Canine comfort Liver + Herbal Anti

Canine Comfort + Herbal Anti


2 Part Program



Program includes:
Canine Comfort 98g
Herbal Anti 2 oz

Helps the body to:


  • Improve stool formation
  • Stabilize weight
  • Improve appetite
  • Reduce gas and bad breath
  • Restore playfulness

The combination package of Canine Comfort and Herbal Anti addresses frequent diarrhea. Canine Comfort provides soothing and healing components. While the Herbal Anti adds a gentle but highly effective disinfecting action.

A destabilized Gastrointestinal system results in diarrhea. Contributing factors of frequent diarrhea are bacterial infections, stress, contaminants, drug side effects, and genetics. No matter what is causing the frequent diarrhea, it is often accompanied by inflammation.

If your dog is experiencing frequent diarrhea it is important to work fast. The longer Canine diarrhea persists, the more body systems degenerate. If left untreated, electrolytes are excreted, tissue becomes water logged and sloughed off. Acidity will then build up, and pathogenic bacteria will take over the microbiological population.

Canine Comfort and Herbal Anti combo has a combination of eleven nutraceutical vitamin and mineral supplements to include: probiotics, enzymes, and herbal anti-inflammatories. Every ingredient works synergistically to raise your dog’s gastrointestinal integrity. This combo has been carefully formulated to meet the special needs of domesticated animals and is beneficial to all dogs, regardless of age or health.

Note: do not give to pregnant or nursing mothers.

How to Use

Canine Comfort

Mix with food or water; If administering with dry food, add a splash of water or broth to wet the powder.
For every 20 lbs of animal administer 1 tsp 2x daily until symptoms improve. Do not exceed 4 tsp per dose.

Herbal Anti

Start with 2 drops in food or liquid 2x in the first day. With a positive response or no response raise dose to 4 drops for cats and 10 drops for dogs 2x daily. For severe cases of inflammation dosages may be as much as doubled.

Note: Never put a glass dropper in an animal’s mouth. Add directly to food or dilute with 5 parts water and use with a plastic syringe. When syringing, slowly inject into the side of the animal’s mouth.


Canine Comfort: Pet Flora, Arabinogalactan, Super Pet Enzymes, L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm, Psyllium Seed Powder, and Beef Liver Powder

Herbal Anti: Dionaea Muscipula/Venus Fly Trap, Yucca, and Licorice


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