Finicky Cat Health Pack


(4 oz) Luxolite,
(41 gms) Super Pet Enzymes,
(190 gms) Arabinogalactan,
(50 caps) Pet Flora

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The four products consist of an adaptogen, a probiotic, a detoxificant, and a full- spectrum enzyme. They are all highly effective and acceptable to even the most finicky cats.

Super finicky cats can be a huge problem when it comes to administering remedies. These cats will not eat anything in their food and they are hyper reactive when you try to syringe them. They may be very sick or just not as healthy and vital as they could. They also may be suffering from something as minor as fatigue or as serious as a life threatening disease. Whatever the state of health, high quality supplementation is the key to sustaining vitality!

Finicky Cat Combo Pack consists of the highest quality, natural supplements your cat will eat and that will provide a healing and rejuvenating effect for your pet.

Product Info

The key to regaining and keeping health is to optimize GI function. Finicky Cat Health Pack is designed to do just that.

Luxolite is a detoxificant. It absorbs many toxins, including heavy metals and radioactive nucleotides (it is a type of volcanic ash called montmorillonite).

Super Pet Enzymes are full spectrum enzymes. They aid in the digestion of every food type from meat to broccoli and from cheese to rice and everything in between. We also add a high potency bromelain and serrapeptase to reduce inflammation of all kinds. Super Pet Enzymes contains no flavorings and is highly acceptable to cats.

Pet Flora is the most effective probiotic for normalizing GI function. When no other probiotic has worked, pet owners come to us for Pet Flora. Since it is a soil-based probiotic, it has an earthy flavor which most cats enjoy.

Arabinogalactan is an adaptogen. It is a long chain polysaccharide extracted from larch trees. It up-regulates the immune system as effectively as echinacea. While echinacea tastes bitter and needs to be stopped every few weeks to remain effective, arabinogalactan is a slightly sweet tasting sugar (that does not raise blood sugar levels) and that remains effective so long as it is taken.

For more information please click on the links above to visit individual pages.

How to Use

Please Check individual product labels for dosage instructions. Also, to make administration even easier, they can all be mixed together and put into one feeding.


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