Super Food Dog Supplement

Super Dog Food Supplement




Super Dog Food Supplement gives a big boost of essential vitamins and minerals that promote coat health, help maintain muscles and bones, keep the teeth strong, and keep the tail-wagging disposition front and center.

  • Combination of 16 vitamins and minerals.
  • Achieve optimal wellness
  • Promotes health and happiness in pets
  • Can be mixed with food
  • Can be used during all life stages

Super food-based supplementation is the solution to the food quality problem

Gum diseases, abnormal growths, blood disorders, infections of all kinds, and failure to thrive can all be attributed to the deficiencies in food.

High vitality super foods, such as those in our Super Food Supplement, are widely recognized by the holistic community. Renate Andrasevits Reed has written a well-researched article on the subject of super foods for dogs, “Super Foods That Restore Vitality To Your Dog”

How to Use

Add to food or liquid 1x per day:

  • less than 20 lbs., 3/4 tsp.
  • 20-50 lbs, 1.5 tsp.
  • 50-100 lbs., 2 tsp.
  • more than 100 lbs., 3-4 tsp.




Whey: cold processed, microfiltered, grass fed cows produce the highest quality whey to restore and rebuild muscles, tissues, and organs

Arabinogalactan: prebiotic

Colostrum: immune enhancer

Active-Aloe: alkalizer, digestive and cellular normalizer

Tuna Oil: source of EPA and DHA

Ascorbyl Palmitate: lipid antioxidant

Lithothamium: calcified sea algae, source of organic calcium

Krill Oil: source of unique phospholipids that stabilize and restore neurological structures

Magnesium Citrate: neurological stabilization

Lactoferrin: broad spectrum immune enhancer derived from colostrum

Zinc Monomethionine: most assimilable form of zinc, a key ingredient in immune function

FruitX-B: calcium fructo borate assists the movement of calcium to proper locations and away from pathological deposits

Astaxanthin: is a red carotenoid with many astounding health benefits, including protection for eyes, heart, skin, improvement in oxygen utilization and much more. Our astaxanthin is super critical extracted which means no toxic solvents!

Selenomethionine: immune adjuvant

Chromax: chromium picolinate, blood sugar normalization

Vitamin E: oxygenation, cardiac support



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