Feline Comfort & Herbal Anti-Inflammatory




Program includes 1 Feline Comfort 98 g and 1 Herbal Anti Inflammatory .5 oz

A destabilized Gastrointestinal system results in diarrhea. Contributing factors of frequent diarrhea are bacterial infections, stress, contaminants, drug side effects, and genetics. No matter what is causing the frequent diarrhea, it is often accompanied by inflammation. Chronic immune mediated inflammation damages intestinal lining. If inflammation persists it may cause diseases and chronic conditions.

If your cat is experiencing frequent diarrhea it is important to work fast. The longer feline diarrhea persists, the more body systems degenerate. If left untreated, electrolytes are excreted, tissue becomes water logged and sloughed off. Acidity will then build up, and pathogenic bacteria will take over the microbiological population.

Feline Comfort and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory combo has a combination of eleven nutraceutical vitamin and mineral supplements to include: probiotics, enzymes, and herbal anti-inflammatories. Every ingredient works synergistically to raise your cat’s gastrointestinal integrity. This combo has been carefully formulated to meet the special needs of domesticated animals and is beneficial to all cats, regardless of age or health.

Note: do not give to pregnant or nursing mothers.

Product Info

Feline Comfort powder, a nutraceutical multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, contains eight highly effective ingredients used by holistic vets around the world. It soothes and rebuilds the GI lining, and restores microbiological balance.

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory contains three unique ingredients combine to create a powerful, yet gentle effect.

All flavors are cat friendly and may be added to food.

How to Use

Feline Comfort and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory come with complete directions. Because we use ingredients with a neutral taste and flavor with natural tuna or Argentinean Beef Liver, cats like the taste and readily eat it.


While these two products may be given together, the greatest effectiveness will be seen if they are given at least one hour apart. This program may be given indefinitely.


See labels and individual products for recommended dosages.


Feline Comfort (98 grams) Pet Flora, Arabinogalactan, L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm, Super Pet Enzymes, Psyllium Seed Powder, Serrazimes, Argentinean Beef Liver/Natural Tuna

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (0.5 oz.) Venus Flytrap, Yucca, Licorice, 45% Organic Alcohol, and 55% Distilled Water

Vitality Science is dedicated to the quality of our products, therefore we hand formulate each product and maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from Germany, Argentina, and United States. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That is, we use no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.

Success Stories

The statements on the Reviews pages are those of the Vitality Science Costumers only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Vitality Science.

Feline Comfort worked for Meg where everything else had failed!

“I have been meaning to to thank you for your help and support in getting Adam to recover from his seemingly nonstop diarrhea. I started him out on the Feline Comfort, but after trying it for about a week there wasn’t dramatic improvement.

However, he got no improvement from taking Flagyl and I know that allopathic drugs can be pretty hard on the system, just like with humans. I was very worried when it seemed that he wasn’t improving, or at least improving as quickly as I had hoped. But the Herbal Anti-inflammatory remedy did the trick.

I am continuing to feed him and my other cats using the Feline Comfort and I can’t say enough about how much your products have helped Adam and my other kitties.

I’m enclosing a picture of Adam. He is a happy and healthy cat!”

Meg Chrisler & Adam
Belton, TX

diarrhea recovery

Diet Plus Vitality Science Products Is The Key To Success!

“It’s been 4 months since I purchased your Treatment-Resistant Feline Diarrhea/Vomiting Protocol and began treating my cat. I have an important note for those who do not see prompt improvement in their pet’s conditions! My boy (13 yrs) didn’t show any improvement until I took him off commercial food.

This had nothing to do with any recall products, but rather the generally poor quality that permeates almost the entire food industry! Once I started purchasing and semi-cooking specially ground (pets only) chicken and beef and supplementing it with your products, he started holding meals down and producing solid stools again. His condition had gotten very bad, and this improvement took a few weeks.

I speculate that his advanced age, a move after 11 years where I found him, and dealing with his new 3 yr old brother (found while moving, intact) contributed some stress. But today, he’s my “bratty-brat” again and keeps his testosterone-checked brother in place! Interestingly, his stools go loose again whenever I stop giving the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory- but at this point, he does very well on 1 drop, 2x daily.

The point is that if your products don’t help, a diet change may be necessary for the animal. Thanks a lot, I’ll place my next order soon!”

Jerilyn Jernigan
Sherman Oaks, CA


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