Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats

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220g Celloquent
8oz Vital Pet Lipids
2oz Herbal Anti

120g Celloquent
4oz Vital Pet Lipids
2oz Herbal Anti

Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol is the only program that supports the entire spectrum of feline immune system competence.

Diseases develop when your cat’s immune system has weakened to the point where it can no longer can mend the diseased cellular structures, repel the invading viruses, and/or neutralize any malignant process.

Within one to two months, these supplements will succeed in supporting the bodies natural process to defend and repair itself.

How to Use

Follow instructions on individual product labels.

We recommend starting with the with a pinch Celloquent (a powder).  After a few doses, if there is a positive reaction or no reaction at all then you can begin to increase dose until suggested amount is achieved. Celloquent is very safe and many animals thrive on amounts far exceeding our recommended dose. Feel free to experiment to find the right dose for your animal. At this time you may begin with the Vital Pet Lipids (oil) in the same slow manner. Once both of these products have been successfully administered to your animal at the recommended dose, then you may begin with the Herbal Anti (a tincture). Celloquent and Vital Pet Lipids may be given together. Herbal Anti, as with all of our tinctures, should be administered at least an hour apart from other remedies to achieve optimal effectiveness. If your animal is very weak, you may break up doses to be given in the morning and then at night.

These products are very safe and may be your only course of treatment, yet will enhance the benefits of orthodox medical treatments. This can be given to any animal; young or old, healthy or sick.

Because we use ingredients with a neutral taste and flavor with natural liver, many cats like the taste and readily eat it. However, cats are finicky. Therefore, we have made the program so that the separate ingredients can be mixed together and administered with a syringe.


Administer orally: Up to 20 lbs | 3/4 tsp. Add 1/2 tsp. for each additional 10 lbs. Administer 2x a day for optimum immune strength and vitality.

Vital Pet Lipids

Once a day.

Up to 15 lbs. | 1/4 tsp.

15-35 lbs. | 1/2 tsp.

35-100 lbs | 1 tsp.

Herbal Anti

Start with 2 drops 2x on the first day. With a positive response raise dose to 4 drops for cats and 10 drops for dogs 2x daily. Dosages may be as much as doubled. If using an oral syringe, tincture must be diluted with 5 parts water.

Like all our products, everything in the program is safe and gentle so that it will benefit any animal (or human) regardless of health or age. That way, you can give the products with confidence!

Notes: The best anti-cancer diet is one without grains and high glycemic foods, such as sweet and white potato.

Weak digestion with vomiting and other GI symptoms are common with a severely depressed immune system. If these symptoms manifest, Luxolite is recommended. (We will include a sample bottle with your order).


Herbal Anti (2 oz. Liquid) Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Trap), Schidigera (Yucca), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Inactive Ingredients: Organic Alcohol and Glycerine.

Celloquent (120 gms. Powder) Argentinean Beef Liver, Arabinogalactan (Larix laricina), PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin, Zeolite (clinoptilolite), Apple Pectin, Bromelain (Anans comosus), Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera Inner Leaf (Aloe barbadensis), Spirulina (Blue-green algae), Pet Flora, Biocore Complete (Amylase, protease, Alpha-Galactosidase, Glucoamylase, Lactase, Invertase, Lipase, Acid Maltase, Peptidase), Lactoferrin, Zinc-Carnosine, Serrazimes, Vitamin K-2, BioPQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt)

Vital Lipids (4 oz. Oil) Tuna Oil, Vitamin E, Astaxanthin

Vitality Science is dedicated to the quality of our products, therefore we hand formulate each product. Ingredients are sourced from Germany, Argentina, and United States. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That means no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.

4 reviews for Advanced Immune Restoration for Cats

  1. 5 out of 5


    The products in the “Advanced Immune Restoration/Cat Cancer Support” have literally
    saved my cat’s life. She is also taking the Lithothamnium and Luxolite. My girl is approximately 16 years old. She is a rescue kitty and has survived a horrible infection that
    supposedly wasn’t curable. Her most recent problem was chronic diarrhea the consistency of
    water which continued for several months without let up. She lost so much weight and became dehydrated and had to be given subcutaneous fluids. Nothing her vet prescribed even slowed down the diarrhea and he wanted to do an ultrasound as he suspected cancer. Just months earlier, I had lost another kitty to cancer after nearly two years of chemo and I
    didn’t want to go that route again. I found this site and first tried the combination for treatment resistent diarrhea and vomiting which didn’t stop the diarrhea and, as a last resort, I ordered the combo for immune restoration, etc. At first, I
    didn’t seem to be getting any results and was just about to give up and go the chemo route, when I started to see a change for the better. She has now been on this protocol since October and her stools are completely formed and normal. Her appetite is excellent and she has gained some weight back. There is no question but that she would not be here today, if not for these products. These are the only preparations that she is taking (no prednisilone, etc.) and I am so thankful each and every day
    that I found Vitality Science with not a moment to spare. The vet that I go to obviously does not
    know about Vitality Science, in spite of the fact that he uses both holistic and traditional (chemo) medicine in his practice. I can’t help but think of the number of patients that he might be able to help with these products. They really are miraculous.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Our cat, Little Foot, has had immune system problems her entire life. She has been in for antibiotic shots every month or less for the last 3+ years for upper respiratory problems. She also has feline stomatitis and had to have the majority of her teeth removed. Around Christmas time of 2015, she was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma and given about 2 months to live. Out of desperation, we ordered this product for her, to use in conjunction with surgery, where she had the growth on her gums removed. We have been using the Advanced Immune Restoration ever since, and she had 1 more surgery to remove the growth about 1 month in. Since the last surgery, the growth has not reappeared. She is also eating better than she has in 3 years, as she used to be in so much pain with the gum issues. The vet had told us that with this type of Cancer, the growth would basically double in size weekly. The last time we had her in, he couldn’t believe that the growth had not reappeared. I believe this product is the reason that she is doing so well, and the reason the growth has not come back since her last surgery, almost three months ago now. We also are on month #2 without an antibiotic! That’s the longest she has went without needing one in 3 years. Though I can’t prove that this product is the reason for her improvement, I would definitely recommend it, as I truly feel it is the reason Little Foot is still with us!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Just want to say thank you. My 16 yo silver tabby was diagnosed with malignant basil cell carcinoma pretty much all over her body. She had to have many many surgeries including removal of parts of 3 of her feet poor baby. Anyway started her on this regimen along with Beta 6 glucan, and a couple other things and let me tell you her condition has pretty much all been retarded. I am so happy and totally believe in these products. Anyone who tells you, your animal is terminal should definitely try them out. I will say that my kitty’s brother could have been helped with them but when he was diagnosed with very aggressive throat cancer, he refused to take or eat any of the medicines. He’s since passed on and I painfully knew that he was ready to go. His sister who’s still with us isn’t a total fan of the flavor of these supplements but I think somewhere she knows they’re good for her hence she’ll eat her food mixed with them when she’s hungry enough. Here’s to vitality science and healing.

  4. 5 out of 5


    My cat had been diagnosed with squamous oral carcinoma. I admit I did not take proper care of her teeth being a naive young pet owner. Since administering these remedies along with a syringe of wild organic raspberry juice (no additives) everyday for three months and after care of six months powdered raspberry pills. She is completely cancer free. The vet only gave her two months to live when she had her teeth removed and her mass started to grow. It has been 3 years later, and she is as frisky as ever. Also I used frankincense essential oil, clary sage essential oil, and helichrysum essential oil from Doterra one-two drops of the oils separately interchanging with a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil and wiped it on her mass inside and outside her mouth daily. I also put her on a raw diet which was difficult but was able to transition her completely over. These products are amazing! They saved my cats life from what the vets call an incurable cancer in cats.

  5. (verified owner):

    Hi Michael,

    Many customers use this combination with great results. As for chemo, while it often will stop or shrink tumors, it also poisons the body and reduces quality of life..

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