent amount of water while passing through the gastrointestinal tract (helping to resolve diarrhea), it also absorbs many toxins. Why it absorbs substances that tend to be harmful to the body while leaving nearly everything else in the GI tract alone is not well understood, but it has been repeatedly observed.

How to Use

Complete directions are included with the package.

Using Vitality Science products is easy. We listen to cats. We know what they like and so we use all cat-friendly flavors. Most cats will eat the products.

Administration is simple. The Treatment-Resistant Cat Diarrhea and/or Vomiting Protocol contains three products. The products are best given in two feedings.

(1) Combine the Feline Comfort Plus with the Luxolite and mix into wet food. Or, add a little chicken broth and mix into dry food.
(2) In a separate feeding, administer the GI Distress. This can also be put on food. Most cats will eat it as the predominant flavor is licorice and they like that taste.

Since a few cats are very finicky, we also supply an oral syringe.

Do I need all these products?

These products may all be needed or you may only need one or two. Since there was no way for us to tell in advance which of these three products or which combination of these products would work for any particular cat, we included them all, discounted the price!

Safe & Beneficial

Regardless of how many products you use initially, all the products are safe, gentle, and beneficial for all cats regardless of age or condition. The three products are especially useful for any kind of GI upset.

Will my cat eat it?

All flavors are neutral. Only the natural tuna or liver taste comes through. (No tuna protein. Only the natural flavor.) Many cats will eat the mixture in their food.

If your cat will not eat the mixture, you will have to administer with an oral syringe, which we supply.


Feline Comfort Plus, 120 gms. Feline Comfort Plus Product Page

Arabinogalactan (prebiotic, feed stock for probiotics)
Slippery Elm (demulcent, soothing)
Lithothamnium (healing and calming to Gi tract)
Diatomaceous Earth (expels parasites and heals GI tract)
Glutamine (healing to GI tract)
Psyllium Seed Powder (absorbs water, normalizes stools)
Pet Enzymes, Complete (full spectrum digestive enzymes)
Pet Flora (probiotic, Soil-Based Organisms)
Natural Tuna Flavor (no tuna protein)
Serrazimes (Serrapeptase analogue, anti-inflammatory)
Bromelain (powerful anti-inflammatory)

GI Distress Formula 2 oz. GI Distress Product Page

Venus Fly Trap

Luxolite, 4 oz. liquid Luxolite Product Page

White Bentonite
Ionized Water

Vitality Science is dedicated to the quality of our products, therefore we hand formulate each product and maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from Germany, Argentina, and United States. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That is, we use no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.

Scientific Studies

Feline Comfort Plus
(1a) Arabinogalactan
Arabinogalactan stimulates macrophage activity and therefore may be effective in preventing cancer
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Many polysaccharides obtained from natural sources are considered to be biological response modifiers and have been shown to enhance various immune responses. These data suggest that arabinogalactan and fucoidan are activators of lymphocytes and macrophages. This property may contribute to their effectiveness in the immunoprevention of cancer.
(1b) Arabinogalactan Arabinogalatcan has no effect on blood sugar levels and is well accepted by consumers
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(1c) Arabinogalactan Arabinogalactan proteins have a pronounced anti-microbial activity.
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(1d) Arabinogalactan
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(1f) Arabinogalactan
Arabinogalactan improves bowel chemistry.
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(2a) Glutamine
Glutamine preserves intestinal permeability and absorption, and shortens recuperation
Advances in Surgical Technique Total Parenteral Nutrition With Glutamine Dipeptide After Major Abdominal Surgery: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study
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(2c) Glutamine
Glutamine is an immune cell activator, inhibits tumor growth, stabilizes weight loss, and reduces incidence of stomatitis and infection
Dietary L-Glutamine Supplementation Reduces the Growth of the Morris Hepatoma 7777 in Exercise-Trained and Sedentary Rats SS Yoo, CJ Field, MI McBurney The Journal of Nutrition Vol. 127 No. 1 January 1997, pp. 158-166
(2d) Glutamine
Glutamine (oral) maintained lymphocytes and protected the GI tract of cancer patients during radiation treatment
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(3) Proteolytic Enzymes (Protein digesting enzymes)
Proteolytic enzymes, such as those in Super Pet Enzymes and Feline Comfort, have a long history of therapeutic use, especially in cases of pancreatitis, malabsorption, and other gastrointestinal disorders
Pancreatic Enzyme Pharmacotherapy 10.1592/phco.27.6.910

(4) Serrazimes
Serrazimes are an analog of serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory agents, used to treat MS, pain of all kinds, cysts, arterial plaque, sinus infections and many other pathologies.
(4a) Clinical use of serrapeptase: an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents Rothschild, J.
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(5) Bromelain
Bromelain has a variety of anti-inflammatory actions, including the reduction of tumors (a type of inflammation)
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GI Distress Remedy
(1) Venus Flytrap
The enzymes and other compounds in this ancient plant have immuno-modulating effects
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(2a) Licorice
Licorice has anti-ulcer effects
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(2b) Licorice
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(3) Yucca
Yucca contains saponins that have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects
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Success Stories


The statements on the Testimonial pages are those of the Vitality Science Costumers only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Vitality Science.

I just want to thank you for selling such an amazing product!

Our beautiful 13 yr old cat, Otis, had been diagnosed with IBS. He was on Flora, steroids, etc., etc…….
He would do well for a short period of time, would regain weight, then eventually we would need to increase his steroid meds because the diarrhea was constant!!!!! It never stopped at all.  Then he became uninterested in eating his food  – – which would have his steroids in it!!! It was so sad to see him so unwell. Our vet had told us that outside of what he was on there wasn’t anything else…….

I went online and came across your website and I felt hopeful!!!!!
I purchased your products and received promptly! Started Oti immediately and knew from reading your material, it would take a couple of days before we might see any improvement!!!! At this point I thought, after almost a year and a half of diarrhea, it would be a miracle if this worked!!!!

Within 3 days, we noticed he wasn’t as sluggish and his appetite improved. He was eating the Comfort Care mixed with his no grain cat food with no problem whatsoever!!!! The following day, it happened! I let him outside – staying nearby to check the results – and there it was a beautifully formed cat poo!!!!!! To go from constantly cleaning diarrhea for 18 months to this, I was ecstatic to say the least!!!!

I truly believe Vitality Science saved his life!!!!!!!
Thank you ever so much!!!
You gave us our “old Oti” back!!!!

Sandy DeSilvio-Hinckley
Littleton, Ma

$2500 in Vet Bills with no success. Vitality Science brought my cat back in 4 days.

“No words can express my gratitude to Stephen Becker and Vitality Science. Vet said, “You have a very sick cat” after several months of worsening diarrhea and an abdominal scan showing three inflamed organs and infection. A month later, a diagnosis of IBD, and more than $2500 in vet bills, things had only gone from bad to worse. I missed over a week of work trying to keep my cat eating anything to avoid liver failure. Diarrhea got significantly more severe until it was pure liquid and occurring hourly. In a matter of weeks, my happy, spirited, 9 year-old cuddle bug had transformed into a shell of his former self, and the pain of watching him rapidly waste away in front of my eyes was unbearable. He’d take a bite of food, then sit a pain crouch, isolated, in corners of dark rooms facing the wall, while I’d have to check on him regularly to make sure he was still alive. Shoving multiple meds down his throat as he struggled with his waning strength, all I could think was, “Will this be his last experience with me on this earth?”

After multiple tests, specialists, several strong prescriptions, and finally prednisolone that made no impact, every fiber in my being finally screamed “STOP!” I told the vet I wanted to titrate him off the steroids. It was a turning point for me, a scientifically-trained professional who always had respected modern medicine. While uncharacteristic of me to turn my back on the collective experience of the specialists, I had to admit that they had run out of options. Prednisolone was their last stop on the treatment train; they said he was too weak to do an intestinal biopsy to rule out lymphoma. So with that reality, I finally allowed my inner voice to guide me.

A few months earlier, I had ordered the Treatment Resistant Diarrhea package from Vitality Science, but it remained on my shelf unopened, partly because I couldn’t say his condition was treatment-resistant until I tried pursuing the veterinary path, but mostly based on my vet’s caution. Early on he had said, “I don’t know anything about these ingredients” and dismissed it as an option. But after trying it his way with no success, suddenly the path was clear – or at least worth a try.

I spoke to Stephen Becker by phone and started using the Vitality Science products. Diarrhea frequency dropped significantly within 2 days, and my cat’s stools returned to normal within 4 days. I was never so happy to see cat poop in all my life! It seemed truly miraculous, and I probably wouldn’t have believed it had I not witnessed it myself. Once he stabilized, I worked to transition him off of dry kibble, which I understand may have been a major contributor to the IBD. Within a week, my happy, affectionate cat was back- purring, head butting, and reclaiming all his favorite spots in home and lap.

UPDATE: This was over 2 years ago and there hasn’t been even a single episode of diarrhea since. I continue to give my cat Luxolite and Feline comfort for support, although probably less frequently than I should, as he occasionally throws up his food, which I understand may be IBD-related. But otherwise my furry boy is well and content. I also switched vets. I now take him to an all feline practice with a holistic veterinarian on staff who was keenly interested in hearing about my Vitality Science experience, acknowledging that feline IBD continues to present a significant challenge to veterinarians. She immediately looked at the website and recognized individual ingredients in the products as ones she was trained to use, and showed much interest in further exploring Vitality Science products as a possible option for her patients.”

Alexandria, VA.

“My cat has made a dramatic improvement since using your Treatment Resistant package. It has been over a week since he’s thrown up even once. We’ve been giving him all three products, and changed him to wet food that is “limited ingredients.”

Jared Robinson
Hampstead, MD.

After less than a week using your treatment resistant protocol for Petee (our 10 year old rescued cat), the results are nothing short of amazing!

A year of constant and explosive diarrhea, vomiting, screech howling and severe weight loss was leaving us within days of making the hardest decision pet owners make. As a last attempt, I simply googled “severe ibs in cats” and our lives changed.

Before even trying vitality science products, two things impressed me about your company. One, I heard back from you in under an hour of sending my email. Two, you make no promises of overnight sensational success. However, in Petee’s case, overnight improvement is exactly what happened.

He still has runny poops, but it’s not been a week yet. And instead of cleaning up runny poops 12 plus times a day, I’m doing it only two or three times. He loves the flavor of the product so he is cautiously eating again. I think he is also adjusting to the lack of pain! Needless to say his coat is improving and his little ribs seem less noticeable.

We have two other cats and the dynamics in the house is also improving. Lulu sits next to Petee instead of cowering in the bedroom. And when Squiggers (I know, stupid name) jumped on Petee, Petee finally whacked him back :)

Life is looking good! We are all raving fans!!!!

Thanks so much to your team.”

Kim Hollett
Strongsville, OH.

“I am pleased to report that Cowboy is recovering, gaining weight, on all three supplements at each of 3 – 4 meals a day (I’m keeping them small to avoid overwhelming his digestive tract) and his gut cramping has lessened significantly; over the last day, no signs of it. I had decided 5 days ago the only kind, considerate thing was to put him to sleep–I couldn’t stand him suffering so. But, it looks like that won’t be happening! Thanks so much.”

KT McCann
Gainsville, Fl.


Thank you for a great result

Hagrid my Maine Coon is the happiest and relaxed he has ever been he has lived most of his 13 years on Delta cortisone for IBS and Stomatitis he has now been off his tablets for 1 month I started with a course of feline comfort plus and 1 week of G1 distress remedy and I now only give him 1/2 tsp of Luxolite daily. I am only sorry I never found Vitality Science sooner

Paula Barrass
Riverside, Tasmania

“This is to let you know I would have probably have lost my beloved cat Rocko if I had not found your products while I was searching for herbal medicines for cats on Amazon. Rocko was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism two years ago, he was ten years old. The meds the vets gave me for this condition were killing him slowly…”

(The vets treated her like an inconvenience and their treatment choices were making Rocko more sick)

“Horrible vomiting and frequent runny stools like water with a foul oder…Then he started passing blood…they took his fever and it was over 106 degrees…The vet said he may have cancer said there was nothing he could do…

She (a specialist) did an ultra sound and did not see any masses but said he could have IDS and gave me Tylosin which did not help either because he refused to eat it in his food and was still to sick to force it in him…”

(Theresa began searching for answers online and discovered the truth about commercial cat food, she also found Vitality Science on Amazon)

“Anyway to make a long story short I found your wonderful products and they have made all the difference in Rocko’s recovery. He is back to cowpatties and sometimes fully formed stools and has only vomited once. This is really quite an improvement. He is gaining back his weight and is much happier…If you have more advice about the hyperthyroid or kidney condition let me know. I love all your products and have starting giving them to my two other cats and to myself.

I am grateful someone out there really cares about animals and their health. Thank you many times again!!

A very happy customer,”

Theresa Nicholson

“The 3-part TRD&V products completely stopped his previous issues, and the pumpkin seems to have provided the fiber he needs. He’s feeling much better and given these recent developments, he’s no longer confined to the basement, which makes us all happier.

Thank you for your excellent products, and for your continued advice/suggestions.”

Mark Wilkerson
Prospect, KY

“Dear Vitality Science,

You sent us a follow-up letter asking, “How are we doing?”, and I want to tell you, GREAT! In my opinion, your products are are nothing short of miraculous!…

In late 2009, I noticed puddles of clear viscous fluid on our hardwood floors one or two mornings a week…When the vomiting did not resolve after two days, we took her to the vet’s office. She was given subcutaneous fluids; and a digital radiograph to track radio-opaque pellets through her intestine, which showed no blockage. She was sent home with Kristalose powder to treat constipation, and an anti-nausea drug…She was then symptom free for six months, when she became ill again…So, back to the vet’s, and more x-rays, anti-nausea drugs, hydration, and an antibiotic.

Over the next eleven months, our cat had a few mild episodes; then, however, another serious illness ensued…Again, she was given subcutaneous fluids, anti-nausea drugs, vitamins, an antibiotic, and a drug for gastroesophageal reflux. She recovered, and we tried a rabbit/pea diet for a period–unsuccessful. Less than a month later, she was ill again.

…Late in 2012, she began to have seizures. A specialist was consulted. He suggested two distinct problems, possibly IBS, and idiopathic seizures, but perhaps gastric lymphoma which may have traveled to the brain…He prescribed an anticonvulsant, which seemed to work for about two months. Subsequently, her gastrointestinal distress, which now included frequent malodorous diarrhea, became severe…

Our poor cat now had a sad life–Every carpet in our home had been “anointed” in many, many areas, and the daily spot cleaning became a dreaded chore.

According to the vet, the next step would be endoscopy, to differentiate between lymphoma and irritable bowel syndrome. If IBS, perhaps treatment with steroids. We had resigned ourselves to this when I came upon your website.

I do have a belief that natural remedies can often be effective, but I truly did not hold out much hope that anything would help. However, I was desperate, and decided to try the Vitality Science Protocol of Feline Comfort Plus, G.I. Distress Remedy, and Luxolite–and I was so glad that your products were sent by priority mail–I awaited them anxiously, and they arrived less than 48 hours after we ordered them.

Because our cat was not eating, I chose to try the liquid G.I. Distress Remedy first. Once she tasted it, she readily accepted syringe administration. And we were amazed–there was an IMMEDIATE positive effect. She became calm, started purring, and playing with toys. We continued with the rest of the protocol, and in the past seven days, since that very first administration, there has not been even one vomiting episode. After two days, we trusted that she could again be allowed upstairs during the night. In the past, our cat would approach her dish, and turn away. Only cat treats would entice her to eat a little, and I think that perhaps it was because she associated eating with pain…In the past week, she eats any food we put in her dish, and she has developed quite an appetite! What we have also noticed is a new brightness to her eyes, an new look of well-being about her that is quite marked. We are continuing with the protocol, mixing the Feline Comfort with her food, and administering the Luxolite and G.I Distress Remedy with a syringe. I still cannot believe it could be this easy and that your products are so effective, and I cannot thank you enough. We will continue to update you!


Janet Bender
Medina, OH

“Thanks Stephen,

I just want to thank you for being in the business of helping people but especially our pets.

I adopted a young kitten long distance from a shelter last fall. They told me he was in great health, so I spent $800 to have him brought from Florida to California, and discovered within a few days that a) He was not a He but a She, B) She had among other things giardia, and what I can only assume are severe food allergies that masquerade is IBS. I’ve had her for 5 months now and she’s had pale beige soft-serve, foul smelling bowl movements every day of that time, bad gas and abdominal pain, and the vets have tried to help but haven’t really been able to.

So I went on Amazon for answers like I have learned to do when all else fails, I found your products and have tried a few of them on this kitten for the last two months. She’s not too keen on the feline comfort plus or the G.I distress remedy, but she’s fine with the clay, which is great because it works! (so long as I don’t feed her any chicken). The diarrhea is gone, the smell is gone and the color is normal—the change happened on day two. She is the sweetest, friendliest and now happiest cat (I can tell you that she is actually grateful) and I think she would have been doomed to an uncomfortable and abbreviated life if it wasn’t for people like you who are devoting their lives to the health and comfort of our four legged children. You obviously love animals very much, and we are all lucky to have you here, bringing natural miracles to creatures that our vets don’t know how to treat.”

Kathy McWorter
Oxnard, CA

“Good Morning Mr. Becker,

Since we started Belle on the homeopathic TRD&V we have seen some positive results. …I have slowly increased her intake levels. I am happy to say that she did not immediately run to the litter box. Instead, she kept it down yahoo, no vomiting and it took her 30- 40 minutes to defecate. Usually anything that goes in, 10 minutes it is already out. I only fed her that one time that day.
The next morning…She wants more. I walk to the feeding area, get it ready and it was gone in seconds. This time I only fed her the concoction twice in the day. I did add the GI Distress Remedy, approximately 1 drop as suggested. She did not take to that at all. She ate a little and then I could not coax her into anymore.
By the third day we saw more solid waste, not regular but not as watery as before. She does not have to defecate approximately 10 minutes after every food intake, and her anus has returned to a more normal status. It is not inflamed and bright red. She was a Poor baby! She is much calmer, or at least more relaxed. I do not hear her poor tummy gurgling and growling and just in general, making all kinds of strange noises.
She is up to the three times a day and the suggested feeding amounts. I did try the GI Distress again, but she really is not happy with it yet, so I will continue to feed her the other two on a routine basis and try and sneak the GI Distress in every so often.
Thank you for all your help, we were at our wits end and the poor little girl was losing ground fast. You have helped us, via helping her, in so many ways. Therefore, we are much more calm and relaxed.
I do not know if she will keep improving or this is as good as it will get for her. But she has come a heck of a long way in such a short time due to your products and your support and advice. Not only are you quick in answering pleas for help, your wealth of knowledge and the concern you show has helped give me peace of mind and a positive outlook.

You have saved my sanity and my cat’s life.
You have my cat’s “paw” of approval and my gratitude.
Next time I see my vet, may I pass on your product information?

A truly heartfelt THANK YOU,”
Erlinda Bearman
Richmond, VA

“Hi Stephen, I hope you’re having a great week, and happy new year!

The good news is Miles, the cat with very, very chronic IBS appears to be healed! I have him on primal raw chicken and salmon, and somehow, someway, the diarrhea has stopped! His system is very sensitive, and if he has anything else (ie: Iams), the diarrhea comes back within a day. I thank you for your ongoing support with my little Miles. When I got them, he was always bigger, but with the IBS, he lost weight and I’m happy to report that he’s now back to the big-boy he should be, a good, happy and healthy 12-lb cat!

Thanks for your help!”



So kitty has been eating real good for a week now. One full can a day! Very exciting. I have now been mixing 2/8 tsp feline + 4 drops gi distress and 1/2 tsp luxolite in every feeding. Also the red in his eyes has gone away too- which he had for several years and now it’s gone! Amazing!

Thank you! His recovery is incredible!!!”


“My cat Elliot is 14 years old and has diabetes. His blood glucose levels have been well regulated on insulin. About six months ago he started having horrible, uncontrollable diarrhea. We tried various medications and diets to control it, and various home remedies. Everything we tried seemed to work for the first couple of days, giving us hope we’d found the solution. But inevitably the diarrhea would come back. Elliot started losing weight rapidly. We checked for all the usual culprits: thyroid, kidney disease, blood glucose levels. Everything was normal. The diarrhea continued along with the weight loss. Finally our vet decided to give him an ultrasound and we found a tumor in his intestines. The diagnosis was intestinal lymphoma. We immediately started him on chemotherapy and prednisone, which he tolerated well, but neither helped with the diarrhea. That’s when I started doing research on the Internet and found your company. After reading all the testimonials and learning of your money back guarantee, I figured it was worth a try. Within a week of using the three products he had his first solid stool in months. It was a miracle. There’s no cure for the lymphoma, but the drugs may help him live for a couple more years, and now your products have restored his quality of life. We are very grateful.”

Laurie Hannegan
Littleton, CO


I got Shade from the SPCA, 8 years ago, when he was about 7 or 8. Shortly after that, I took him to the vet because he had bloody diarrhea. Shade was diagnosed with IBS. We were given several different short term medications, and prednisone, which he continued to receive until about 3 years ago. At that time, I had started to look for options to help him gain weight. He was thin, his coat was rough and thinning, and had a “greasy” look. He had always vomited quite a bit, but it was becoming far more frequent, sometimes up to 3 times a day. The vomit contained his food, barely moistened and almost completely undigested. Thinking the problem might be hairballs, I tried hairball remedies…..they gave him diarrhea. I tried some food and calorie supplements, they gave him diarrhea. The vet was no help. I started my internet search looking for help. I found an article about the very poor nutrition (by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM) in dry cat food. My vet did know what I was feeding Shade dry food, and never advised me to feed him canned food.

I switched Shade to canned food, took him off the prednisone and for some time, he gained weight, his coat improved and he almost completely stopped vomiting. Then he stopped improving and mostly held his own. Though unfortunate circumstances I had to stay with family, and did not realize for some time that one member of the household was sneaking Shade dry treats. By that time, being away from the excessive grains in the treats, for so long had made him more sensitive than ever to grains and glutens in the treats. The vomiting started again, and then escalated to bloody vomit. I took Shade to a vet, and he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Although Shade is still having problems, he is doing so much better than he was before I started him on Vitality Science supplements. I don’t feel as though I owe it to him to put him out of his misery…..which is where I was a month ago. He is making slow, if not steady progress. His coat is much better and his eyes are starting to glow again. He is slowly putting some weight on. This means I no longer fear his bones poking through his skin. Although the symptoms do come back, they are not as severe or last as long as they did before.

I am a very satisfied customer, Vitality Science products are helping Shade. His appetite is improving and I look forward to that continuing. I do have faith that Shade will continue to grow stronger and have a few years of being a happy, and at least fairly healthy cat. With an “I told you so” mentality, I am looking forward to the day I can send a picture of Shade to the vets that diagnosed with with kidney disease, and say “Look at him now”!! Shade is showing strong improvement

I don’t know many people in Edmonton, but I will tell any pet owner I meet, about Vitality Science!!

Colour me happy with Vitality Science”


“As of two weeks ago I had 4 cats. My oldest and most beloved passed away after abdominal surgery. The grief turned into desperation as I watched another one of my cats dwindle away to nothing. Red vommited after each meal and always cried all night. The diarrhea was continual. At one point my husband and I observed blood on his food coming from his mouth. The vet ran some labs and concluded it was IBD. Steroids for life. I said “no way!” I put him on a rotation diet. No success. I gave him licorice root. No difference. Vitamin B12 made a tremendous difference energy wise but still very ill. But thank goodness I found Vitality Science! After following the proticol that was recomended for Red after just a week and a half for the first time in months he seems almost back to normal. Will continue for a full month though. I will be going to all the vets in the area and telling them about your product! Animals must be saved from this disease.”

Jordyn Moore

“it’s a miracle. Literally a one-day turnaround of years of escalating bowel problems for our cat. The horrible flatulence and multiple daily episodes of foul, sour-smelling diarrhea, which odor permeated our house and made life miserable for all, just simply stopped with the beginning of daily Feline Comfort Plus and Luxolite. Just one firm stool every day or two, with no mournful cries from the litter box area. After years of trying one thing and another, from compounded antibiotics which the cat hated, to probiotics which she liked (but neither of them worked), to switching foods, with never any good effect and sometimes just making things worse, these two products achieved instant success!

And Mara dosen’ seem to mind the taste, I just mix it in the food and she eats it with no complaints. Not a small achievement in the world of cat nutrition and health.”

Diane M

“Dear Steve

I was at the end of my rope and filled with despair over my poor Sinbad’s health. About a year ago he started to vomit and have terrible diarrhea. After several trips to the vet, much $ spent and a misdiagnosis of diabetes, he was put on a daily regime of prednisone along with prescripton wet food. He hated both the wet food and the prednisone and we spent many months going back and forth on the right food, the right dosage or addiitonal medication and all to no avail. Finally one day I found vitality science and picked up the phone to call about the Treatment Resistant Diarrhea protocol. What a relief to finally speak with someone (Steve Becker) who was actually listening to me and asking questions that my vet never, ever bothered to ask. Sinbad has been on the treatment resistant diarrhea products — Feline Comfort Plus and Luxolite for a while now and I have seen a drastic improvement (after we switched his food at Steve’s suggestion). Recently, I called back again to discuss an issue and Steve, once again, gave me advice on next steps which seems to be working. I feel like I should pay Steve for a therapy session–he said to me on that first call: “It may take a while but we’ll get your cat better” and we DID!!! Thank you Vitality Science and thank you Steve. I have recommended you to everyone and anyone that has pets and even got my brother started on a therapy for his dog’s arthritis. What a gem you guys are.”

Kathy Giltenan
Tarrytown, NY

“My cat had very runny bowels on and off for almost a year. I spent lots of money on Flagyll! I now have been using Pet Flora and Herbal Anti Inflammatory for about 2 weeks. Pet Flora 2xa day and Herbal Anti Inflammatory (8 drops) 2x a day. It seems to be working. Harder, normal stools for the past six days!

Thank goodness I found you! Thanks so much!

Tracey Bowen
Pelham, Alabama

“Many thanks, once again, for your excellent products. My adopted 10-year-old Abyssinian’s health has turned around completely, since employing (most of) the diarreah-resistant protocol: the vomiting has stopped completely (except to rid herself of hairballs), her stools are vastly improved, she’s less nervous, more affectionate, and has more energy … yeah!!”

Elizabeth Reninger
Boulder, CO

“My cat Dakota is a 1-2 years old neutered rescue cat; alternating between diarrhea and loose stools (cow pie consistency). I originally ordered your complete protocol for cats. He was still having no firm stools after the first week on the program.

He is the cat which was diagnosed with tritrich and we gave him the ronidazole pills; and he lived to tell the story.

You had me change him to 10 drops (2 x daily) of the herbal anti-inflammatory and 4 drops of the soothing solution (2 x daily). I had dropped the feline comfort (was not making it worse, but was not helping either) and the probiotic did not work (had already tried one through his vet). I also had him on 2 capsules of lithothamnium and a total of 3 tsp. of luxolite, in ½ tsp. doses. You had me follow that protocol for approximately 10 days. He was still having the cow pies, but the rumbling in his stomach had finally stopped.

When I spoke with you again for an order of luxolite you suggested integrating the feline comfort a pinch at a time into his diet. You sent me a bottle of the new soothing solution and suggested moving him to Wellness Core dry food. He had been on the Royal Canin green pea & duck limited ingredient wet and dry. Ideally you wanted me to work up to the 2 1/2 tsp. dosage of the feline comfort. I believe when I give him the full amount of feline comfort, his stools become less firm, so I’m only using 1 1/2 tsp.

Shortly after re-introducing the feline comfort, his stools firmed up. His stools are still not as dry as they could be, BUT they are definitely holding their shape. I was backing him off the herbal anti-inflammatory when it ran out and I have changed him from 2 lithothamnium capsules back to one.

Thanks for all your help (if I had emailed you in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to re-invent the wheel!). I believe the above is a fairly accurate rendition of what you and I have spoken about re: Dakota and his ongoing treatment.”

Marsha Hahn
Cornelius, NC

“I was having difficulty with my new kittens having digestive problems, and after taking them to the vet several times, I started doing research on what could be causing their diarrhea. I did a number of web searches and your site came up. I was particularly pleased that you offered a treatment-resistant protocol that came with a money back guarantee.”

Deborah Simpson
Manchester, MA

“I would very, very, highly recommend Vitality Science. I was at my wit’s end with the young, stray male cat we had adopted, Buster Kitten. He had been tested for every parasite under the sun and the vet had tried multiple treatments. Finally, due to the offer of a money-back guarantee and the promise that the products wouldn’t harm animals, we tried Vitality Science “Treatment Resistant Protocol”. Even though it took several weeks of giving the protocol as indicated, all of Buster’s digestive problems were cleared up and he now is a healthy and plump kitty who is overjoyed at his new home. We just have to make sure that he eats only all-natural food, as it turns out his problems also were aggravated by a food allergy. I truly believe that Vitality Science products saved his life.”

Edna Rogers
Gainsville, GA

“I have been meaning to write for quite awhile and apologize for the time it took. I have 2 balinese cats pushing 16 years of age. My little girl, Sheba, has food allergies and had been on a diet of Hill’s Z/D for many years. In December 2008, I noticed the consistency of the canned Z/D had changed. The kitties loved the food and I gave it no further thought. At the beginning of 2009, Sheba contracted a urinary tract infection accompanied by diarrhea. Sheba was given Baytril for the UTI and tylocin for the diarrhea. The UTI cleared up, but the diarrhea continued and Sheba developed serious gas (she was a 24/7 toot factory). I asked my vet whether the new food could be the problem and whether probiotics would help and was told no on both counts. The kitties had their annual checkup towards the end of January and Sheba, being no better, was continued on the tylocin and started on a probiotic (Purina) at my request. The gas improved somewhat but not the poops and Sheba was not a happy camper. So in mid-February I hit the internet for a solution and came across the Vitality Science website. I spoke with Stephen Becker who was most helpful having obviously heard my story before. I purchased the Treatment-Resistant Diarrhea/Vomiting Protocol and Pet Flora, and started the program at the end of February. I also stopped the tylocin, began weaning the kitties off of the Z/D diet (I had a nagging feeling that the food may have caused the problem and it was becoming more and more expensive) and introduced them to Wellness cat food. The kitties were eating 100% Wellness by mid March. Meanwhile, by day 2 of the protocol Sheba’s gas was GONE and her stool was improving. By day 7 Sheba was having normal bowel movements. I continued the protocol another week and then continued to add a small amount of the Feline Comfort to the kitties’ food in the morning and give Sheba Pet Flora twice a week. Sheba is her old self and doing great. Sheba’s brother Sam used to vomit clear fluid a few times a week so I started him on the Pet Flora and now he rarely vomits at all. Also, Sheba hasn’t shown any allergic reaction to the Wellness diet. I am just thrilled that I found the Vitality Science website and highly recommend the Treatment-Resistant Diarrhea/Vomiting Protocol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Thanks so much,
Lori Wariwoda
Toronto, Cananda

” Sherlock was vomiting blood periodically and you said we had to stop the vomiting…a twice daily dose of the anti-vomiting protocol (syringing Luxolite, Feline Comfort, Soothing Solution, Lithothamnium, and Herbal Anti Inflammatory) has worked wonders. We stopped the Clavamox, the Pepcid, and also the carafate (which was to act as a “bandage” over any bleeding ulcer he might have). Since he has not vomited at all since starting your products, should I be using the Carafate? Or is it possible that the Soothing Solution, Herbal Anti Inflammatory., and Feline Comfort are healing the ulcerated area that was bleeding? Thanks again for your great products – I tell all my pet owner friends about them.”

Paula Holmes
Erie, PA

“Your products and counseling saved the life of my 15-year-old cat. Her veterinarian had no solution and said only, “Keep her confined.” Explosive diarrhea had gone on for more than six months, and the vet had no solutions. With your products and counseling, the cat has had normal stools now for three weeks and she seems to be pain free.”

Alice Marie Beard
Bethesda, Maryland

5 reviews for Treatment Resistant Diarrhea & Vomiting Cat

  1. 1 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Have been using for over a month and no results. Won’t try again. Too expensive.

    • (verified owner):

      Sorry to hear that the protocol has not worked for you. Unfortunately we are not able to help every cat, although we wish we could! This is why we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My cat Tom is two years old. Since I have switched him to adult food, he has had digestive issues. He would digest the first bag of a new food well, but when I would start with the second bag, he would begin to experience digestive problems. He would start vomiting the food once or twice a week. I have gone through many kinds of foods, trying all of the most natural brands I was able to fine, with no success with finding one that would work for him for more than one bag. I have also tried all the best and most natural wet foods, without anymore success. I then went to my vet for help. My vet put Tom on an easy to digest food, and when that did not work, on food containing only hydrolyzed proteins. Since Tom has been on this hydrolized food, he has not vomited food. He has however, vomited clear liquid a few times. And when we started the second bag of the hydrolized food, Tom started to have diarrhea issues. The vet made me try Forti Flora to treat the diarrhea, and when that would not work, he prescribed Metronidazole for 15 days. The best that we could achieve with that medication, was to get Tom’s stools to the consistency of firm pudding. My vet wanted to give Tom a stronger medication that would have had strong negative side effects, which I was trying desperately to avoid. So I turn to Vitality Science, and purchased: “Treatment Resistant Feline Diarrhea and Vomiting”. Well, I am happy to say that after 50 days of using mostly only 2 of the 3 products, (since Tom had trouble digesting the Comfort+, and I could never give him more than a pinch of that powder per meal), the desired results have been achieved, and Tom is now making 1 stool a day, of the perfect consistency. I am very relieved and happy. I also really appreciate the quick replies and answers to my emailed questions. It’s nice not to feel alone in this fight :)
    Thank you, Vitality Science !

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I am writing a follow up review here as I bought this entire package thinking I needed it, but only ended up using the Feline Comfort + as it was so effective. My kitty Rufus was exhibiting some signs of IBS as my review stated under Feline Comfort +. Needless to say he is a changed cat now. After about 9 months of use he can eat all the food (90% premium wet, 10% dry as treats) I give him without any vomiting, discomfort (gas, etc) or diarrhea. He also has one eye with a blocked drain duct which tears up and consequently gets dirty, needing daily cleaning. That has mostly cleared up so that I only need to clean it every 2 weeks or so. He had a terrible blackhead under this eye which seemed to appear every once in a while when his immune system was compromised and that has disappeared altogether. So, this product has helped with two things: his digestive tract and his immune system. His energy level is better as he is 14 and still plays at least twice daily without the lethargy he had before. His appetite is fantastic and I feel comforted by the fact that I do not have to use a powerful drug with many adverse side effects to maintain his digestive tract and immune system. Also, knowing the effectiveness of the Feline Comfort + I would think that any cat with more advanced symptoms could benefit from the entire package. This is truly a wonderful product and more vets should be made aware of the potential for treatment. Thank-you!

  4. 1 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Unfortunately, this treatment didn’t work for my kitty. Even so, I’m glad it was available. Something else to try. Another minute of hope. Poor baby. The liquid fecal dripping will have lulls of a few hours here and there, but it keeps coming back. She tries so hard to keep herself clean. Thank goodness she is such an angel about the rinses she frequently needs.

    • (verified owner):

      Sorry we could not help your cat. Almost all of our cat patients are treatment resistant cases. The vets have failed and the owners have failed to stabilize the cat. There are often multiple problems, including allergies and immune damage. Many of these hopeless cats have diagnosed or undiagnosed cancers and lymphomas. We still stabilize more than 95% with our combination of email tech support, food guidance and supplements.

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This product is remarkable. My 13yo (approximately) cat has had IBS since I rescued him 7 years ago (although I didn’t realize what it was until recently). I got used to cleaning up diarrhea every day. A friend stumbled upon this product while doing some research online to try and help us, so I decided to give it a try. After only one dose my cat’s poop became completely normal and it has been better ever since. This product has changed both my and my cat’s life.

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