Advanced Immune Restoration

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220g Celloquent
8oz Vital Pet Lipids
2oz Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

120g Celloquent
4oz Vital Pet Lipids
2oz Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol is the only program that supports the entire spectrum of feline immune system competence and normalizes cellular metabolism.

-Comprehensive program to support immune competence.
-Enzymes, Probiotics, Omega 3, Omega 6, and phospholipids
-Concentrated food based micronutrients Maintains comfort and relieves pain Supports vital systems of detoxification Promotes long-term health

Diseases develop when your cat’s immune system has weakened to the point where it can no longer can mend the diseased cellular structures, repel the invading viruses, and/or neutralize any malignant process.

Within one to two months, these supplements will succeed in supporting the bodies natural process to defend and repair itself.

Product Info

Natural products can be a helpful addition to your veterinarian’s treatment plan. In our experience, strengthening a cat’s immune system using the most time-tested nutraceuticals may bring the best results.

Celloquent, formulation to support normal detoxification of toxins and heavy metals.

Vital Pet Lipids, supports the Cellular lipid membranes with astaxanthin, tuna oil, vitamin E oil, and krill oil, these lipids activate Coenzyme Q10.

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory contains unique proteins which help the body to regulate cellular growth.

How to Use

Follow instructions on individual product labels.

We recommend starting with the with a pinch Celloquent (a powder). If you are adding to dry food then wet powder with water or broth. After a few doses, if there is a positive reaction or no reaction at all then you can begin to increase dose until suggested amount is achieved. Celloquent is very safe and many animals thrive on amounts far exceeding our recommend dose. Feel free to experiment to find the right dose for your animal. At this time you may begin with the Vital Pet Lipids (oil) in the same slow manner. Once both of these products have been successfully administered to your animal at the recommended dose, then you may begin with the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (a tincture). Celloquent and Vital Pet Lipids may be given together. Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, as with all of our tinctures, should be administered at least an hour apart from other remedies to achieve optimal effectiveness. If your animal is very weak, you may break up doses to be given in the morning and then at night.

These products are very safe and may be your only course of treatment, yet will enhance the benefits of orthodox medical treatments. This can be given to any animal; young or old, healthy or sick.

Because we use ingredients with a neutral taste and flavor with natural liver, many cats like the taste and readily eat it. However, cats are finicky. Therefore, we have made the program so that the separate ingredients can be mixed together and administered with a syringe.


Up to 20 lbs | 3/4 tsp. Add 1/2 tsp for each additional 10 lbs. Administer 2x daily for immune strength and vitality.

Vital Lipids

Your pet should have GI stability before administering Lipids, due to its laxative nature.
Give 1/4 tsp with food or water 1x daily:
Cats should not exceed suggested dose.

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

Administer 2 drops twice a day. If there is a positive response, raise dose to 4 drops.

Like all our products, everything in the program is safe and gentle so that it will benefit any animal (or human) regardless of health or age. That way, you can give the products with confidence!

Notes: The best anti-cancer diet is one without grains and high glycemic foods, such as sweet and white potato.

Weak digestion with vomiting and other GI symptoms are common with a severely depressed immune system. If these symptoms manifest, Luxolite is recommended. (We will include a sample bottle with your order).


Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (2 oz. Liquid) Venus Fly Trap, Yucca, Licorice

Celloquent (120 gms. Powder) Pet Flora, S. Boulardii, CO Q 10, Active-Aloe, Blue Green Algae, Zeolite, Serrazimes, Bromelain, Pecta-Sol C, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Vitamin K2, Lactoferrin, Arabinogalactan, Argentinean Beef Liver.

Vital Lipids (4 oz. Oil) is compounded from Tuna Oil, Krill, Astaxanthin (extracted from Haematococcus Pluvialis micro-algae), and Natural Vitamin E. Together they provide EPA, DHA, carotenoids, phospholipids, and antioxidants.

Vitality Science is dedicated to the quality of our products, therefore we hand formulate each product and maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from Germany, Argentina, and United States. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That means no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.

Success Stories

The statements on the Reviews pages are those of the Vitality Science Costumers only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Vitality Science.

“Dear Stephen Becker,

Thank you for being so helpful when I emailed you a few weeks ago in regards to my cat. He has some inflammation in his lungs and has had several xrays and been on different antibiotics even fungal but nothing was working. He also was on prednisolone and theophylline. I saw on facebook someone mentioned your site and that is when I looked it up online and emailed you.

You suggested the “Immune Support Protocol” which was like $124.00 but I took the chance and ordered it. I want to tell you my cat is much better. I am weaning him off the prednisolone, he now gets it like every 3 days and soon will be totally weaned off that. The theophylline was twice a day but now many days I am not even having to give him that medication. I can see that his rapid breathing has decreased to more normal. He no longer coughs and sneezes and looks sick. He is actually playing, he is a 12 yr old persian. Its only been a few weeks and I can see a big difference.

…Thank you for your time, I look forward to receiving the Luxolite, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for suggesting the immune protocol it has really helped my persian cat.

Patricia Baum
Greenwood, IN

” I called your company on May 28 and talked with you for quite some time. I explained that my cat Buddy, 14, wasn’t eating or behaving as usual, so I had taken him to be examined at a top-flight veterinary clinic two days before. (I don’t have a top-flight income, so the cost meant sacrifices for me.) The vet examined him physically and discovered a large mass near the kidneys. He then did X-rays and bloodwork, which were analyzed on site. Buddy had a lemon-size tumor and was anemic. The vet “strongly suspected” (his words) lymphoma and said that Buddy would have to have a transfusion before we could even consider surgery; after surgery would come chemotherapy and aftercare. I declined. Vet said he wanted to see us in a week to 10 days, but I stalled for more time and made the appointment for 14 days away. I would not put myself or anyone I love through the slash-and-burn regimen that is standard treatment for cancer. I stalled because I wanted time to do some research.

My research brought me to a journalistic story about a woman, Connie Fischbein, whose Maine Coon cat had large-cell lymphoma, usually fatal, but was doing fine with help from your products and others. I hunted your company down on the Internet and saw her testimonial on your website. It was then that I called and ordered. This was after hours, so the products didn’t go out until Friday, but I received them on Monday, June 1.

So I started on the products only 8 days before Buddy’s appointment for a checkup, That appointment was today, June 9, 2015. i was very worried about it because although I believed in the products, given the scientific studies behind their various ingredients, I had not been able to get nearly the recommended doses into Buddy. He is always finicky, and the slightest change in a food’s smell prompts him to walk away from his bowl and demand his usual menu; I have long suspected he could smell a fox’s fart from a half-mile away. So I was worried and had low expectations of Buddy’s progress.

The vet examined Buddy and said that the tumor had shrunk by about 25 percent. He checked Buddy’s membranes and said that they were much pinker: the anemia was much improved. He declared Buddy to be “MUCH better,” and then said something that I am glad he hadn’t told me on the previous visit: “When you came here before, I wasn’t sure he’d be alive for the scheduled visit.”

Thanks so much, Stephen. While at the vet, I asked if I could give B12 and B Complex shots (I have a farm and am accustomed to giving subcutaneous shots to livestock, but not to cats). He told me the schedule and the dosage, and he gave Buddy his first B12 shot on site. I am hoping the shots will perk up his appetite a bit. But even with the small amount of your products I’ve been able to get down him, he apparently is doing fabulously well!

I very much appreciate what you do. I’ve lost my family, and my animals mean everything to me.”

Norma McLemore
Castlewood, VA

“Dear Mr. Becker,

…Your products are nothing short of a Miracle!!!! My husband Spencer Houghton ordered the large Advanced Immune Restoration – 3 Part Cat Cancer Program on Thurs. Aug. 28, 2014, express mail – 2 business days. I feared they would not arrive until after the labour day weekend. But, with great relief we received them on the morning of Saturday, Aug. 30th.

IMMEDIATELY I began your regimen, literally starting at 11 a.m. with 2 drops of the mixture (Vital Lipids & Celloquent) and every 2-4 hours introduced another 2 or so drops, until by midnight Saturday he had taken 11 drops total. Sunday, Aug. 31st with Smokie consuming mixture of 1/8 tsp. each of Lipids/Celloquent his vitals had improved RHR 163, RR 21, and Yeah! he had his first Awesome almost normal BM since Aug. 24th. The MIRACLE continues, Monday, Sept. 1st – mixture increased to 1/4 tsp. each of lipids/Celloquent, with additional 1/4 tsp. Celloquent throughout rest of the day. Began to introduce Herbal Anti-inflammatory same day and he has not had to have any pain medication. He is now taking in 4 drops twice daily of Herbal Anti-inflam and seems to be doing very well – temp 99.6 to 100.6 (axial), RR 21, and RHR 142. I continued with prednisolone twice on Monday, once on Tuesday, and so far nothing today – Wednesday. He had a little diarrhea Monday so I gave him 1/8 tsp. of the Luxolite sample and again today – Wednesday, increased to 1/4 tsp. …Our Precious Boy Smokie has been given a very poor prognosis of aggressive metastatic cancer (liver, lungs), with mitotic rate >20/10, and the recommendation by our primary DVM on August 13th was to euthanize sooner than later, so as not to prolong the inevitable.

My husband and I want to thank you and your company from the Bottom of Our Hearts for providing such an Incredibly Amazing product Vitality Science, and giving back a better quality of life for our best friend. This is a Gift!! He has responded so incredibly well in just 3 days, beyond our wildest expectations, I Believe now he has a Chance, and we have Hope. We cherish every day with him, and the MIRACLE of his renewed Health.

I realize this was conservative, but his condition was very fragile as days before on Aug. 20th he underwent surgery for removal of the left lobe of his liver where a large mass had grown, and biopsies were sent off for diagnostics. Sent home Aug. 21st with Onsior (NSAID for pain relief) for 3 days, eating okay and doing fair considering he just had surgery. Then Aug. 27th he took a turn for the worse – stopped eating, temp. climbed 102* to 103* (axial), RHR 190, RR 25 to >30, no bowel movement since Aug. 24th – started him on steroid prednisolone every 12 hrs, and buprinex every 8-12 hrs for pain. While I realize this was not ideal for Smokie I was desperate, and SO mad at myself for listening to my vet and the surgeon regarding introducing anything new, such as herbals so soon after his surgery, “We can consider this later.” Well there was No Time for Later!! We FINALLY did what my gut instinct told me days prior, ordered Vitality Science, which was at the Very Top of My List of researching holistic alternatives. I only Prayed my delay was not too late for our precious boy Smokie…

With endless gratitude!!”

Lorra Houghton
Tulsa, Ok

“I would like to thank Vitality Science for being able to supply me this product in the UK, the Advanced Immune Restoration – Cat Cancer Support – 3 Part program.

My 13 year old Maine Coon girl Ebony who was our first baby, developed Lymphoma in August 2014 and also had to have her toe removed. Well she laps up all the liquids and powders and has her 4 little wet food meals a day, she pesters me for food which she never did before, she is also on steroids but I can see the changes in her she has a proper belly now and looks amazing healthy. She had a check up at the vets a couple of weeks ago and the ultra sounds showed the swollen lymph nodes on her spleen had disappeared, I have upmost faith in this product, and I’m hoping at her next scan that the lymphoma around her bowel will have reduced. Fingers crossed.

I will keep using this in the hope that it cures her.”

Jaime George
Warwick, Warwickshire

“Dear Stephen and Vitality Science,

In late August, my 9 year old cat, Bruno was diagnosed with a GI problem (Pancreatitis) and also a soft tissue sarcoma in his neck. It may be slow growing, since that is what the oncologist/vet thought at the time. In July/August, he was losing weight, eating less, more and more lethargic – -not his normal behaviors. The cancer seemed a difficult one to handle, and I wanted to learn more about his health and immune system. So, as an attempt to do more for Bruno-s health, well being, and immune system – -I learned about your company and sent away for these products.

I have been using the Advanced Immune Restoration- 3 Part Program for about 8 weeks now. Bruno is not losing weight anymore, and has gained about a pound (all around 9.5-10.5 lbs.). He was about 13 lbs at his last check-up last December. He is eating pretty well and seems to be up to his daily habits and behaviors. He always has enjoyed going out and exploring in my garden and close by my townhouse. His energy has improved as well. I give him the products together in a syringe with some chicken broth. This seems the most sure way for him to receive all the products with nothing left behind. I give the anti-inflamatory with a little broth apart from the other products.

I am very happy that Bruno seems happy, not in distress, and generally enjoying his days (he is getting a little bit used to my syringe action, and I am getting better at it too). Tomorrow, I am going to make a follow-up appointment with the vet/oncologist and talk about Bruno’s test results, choices and prognosis. It is all so overwhelming, but seeing Bruno feeling better right now helps me.

Thanks for your support and wealth of knowledge,”

Nancy Shutt
Santa Barbara, CA.

“Dear Vitality Science,

Near the beginning of this month, I ordered the three products offered as part of the “Advanced Immune Protocol” for cats. After 2-3 weeks, my cat , Joi, has no problem ingesting all three products with her wet food, morning and evening. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with a cancerous condition in her lungs. After switching her to a higher quality cat food, both wet & dry, and now adding your excellent products to the mix, I have eliminated most of all the GI problems I was dealiing with during the last two years. Also, since adding your products, she seems to have more energy and playfulness. Hopefully I will be able to keep her awhile longer.”

Helen W.,
Manheim, Pa.

“Hi there,

Our cat Ooho, who has FIV, was diagnosed by biopsy with lymphoma cancer in mid-December 2013. Thanks to your product (Herbal Anti Inflammatory, Vital Pet Lipids, and Celloquent), and to the LifeGOLD cat cancer immune support drops – he is still with us.

Since December, one tumor under his eye shrank, his pupil is almost back to normal (tumor was pushing the eye out, and the pupil was larger than iris of the other eye), and his vision returned – perhaps not fully, but it did. The second tumor between his throat and ear is still there, but the swelling in the throat is smaller, and the tumor is NOT growing…The vet did not find any other new tumours by examining his body.”

Lidka Schuch
Beaverton, Ontario

“Hi Stephen!

My package arrived here in the UK ok. Thanks also for expressing it to me so quickly too.
I have to say that the products have really worked a treat for my cat. The difference in her over the last week has been astounding and truly remarkable. She has regained her appetite and has put on quite a bit of weight. She has also started drinking water. Her wellbeing has also sufficiently improved as well.

So a massive thank you to you and your wonderful products.
Many thanks

Edwin Preston
Leeds, West Yorkshire

“Dear Steve,

A very Big Thank You to your company! Kiki, my beloved cat, who turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, was diagnosed with lung cancer 8 days ago. This followed 18 months and 4 vets–trying to find out why she was occasionally vomiting– ($1,000,) with no answers. If Only I had learned of “Pet Flora” earlier. So 8 days ago, she threw up 12 times in 24 hrs., and almost died. I received your “Advanced Cat Immune Restoration,” 2 days after the diagnosis (the day I thought she might have to be euthanized…) And within 4 days, she was greatly improved…and now, 8 days later, she is acting like her old self…Unreal! She has not vomited once since being on your supplements! Now, everyday with her is a gift, and I will continue using this protocol for the next few months…taking 1 day at a time, of course. She and I are very close, and I will tell everyone I know, how you gave me my baby back…with real quality of life.

Wishing you All the Best,”

Ruthie Cassidy
West Palm Beach, FL

“My cat has the HIV disease and he was fading away , loosing hair, and scratching and crying. He now has all his hair back, has gained at least 6 lbs. and no longer scratches and cries.
Thank you,”

Suzan Schwartz
Port Charlotte FL

Dr. Richard Benson is a retired chiropractor and nutritionist. After exhausting all avenues to bring his cat back from near-death, he turned to Vitality Science. Watch his video to see and hear all about his experience.

Dan and Jun Park from Reston, Virginia tell of their success with Vitality Science after one year, seven vets, and $1500 failed to find a solution to their cat’s problem.


Well, I am now out of the cat cancer products! My cat Cookie, is still with us, which is saying a lot considering the aggressive nature of oral squamous cell carcinoma. Since she has been taking the cancer protocol, we have noticed a marked improvement in her energy and mobility, she now jumps up onto the couch, radiator etc., something that we haven’t seen her do for quite a while!

The ulcers in her mouth (caused by the cancer) have also stopped bleeding and seem to be clearing up. She has even put on a little weight and her coat seems to have improved.

I am sending you a picture of her.
Thank You Kindly,”

Claudine Michaud
Vancouver, BC

“My 8 yr. old cat Chelsea was having labored breathing and I brought her to the vet on Labor Day 2009. She was rushed into an oxygen chamber and they tested and evaluated her overnight. Three Vets’ prognosis were dire; possible heart failure, kidney failure and/or inoperable cancer (they saw a mass in her intestines) — all fatal conditions. They expelled large amounts of liquid from her chest cavity and two days later I tearfully brought weakened Chelsea home – she was breathing better but not good. Since the tests were inconclusive they wanted to do an exploratory operation, but indicated that even if they find more things, it’s probably fatal. I researched online and found VITALITY SCIENCE. I called the company, spoke to the owner and ordered the cancer kit. The formula is tasty to cats and I quickly got into the regime of feeding the recommended combinations of the 3 products (mixed into her food) to build her immune system. After 2 weeks I brought a fluffy rejuvenated Chelsea into the vet for a check up – he was speechless to see her clear eyes, sprightly energy and glossy coat. And her breathing is normal. He just could not believe it. In 2 weeks we’ll x-ray to check on the mass in her abdomen, but whatever we find, it’s obvious that Vitality Science is keeping her comfortable and symptom free. I heartily recommend this product to animal lovers to build their pets’ immune systems without harmful chemicals.”

Sherie Pollack
Los Angeles, CA

Cat Cancer “It’s much better! The tumor in her mouth seems to have shrunk, or at the very least is no longer bothering her (i.e. it’s no longer difficult for her to eat and drink). In addition, her overall health has improved: her bowels are almost completely normal (still a tad of blood in them now & again, but much improved over what they were two months ago); her coat is shinier; her energy is great & her spirit bright. About the only visible symptom that hasn’t been affected (yet) is her weight — she’s still a bit emaciated — though with everything else improving, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this come around also in the coming months.”

When asked to compare the supplements to anything else she has tried, she responded:

“By far the best!! They are powerful without being harsh — extremely effective; and my cat has taken them willingly (even enthusiastically) with her food.”

Elizabeth Reninger
Boulder, Colorado

” I am delighted with the results of the products. I haven’t used any other natural products that were formulated to battle cancer because I couldn’t find another comprehensive program… and I knew that was what was needed. When I discovered your products I knew immediately that I found what I was searching for and have looked no further. Comparing your products with pharmaceuticals is like comparing life to death. After 2-3 days of taking anti-inflammatory meds my cat had stopped eating and appeared to be dying. Once I stopped the meds he started feeling better. About a week later he was on your products and started doing MUCH better.”

Jean Clay
Sanford, NC

Cat Cancer Back from the dead!

” Niki was not given any prescription medications for her squamus oral cancer, only a death sentence of 2 months. Your V.S. cat cancer products gave us hope. They were an easy to administer, sensible natural approach to treating our pet. A couple of years back another kitty of ours had cancer and we were persuaded to use chemotherapy for her. We lost her to th cancer soon after the treatments. I would NEVER do chemotherapy again. She was so ill from the chemo. Your gentle approach through diet and supplements make so much better sense.
I have to say the program is amazing. The vet said Niki would be dead in 2 months. Although her tumor is not gone, it has not grown/spread. It seems to have actually shrunk in size. She can eat without pain and her vitality has returned. We have not taken her back to the vet at all and have no intention to at this time.”

Angela Viviani
Pacifica, CA

“Hi Stephen and LeLa,

Just wanted to let you know that I mailed the CD with Nate’s ultrasound images today. The images to note are dated 7/12/2012, 8/2/2012 and 8/24/2012. The July image shows the tumor at its largest (5.5cm X 3.3cm, this was 1 week after discontinuing oral Palladia and about 2 days after starting your regimen). The subsequent images in August show the tumor’s progressive decrease in size while on your Advanced Immune Protocol. This represents ~55-60% reduction of tumor size in about 6 weeks!

As you know, my 7 year old Maine Coon cat, Nate, was diagnosed with large cell intestinal lymphoma in early January 2012. The tumor was surgically removed and he had chemotherapy with oral lomustine for 5 months during which time he was in remission. One month after his final oral chemo dose, the lymphoma returned as a discreet tumor in his right kidney. During the next month, three conventional chemotherapeutic drugs were tried; Elspar, Adriamycin and Palladia, none of which were effective. Palladia was the last resort and after his third dose, Nate developed nausea, vomiting and stopped eating. I decided at that point to stop all conventional chemo and start your protocol hoping that he would have more energy and at least be more comfortable as the tumor was continuing to grow.

I never expected the amazing response he had to Advanced Immune Protocol. Within the first three weeks, the tumor shrank to 3.46cm X 1.49cm and three weeks later it was down to 2.52cm X 0.98cm. Nate is acting like a young cat again; he’s playful, has a healthy appetite and is pestering his sister. I am hoping that this trend continues or at least, the tumor stops growing. Nate’s oncologist is also very impressed and has recommended your products to two of his patients who were not responding to conventional chemo.

I can’t thank you enough for these products and for the outstanding advice and technical assistance I’ve received from you and your customer service staff. Nate has survived far longer than I thought possible and has a much better quality of life than he did while on conventional chemotherapy. Thank you again, I’m truly overwhelmed and grateful..


Connie Fischbein
Evanston, IL

5 reviews for Advanced Immune Restoration

  1. 5 out of 5


    The products in the “Advanced Immune Restoration/Cat Cancer Support” have literally
    saved my cat’s life. She is also taking the Lithothamnium and Luxolite. My girl is approximately 16 years old. She is a rescue kitty and has survived a horrible infection that
    supposedly wasn’t curable. Her most recent problem was chronic diarrhea the consistency of
    water which continued for several months without let up. She lost so much weight and became dehydrated and had to be given subcutaneous fluids. Nothing her vet prescribed even slowed down the diarrhea and he wanted to do an ultrasound as he suspected cancer. Just months earlier, I had lost another kitty to cancer after nearly two years of chemo and I
    didn’t want to go that route again. I found this site and first tried the combination for treatment resistent diarrhea and vomiting which didn’t stop the diarrhea and, as a last resort, I ordered the combo for immune restoration, etc. At first, I
    didn’t seem to be getting any results and was just about to give up and go the chemo route, when I started to see a change for the better. She has now been on this protocol since October and her stools are completely formed and normal. Her appetite is excellent and she has gained some weight back. There is no question but that she would not be here today, if not for these products. These are the only preparations that she is taking (no prednisilone, etc.) and I am so thankful each and every day
    that I found Vitality Science with not a moment to spare. The vet that I go to obviously does not
    know about Vitality Science, in spite of the fact that he uses both holistic and traditional (chemo) medicine in his practice. I can’t help but think of the number of patients that he might be able to help with these products. They really are miraculous.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Our cat, Little Foot, has had immune system problems her entire life. She has been in for antibiotic shots every month or less for the last 3+ years for upper respiratory problems. She also has feline stomatitis and had to have the majority of her teeth removed. Around Christmas time of 2015, she was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma and given about 2 months to live. Out of desperation, we ordered this product for her, to use in conjunction with surgery, where she had the growth on her gums removed. We have been using the Advanced Immune Restoration ever since, and she had 1 more surgery to remove the growth about 1 month in. Since the last surgery, the growth has not reappeared. She is also eating better than she has in 3 years, as she used to be in so much pain with the gum issues. The vet had told us that with this type of Cancer, the growth would basically double in size weekly. The last time we had her in, he couldn’t believe that the growth had not reappeared. I believe this product is the reason that she is doing so well, and the reason the growth has not come back since her last surgery, almost three months ago now. We also are on month #2 without an antibiotic! That’s the longest she has went without needing one in 3 years. Though I can’t prove that this product is the reason for her improvement, I would definitely recommend it, as I truly feel it is the reason Little Foot is still with us!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Just want to say thank you. My 16 yo silver tabby was diagnosed with malignant basil cell carcinoma pretty much all over her body. She had to have many many surgeries including removal of parts of 3 of her feet poor baby. Anyway started her on this regimen along with Beta 6 glucan, and a couple other things and let me tell you her condition has pretty much all been retarded. I am so happy and totally believe in these products. Anyone who tells you, your animal is terminal should definitely try them out. I will say that my kitty’s brother could have been helped with them but when he was diagnosed with very aggressive throat cancer, he refused to take or eat any of the medicines. He’s since passed on and I painfully knew that he was ready to go. His sister who’s still with us isn’t a total fan of the flavor of these supplements but I think somewhere she knows they’re good for her hence she’ll eat her food mixed with them when she’s hungry enough. Here’s to vitality science and healing.

  4. 5 out of 5



    I am looking at the chemo meds right now and I am so torn. My 13.5 year old Sphynx cat Leona was diagnosed on 5/16/16 with small cell lymphoma. Of course I went into panic and then action. Reluctant to put her on chemo, I searched the net for holistic alternatives. Last year chemo sent my mother to her grave way earlier than expected.
    Life Gold popped up and like everyone else the reviews convinced me to buy it. Well folks, it freaking WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leona had been home for about a week from surgery. She was healing well, eating just a little and not leaving her bed much. I ordered Life Gold the next day about eight days after her surgery, received it on 5/26/16, ten days after Leona’s surgery. I gave it to her that night directly in her mouth, about 6 drops. I give to her twice a day. Leona only weighed 6.4 pounds; her normal weight is about 11 pounds.
    On 5/28/16 Leona got out of her bed. She started eating a lot more, walking around her room and wanting lots of attention. I also started her on Vitality Science’s Natural Cancer regiment. On 6/1/16 we visited the Cat Oncologist whom prescribed a steroid and chemo. I did start her on the steroid once daily, but I am still reluctant to start the chemo. I received it yesterday 6/9/16.
    Why am I reluctant? I am so perplexed because Leona is doing GREAT!!!! She has gained weight, almost up to 8 pounds. She is running all over the house and jumping up on the counters, running up the stairs and eating like a pig. All her bodily systems are operating beautifully and she playing with the feather duster like a kitten. Leona has not vomited once, so I just don’t know what to do.
    The combination of Life Gold, Vitality Science’s Advanced Cat Immune Restoration and 0.5 mg Prednisone have improved her health dramatically; I can’t believe it.
    Buy them both because they work and at a fraction of the cost of the conventional cancer treatment. Life Gold is 37.95, Vitality Science’s Advanced Cat Immune Restoration is 125.00, and both will last well over 3 months. The cost for me to walk through the door at the Cancer Specialist is about 420.00 a visit. I hope that I can keep it to once a month. I hope this helps, Animal Cancer is scary.


    • (verified owner):

      Hi Michael,

      Many customers use this combination with great results. As for chemo, while it often will stop or shrink tumors, it also poisons the body and reduces quality of life..

  5. 5 out of 5


    My cat had been diagnosed with squamous oral carcinoma. I admit I did not take proper care of her teeth being a naive young pet owner. Since administering these remedies along with a syringe of wild organic raspberry juice (no additives) everyday for three months and after care of six months powdered raspberry pills. She is completely cancer free. The vet only gave her two months to live when she had her teeth removed and her mass started to grow. It has been 3 years later, and she is as frisky as ever. Also I used frankincense essential oil, clary sage essential oil, and helichrysum essential oil from Doterra one-two drops of the oils separately interchanging with a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil and wiped it on her mass inside and outside her mouth daily. I also put her on a raw diet which was difficult but was able to transition her completely over. These products are amazing! They saved my cats life from what the vets call an incurable cancer in cats.

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