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Bentonite Clay is the second most widely-used internal clay, Zeolite being the first.

Luxolite is a hydrated clay that actively supports cardiovascular and intestinal health while helping to support the body’s normal process of detoxification. It is naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system.

“When clay is consumed, its vital force is released into the physical body and mingles with the vital energy of the body, creating a stronger, more powerful energy in the host. The natural magnetic action transmits a remarkable power to the organism and helps to rebuild vital potential through the liberation of latent energy.”

“When the immune system does not function at its best, the clay stimulates the body’s inner resources to awaken the stagnant energy. It supplies the body with the available magnetism to run well. Clay is said to propel the immune system to find a new healthy balance and strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance.”

excerpts from “Our Earth Our Cure” by Raymond Dextreit

  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Synthetic Flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Made in the USA


100% Pure Activated White Clay, A “Living Clay,” Consisting of 67 Minerals.

Including; Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Maganese & Silica.


For every 10 lbs of animal administer 1/2 tsp daily.

If your animal has a deficiency in digestive juices then it should be given an hour apart from food. If your animal has hyper-acidity, then give with food. Test to find out if your animal is one or the other. If given separately from food and your animal throws up then he/she is hyper-acidic and Luxolite needs to be given with food.

Dosage may be increased as needed until desired effect is achieved. In acute cases it may be give as much as every hour.

If constipation occurs, temporarily discontinue use or give with fiber.

When introducing anything new to your animal start with a small amount. If your animal has no reaction or a positive reaction, then you may continue to raise the dose until you have reached the suggested amount.

Safe and beneficial for all animals and may be continued indefinitely.

Testimonials (11)

The testimonials are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local veterinarian. Rather, the testimonials offer the reader information written by owners and/or veterinarians concerning animal health and products that have shown results.

“Hi Steve,

I gave Jesse 4 tablespoons of Luxolite and 6 pet flora all mixed in some chicken broth and the runny diarrhea stopped within 2 hours. She had chicken broth with some cell food and Smart Silver…drank it right up. Then she had about 4 ounces of roast chicken…gobbled it down followed by a good drink of water. She had a good pee but she’s oh so weak. The she had some more roast chicken. 🙂

To say thank you is hardly enough but please know the depth of our gratitude for your knowledge, products, dedication to your customers and the heart to want the best for us all.

Thank you with all MY heart (and Jesse’s too! :)”

Suzanne Cassity
Geoorgetown, Ky

“Hello Stephen

I found that by giving the maximum dose of the Herbal Anti Inflammatory and theLuxolite these stabilized the recurrence of the diarrhea within about 4 days. She has been well for the past 14 days with no symptoms, and her rear is looking more normal than it has for several months. Her coat is glossy, and she is relaxed and playful and happy again. I am hopeful that she is healed, but as a precaution I ordered more of the anti inflammatory and also the Pet Flora

Thank you.

“Hi Mr. Becker,

Just thought I would update you on the cat. She is doing well. Every once in a while she has had a liquid stool but she is so much better over all. I did go ahead and order the large bottle of the Luxolite, it helps so much and she eats it up. I had to switch to a small amount of wet cat food to add in with it.

Fairly happy cat and happy Mom,
Thanks again.”
Erlinda Bearman
Richmond, VA.

“All I can say is thanks. Luxolite has helped both me and my cat. My Cat DC has IBS and I have Colitis and Celiac. I didn’t think it would work, but after 3 days of being on this medicine it has helped a great deal.

Thanks again.”
Alison Rettie
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I am writing to tell you that my 17 year-old cat has now been on Luxolite for about 7 months and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your products. He had chronic diarrhea and the accompanying litter box problems and as I felt I was the only one who would consider cleaning up after him, I was afraid that I’d have to have him “put down” when I had to go out of town. I feel like Luxolite has given him a new lease on life since it controls his diarrhea; with 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, his stools are hard. His eyes are also clear and he seems completely healthy. He is like a young cat again. So I thank you for your product and your website. I’m so thankful that I found it.”

Eran Severn
Big Sky, Mt

“I wanted to give you the biggest thank you!

A few months ago we found a cat outside of our home – she was declawed and fixed. I’m not sure if she was lost or someone tossed her. We ended up bringing her inside and naming her Sissy! Sissy is now a member of the family and the most friendly cuddle buddy! She is always purring and wanting love. After sissy was brought inside we noticed she was puking a lot. Almost everyday after she ate we were cleaning up a mess. We thought maybe hair balls? We switched food and switched food and got hair ball treats-that didn’t work. I then took her to our local vet. They had no clue -they wanted to do x rays, blood work, etc. I was willing to do everything they offered-I didn’t want Sissy to suffer an live another day like this.

So I left the vet with another appointment scheduled. I went home and thought about everything-got on the iPad and searched on google until I came across Vitality Science. I saw all of the amazing testimonials. I decided to try Vitality Science before spending hundreds of dollars at the vet. On a whim I ordered Feline Comfort and Luxolite.

wow is all i can say. AWESOME RESULTS!! I am not kidding, the day I gave sissy both medications- she went from puking everyday to not puking at all!! I am completely shocked. She is finally getting back to being a healthy little girl again.

I cannot thank Vitality Science enough. They not only saved me hundreds of dollars but have brought the life back to my sweet innocent little girl Sissy. I will continue to purchase from Vitality Science for all of my cats. I will no longer go to the vet before I try curing or helping an issue with Vitality Science. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are truly amazing and so are the products. Customer service is even great:) 🙂

kind regards”
Emily Banks and Sissy

Stephen Becker,

I’m sending you this message to tell you of Max’s progress. Max has stabilized as of this last week. In the past 2 weeks he has only vomited or passed up hairball’s, only a tablespoon or so of liquid. Since we are getting into the hot weather here in Los Angeles, and expected 104* this weekend, all of our cats have been shedding and licking their coats. I am fully happy with your products. I found that the Super Pet Enzymes did the trick, I also use the Luxolite at night before bed if he has eaten all his meals and is still hungry. Max is on a (Grain Free) diet, and it seems to be working for him. He has been active and running around and playing with his other cat friends. He has started purring a lot more now. The quality of life has definitely been restored to Max. And I wish to say, Thank you.”

Mary Anne Hartman
West Hills, CA

“Hello Stephen,

Feline Comfort and Luxolite Feline are miracles! Our little Ragdoll Sophie cannot live without this combination.

When we were first struggling with her inability to form stools and had constant diarrhea, I made a desperate last ditch phone call to Vitality Science where it was received by a caring concerned individual who understood our painful situation. After a number of phone consultations, we tried several of the products, and have determined this combination to be the “cure” for Sophie. A number of uncontrolled experiments have confirmed this conclusion.

On of your product fliers has also been provided to our Veterinarians as they too are impressed with our results.

Sophie and her people will rely on Vitality Science for many years to come, and are thankful and grateful to Vitality Science.


Judie Drummond
Grants Pass, Oregon

“100!!!The bentonite

clay has solved his IBS along with many other inflammatory issues he had- I give 2-3mls every other day and we have not had any problems in over a year now! He went from 5lb to 17 lbs and is so happy and healthy!

The vet specializes in cats and was so impresses she asked
for more information on your products to recommend to

Rachel Plymesser
Waukesha, WI

“I started using your product after my volunteer work at the local animal shelter ended up with me bringing home two dogs that were on death’s door.

Thankfully with lots of love, money and vet attention they both survived but one of them had such bad trouble with diarrhea that the meds for it weren’t helping at all.
After researching online and finding your web site I ordered the Pet Flora and Luxolite and in no time my dog was back to normal. He still has a bit of a sensitive digestive system now and then but a dose or two of Luxolite fixes him right up. I honestly think my husband uses more of it than the dog does though…lol. He had a case of what they think must have been E Coli a few years ago and could get pretty miserable. When I read that Luxolite could be used for people, too, I gave him some when he had a flare up and it was amazing how fast he was well again.

Considering he has had to be hospitalized for it previously, we are thrilled that usually one dos e has him in good shape again.”

Roberta Cooper
Lubbock, TX

“The reason I write is that Blue’s diarrhea has gone with 3-day application of Luxolite!! It’s really amazing!!

Blue has suffered from diarrhea for over 1 year but I thought it’s just “diarrhea” because none of vets took it seriously saying he might be under some stress. The symptom was his 2/3 part of feces were okay but last 1/3 part is always with clear liquid. And usually he went to bathroom 2-3 times more after the “major lump” to let out the remains. I usually found blood in it!

I had to cut out his furs around his tail because most of the time, he got his “marks” all over his tail area. Blue expressed pain when I take care of his buttocks with tissues. I tried probiotics, ultra premium cat food, stress relief medicine, and even massage on his tummy! They all failed and Blue seemed to look so stressful whenever he goes to bathroom.

I fed 1/4 spoon of Luxolite 2 times a day and after 3 days he doesn’t have diarrhea any more!! And even he didn’t show any symptom on the first day of Luxolite.
It is really unusual because whatever the food is, he always has diarrhea if the food is new. Even more, Blue loves Luxolite, so every morning and evening medicine time, he comes to me and sits in front of me when he sees me taking Luxolite and Celloquent out of the refridgerator.

I sincerely want to convey my thanks to you to provide such wonderful products. If I couldn’t find Vitality Science, I don’t know how I would have took care of cats.

Thank you again.

I will be always the big fan of VS!

Have a great weekend.


June Park
Reston, VA


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