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220g Celloquent
8oz Vital Pet Lipids
2oz Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

120g Celloquent
4oz Vital Pet Lipids
2oz Herbal Anti-inflammatory

Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol is the only program that supports the entire spectrum of Canine immune system competence and normalizes cellular metabolism.

Comprehensive program to support immune competence
Enzymes, Probiotics, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Phospholipids
Concentrated food based micronutrients
Maintains comfort and relieves pain
Supports vital systems of detoxification
Promotes long-term health

Diseases develop when your dog’s natural immune system has weakened to the point where it can no longer can mend the diseased cellular structures, repel the invading viruses, and/or neutralize any malignant process.

Within One To Two Months, Theses supplements will succeed in supporting the bodies natural process to defend and repair itself.

Product Info

Natural products can be a helpful addition to your veterinarians treatment plan. In our experience, strengthening a dog’s immune system using the most time-tested nutraceuticals may bring the best results.

Celloquent, a powerful yet gentle multivitamin and dog detox supplement, helps the body to excrete heavy metals and toxins, which are often associated with causing cancer.

Vital Pet Lipids, oil-based nutrients, support the Cellular lipid membranes with astaxanthin, tuna oil, vitamin E oil, and krill oil. These lipids activate Co Q 10, an essential nutrient for the cellular power plants, the mitochondria.

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory contains unique proteins which help the body to regulate cellular growth.

How to Use

Follow instructions on individual product labels.

We recommend starting with the Celloquent (a powder). Add a pinch of Celloquent to your pet’s food or liquid. If you are adding to dry food then wet powder with water or broth.

After a few doses, if there is a positive reaction or no reaction at all then you can begin to increase dose until suggested amount is achieved. Celloquent is very safe and many animals thrive on amounts far exceeding our recommend dose. Feel free to experiment to find the right dose for your animal.

At this time you may begin with the Vital Pet Lipids (oil) in the same manner, slowly. Once both of these products have been successfully added to your animal’s diet at the recommended dose, then you may begin with the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (a tincture).

Celloquent and Vital Pet Lipids may be given together. Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, as with all of our tinctures, should be administered at least an hour apart from other remedies to achieve optimal effectiveness. If your animal is very weak, you may break up doses to be given in the morning and then at night.

These products are very safe and may be your only course of treatment, yet will enhance the benefits of orthodox medical treatments. This can be given to any animal; young or old, healthy or sick.



Mix into wet food or liquid.

Up to 20 lbs | 3/4 tsp. Add 1/2 tsp for each additional 10 lbs. Administer 2x daily for immune strength and vitality.

Vital Lipids

Your pet should have GI stability before administering Lipids, due to it’s laxative nature.

Give 1/4 tsp with food or water 1x daily:

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

Administer 2 drops 2x daily, with a positive response raise dose to 4 drops.


Like all of our products, everything in the program is safe and gentle so that it will benefit any animal (or human) regardless of health or age. That way, you can give the products with confidence!

Notes: The best anti-cancer diet is one without grains and high glycemic foods, such as sweet and white potato.

Weak digestion with vomiting and other GI symptoms are common with a severely depressed immune system. If these symptoms manifest, Luxolite is recommended. (We will include a sample bottle with your order.)


Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (2 oz. Liquid): Venus Fly Trap, Yucca, Licorice

Celloquent (120 gms. Powder): Pet Flora, S. Boulardii, CO Q 10, Active-Aloe, Blue Green Algae, Zeolite, Serrazimes, Bromelain, Pecta-Sol C, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Vitamin K2, Lactoferrin, Arabinogalactan, Argentinean Beef Liver.

Vital Pet Lipids (4 oz. Oil): is compounded from Tuna Oil, Krill, Astaxanthin (extracted from Haematococcus Pluvialis micro-algae), and Natural Vitamin E. Together they provide EPA, DHA, carotenoids, phospholipids, and antioxidants.

Vitality Science is dedicated to the quality of our products, therefore we hand formulate each product and maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from Germany, Argentina, and United States. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That is, we use no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.


Scientific Studies

DHA in vital lipids strongly supports healthy gum tissue

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Astaxanthin reduces the negative effects of toxins and is a powerful antioxidant. Astaxanthin, a red-orange carotenoid pigment, is a powerful biological antioxidant that occurs naturally in a wide variety of living organisms. Astaxanthin has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It has beneficial effects on cancer, diabetes, the immune system, and ocular health, and other related aspects, including antihypertensive and neuroprotective potentials.
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Vitamin E inhibits many types of cancers
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Alpha tocopherol is the predominate form in vitamin capsules but all the other forms are valuable. For example, higher Gamma tocopherol levels correlate with lower rates of heart disease and cancer
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Coenzyme Q10 is a potent compound that inhibits Cdt1-geminin interaction. This induces DNA re-replication and eventual cell death in some cancer-derived cell lines. (Kills cancerous cells.)
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Arabinogalactan stimulates macrophage activity and therefore may be effective in preventing cancer
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Herbal Anti-Inflammatory
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Success Stories

The statements on the Reviews pages are those of the Vitality Science Costumers only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Vitality Science.

“We ordered the Advanced Immune kit for our little Minnie, who showed signs of having mammary cancer. She had large hard lumps that grew very large within a matter of weeks. Since we believe in holistic treatment, we contacted Steve who recommended this kit. Within a week, the large lumps began to shrink, and now two weeks later, she has no lumps at all! I wish I took before and after pics but all I could think about was making her well and hoping for the best, knowing in my heart it could go either way. I also knew after years of research, that after talking to Steve he would not steer us wrong and genuinely cared about helping us. He didn’t let us wait at all before getting back to us, and that is the most important thing, because time is sometimes what our pets do not have! I cannot thank you enough, and am so thankful we found you! Minnie thanks you!!”

Jill and Jim
Austintown, oh


This is just a note to thank everyone at Vitality Science for creating great products for my pets. MY schnauzer RAMBO had 3 lumps in his chest.One was the size of a marshmellow the other 2 where the size of mini marshmellows. My holistic vet did not like the way they felt. She said they were not fatty tumors and she gave me the jar from vitality science known for its benefits of helping cancer in pets. She also stated that we would try this for 1 month and if they were not gone by then they should be surgerically removed. Within two weeks the lumps were completely gone. I was amazed and very thankful to be able to avoid surgery plus the cost and risk involved.Now all my other pets get canine food supplements and vital lipids and other products that are natural and good for them and its made in the USA. Thank you Vitality Science and team for your dedication to our beloved pets.


Irene Foster and Rambo
Johnson City, TN


“Dear Steve,

Just wanted to give you an update on Gigi. She is the 12 year old Yorkie that has pancreas and liver problems (the vet swore it was cancer – from a sonogram test and not a biopsy – which I refused to put her through.) in addition to this I was also told she has low blood sugar. I am happy to inform you that after having her on the Advanced Dog Immune Restoration, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, Super Pet Enzymes and Milk Thistle and SaMe since December…she is doing very good!!!!!!! I am even noticing her starting to gain some weight!!!!! In addition to all of the above she is on a diet of baked chicken breast, string beans and pumpkin. Steve, I am the person whose vet told me to prepare myself to put my dog down. I will never forget how desperate I was when I dialed your telephone number that night back in November. I explained my situation and also stressed that Gigi was not only my companion but also my medical alert dog…and I could not loose Gigi. I was terrified and hysterical. You immediately jumped into action. You calmed me down and set-up a regimen for Gigi. With your knowledge, compassion, products and the intercession of God above…my dog is doing good!!!!! Miracles do come true!!!

Thank you!!!”
Pat Varriale and Gigi


“Hi Steve,

Had Gigi in to vet for a bump on her side. Turned out she irritated an ‘old lady bump’ so it got a little infected. While I was there I had her blood checked…just to see if she was lacking any vitamins.The vet said she was looking good and whatever I was doing seemed to be working. Then I asked her if she believed in miracles. She said she didn’t. That was okay because I did…
Just got the results this afternoon and her enzymes were normal!!!! Things came back good!!! And she said well maybe she should start believing miracles did happen. I want to thank you for all that you have done to help my dog. Have you gotten results like this before?? I am shocked and happy as can be!!!! Could the combo of everything you helped me do…fix my dog ‘s liver and sugar levels???
I never prayed so hard in my life. Thank you for your help!!!!! I will keep you posted as we move forward!!!! May God bless you!!!”

Happy Easter!
Pat and Gigi


I wanted to say “thank you” for all of your help with my dog haley’s health. she continues to live life to the fullest nine months after a tumor burst in her spleen and she was subsequently diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. at 14, she plays, she romps, she eats well, she snoozes, she snores. she is my everything. i have your company to thank – you have played a critical role in getting her where she is today.

I was referred to vitality science by a friend of a friend whose dog with cancer is also on the products and immediately ordered up your advanced immune protocol. she is currently on the following products: vital lipids, luxolite, herbal anti-inflammatory, and celloquent,

I recently submitted her success story to the american holistic veterinary medical foundation in hopes she might be able to help others. they have published her story (sans product and doctor names – but they were submitted).

I have kept my head down and i’m just doing what i do – you know how that is- so up until i received so much positive feedback about her story, i really hadn’t thought of it in that light. i guess she really is amazing and thought i’d share with you.

Thank you once again for all you do for the pets.”

Best regards,
rd moreno + haley
Manhattan Beach, CA

“Received the products yesterday and started her last night. I am so impressed with the formulas. Kudos to you and your company…I gave her a small dose of two of the products with breakfast and she tolerated it well. We are on our way. Thank you so much for being out there. I will spread the word on Facebook and to all my animal loving friends. I had thought she was a goner, but now I am optimistic that she may hang in there for a few more years. I know healthy kitties can live well into their twenties.

She is my best friend. I am so happy to be able to give her the health she deserves.”

Cathy Carter

“Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to let you know that the immune protocol you sent me for Harley is working great!! This huge tumor is actually shrinking and so is the other wart like thing on her belly!! Can’t wait for this next order for her joints!!



“I wanted to thank vitalityscience for creating the Cancer Program Package. This change in my dog’s health has brought great comfort to my family. Daisey is a 12 1/2 year old Beagle. Since taking on a 100% raw food diet along with the protocol program, I do not look at her as a dog dieing of a mast cell tumor. She is more active, friskier and looks younger. Thank you for helping me add vibrance to her later years!

Here is a before and after photo. Her growth on her face has dried up and no longer fills up with blood. The brown gunk trails are no longer coming down her face either.”

Tom Wolfe
Coconut Creek, FL


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