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Pet Flora is the best probiotic for dogs on the market, because they are soil based!

Regulating healthy flora in the G I tract is key to a healthy digestive system as well as a healthy dog. When the body has an 85/15 ratio of good vs bad bacteria; vomiting and diarrhea, constipation, and gas will probably not be a problem.

Surprisingly, our pet’s digestive tract makes up 80% of it’s overall immune system, and that 90% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy digestive system. Pet Flora’s 29 active strains of SBOs act fast to resolve routine dog vomit and diarrhea. When administered daily it helps maintain the ideal balance of gut flora to insure proper canine nutrition, as well as boost the immune system.

Note: We often suggest to our customers to try homemade dog food, along with our products to get the best results.


Product Info

When a dog eats grass it may be because they have an upset stomach, yet if you look closely, you’ll notice they pull at the grass. Why? To get at the microscopic soil-based organisms (SBOs) that surround the roots, which they instinctively know are essential to maintaining good health, which may be missing from their diet. This is why our dog probiotics, Pet Flora is superior to dairy-based probiotics for dogs- it’s natural to your pet.

Pet Flora is a Soil-Based Organism. Soil-Based means that the natural probiotic organisms of the soil are the ingredients in Pet Flora. In the soil, these microorganisms hold down yeast and fungi, reduce acidity, and improve assimilation of nutrients to plants. Amazingly, they do exactly the same in higher animals. Pet Flora holds down yeasts, fungi, and pathogenic microorganisms, while improving nutrient assimilation.

How to Use

For every 10 lbs. give 1/2 a capsule daily until symptoms improve.
All animals benefit form regular use of Pet Flora. Effective regimens range from everyday to once a week. Can be given as needed for acute cases.

Capsules may be opened and put on for or in liquid.

Cats and Dogs like the taste because it tastes like dirt and dirt is one of their favorite tastes… Really!

There is a wide range of safety with Pet Flora. It has no known toxic dose. You may experiment liberally to find the right dose for your pet. However, it is always wise to start with a small dose and calculate from there for an effective dose.


Pet Flora contains a spectrum of 29 microflora, that fall into the following eleven categories:


  • Acinetobacter
  • Arthrobacter
  • Azospirillum
  • Azotobacter Bacillus
  • Bacteroides
  • Brevibacterium
  • Kurtha
  • Myrothecium P
  • Chrysosporium
  • Pseudomonas
  • Streptomyces



The proliferation of these microflora into their 29 plus sub-species variations is promoted by the prebiotic complexes, and the humic and fulvic acids extracted from ancient plant deposits. All twelve seed species are Class One Microbiological agents.


Scientific Studies

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Success Stories

The statements on the Testimonial pages are those of the Vitality Science Costumers only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Vitality Science.

“Our pet is an 8 year old female registered border collie. She started vomiting every time she ate.

We took her to our vet where she was given an antibotic shot, anti vomit shot and some anti vomit pills. She continued vomiting, and we took her back to the vet 3 days later where her intestinal system was x-rayed and she received another shot of antibotics and and anti vomiting shot. They did not find any cause but suspected an infection. She was not any better 2 days later so I started her on some Acidophillus and fructooligosaccharides; at he same time, I ordered your Pet Flora product on the internet. The Pet Flora arrived 2 days later. There was some slight improvement on the probiotics that I had her on when the Pet Flora arrived. I replaced the probiotics that she was on with Pet Flora. She showed considerable improvement the second day on Pet Flora, and she had stoped vomiting by the 4th day on Pet Flora. She is now back to normal with more energy than she has had for some time.”

Ray H. Tomberlin, President
Global Agri Business Services

“I was desperate for some help and I found your product through Google. My 10 year old Golden Retriever (Bogey) has been getting chemo treatments for GI lymphoma since late August and has experienced severe diarrhea for the past two weeks straight. Monday we were advised that after 4 chemo treatments she did not go into remission and the diarrhea will more than likely continue because of the location of the cancer. This was devastating news because the diarrhea was causing her to lose weight (20 pounds so far) and she would eventually become so weak due to a lack of nutrients in her system that we would have to put her down.

We showed the Oncologist your product and she advised us to give it a shot because the prescription drugs and Imodium have not worked. We started on Pet Flora and Super Food on Tuesday (9/26) and this morning Bogey had a normal bowel movement for the first time in 16 days!!! We are thrilled to say the least.

If this continues your product will be solely responsible for extending her life.”

Scott Miller
Camillus, NY

“After 8 weeks of soft to totally liquid stools, sometimes bloody, multiple dietary trials and 3 sets of negative stool cultures…4 days of Pet Flora and our 9 pound stray toy poodle puppy is having NORMAL STOOLS!!!!” We cannot thank you enough! What a relief for all of us!

Judy, Jim and Sarah Hibel and “Beal”, the 9 pound wonder dog:)

Jamie transitions his dog off of pharmaceuticals and stabilizes digestion with Pet Flora.

“I have been using Pet Flora for about 5 years and it is one of the best investments I have ever made for my dogs.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your dedication to natural supplements for our “babies”.”

Carol Scharfeld

“Hi Steve,

I gave Jesse 4 tablespoons of Luxolite and 6 pet flora all mixed in some chicken broth and the runny diarrhea stopped within 2 hours. She had chicken broth with some cell food and Smart Silver…drank it right up. Then she had about 4 ounces of roast chicken…gobbled it down followed by a good drink of water. She had a good pee but she’s oh so weak. The she had some more roast chicken. :)

To say thank you is hardly enough but please know the depth of our gratitude for your knowledge, products, dedication to your customers and the heart to want the best for us all.

Thank you with all MY heart (and Jesse’s too! :)”

Suzanne Cassity
Geoorgetown, Ky

“Your products are amazing and I am so thankful they are available! My dog is doing wonderfully with the pet flora and the herbal anti-inflammatory. She finally stopped scratching and the redness all over her skin has virtually disappeared!

Keep on making these amazing good for the body products so we can have healthier lives!!!!

Thank you Thank you!”


“Hi ya! Your product arrived promptly and it has worked marvelously! Our dog has been plugged up and we have had to express her anal glands frequently due to the inability to “empty out.”

So, thank you very much. We heard about this product from another friend who has had terrific results.”


“I have never written a testimonial for a product before, but I have had tremendous success with Pet Flora and want to share my experiences with other pet owners. I think it is an amazing product for maintaining healthy digestion, and for the prevention and treatment for gas, diarrhea and vomiting in animals. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs (a German Shorthair Pointer and a Yellow Labrador.) My dogs both have great noses and love food. Unfortunately, that can get them into some trouble! Whenever they find something they shouldn’t have eaten; whether they get into my trash can, eat another dog’s food, or steal some people food, they will get bad gas, diarrhea or they’ll vomit. I now have a simple cure… Pet Flora. I used to take my dogs to the vet for treatment for vomiting and diarrhea, and I would incur sizable vet bills. Now I can treat them at home with Pet Flora and save myself a lot of time and money (and carpet stains.) To give my dogs the supplement, I’ll put some peanut butter on the pill, or wrap it in cheese, and my dogs will easily eat it! I have given the product to friends’ dogs and coworkers’ dogs whenever I hear of gas or diarrhea, and they have had success every time. If we go on a hike and my dogs drink some stagnant water, I will immediately give them Pet Flora when we get home, to make sure they don’t get sick.

I will give my cats Pet Flora if I notice loose stool in my their litter boxes, and the diarrhea will be gone by the next day. Since I typically can’t tell which cat has the upset stomach, I open a capsule or two and sprinkle it over their dry food. The first time I gave it to them, I was shocked at how quickly I had results! I think this is a product that every pet owner should have on hand, for the comfort of your animals, and to avoid expensive vet bills. ”

Jaime Bessko
Boulder, Colorado



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