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Optimizing Pet Health

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If your pet has a chronic immune or GI disorder, give them the combination of Pet Flora and Super Food “daily” for one month; If you are not absolutely satisfied with the results, just email customer service for a prompt refund.

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Pet Flora and Super Food remedy gastrointestinal distress in more than 97% of chronic cases. In less than 3% of the incurable cases that come to us, for reasons unknown, it doesn’t work. If we cannot help you, we will return your money.
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“I was desperate for some help and I found your product through Google. My 10 year old Golden Retriever (Bogey) has been getting chemo treatments for GI lymphoma since late August and has experienced severe diarrhea for the past two weeks straight. Monday we were advised that after 4 chemo treatments she did not go into remission and the diarrhea will more than likely continue because of the location of the cancer. This was devastating news because the diarrhea was causing her to lose weight (20 pounds so far) and she would eventually become so weak due to a lack of nutrients in her system that we would have to put her down. Dog Diarrhea
We showed the Oncologist your product and she advised us to give it a shot because the prescription drugs and Immodium have not worked. We started on Pet Flora and Super Food on Tuesday (9/26) and this morning Bogey had a normal bowel movement for the first time in 16 days!!! We are thrilled to say the least.

If this continues your product will be solely responsible for extending her life.”

Scott Miller
Camillus, NY

Health Begins In The Colon

Understanding what goes on in the colon is vital to getting your cat or dog healthy, and keeping them healthy. The good news is- it’s pretty basic! So basic in fact, by the time you finish this article you would be right to wonder why it has been overlooked by the medical community. Well, thanks to scientists dedicated to finding alternatives to medications, we are on the doorstep of a new era in Animal Wellness.
In order to optimize your animal’s wellness (much like your children) you have to examine everything you give them and everything they do. Let’s start with the basics.

Wild Animals vs Domestic Animals

The water wild animals drank, the air they breathed, the fresh meat they ate, and the grass and dirt they ate to replenish the microflora, essential for proper digestion and elimination, were all pristine. 
The Industrial age has brought us a lot of conveniences, but a lot of pollution with them. I’m all for conveniences but it is important to realize that they come with a price. For example, lawn chemicals, especially the herbicide 2, 4-D, are known to cause dog cancer and feline leukemia. Knowing how to compensate for the common and almost unavoidable chemicals is what separates the healthy animals from the sick ones.

21st Century Pet Food

By strict definition if something is not a “food” it is a “poison”.

What do fast food chains and commercial pet foods have in common? Their content and ingredients suggest that the lowest price point is the goal, not nutritional value, or health. Obtaining the lowest price point means using the lowest quality foods animals will eat. It is no coincidence that a steady diet of low quality foods (empty calories) eventually causes the intestinal tract to malfunction, producing toxic levels of anaerobic bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

Just as putrefaction of food is caused by microbes in the air, this natural process is duplicated in the digestive tract. A byproduct of putrefying pathogens is that they excrete toxic chemical compounds, which are necessary for digestion BUT, when they get the upper hand in the colon, they cause a variety of GI and immune disorders, like dog diarrhea, cat diarrhea, dog cancer, and feline leukemia. When this happens your animal’s instincts take over; they eat dirt and grass. Unfortunately, allowing them to do this could actually make them sicker as lawn plants are contaminated with chemicals.

Microflora and bacteria are essential to optimize the colon

If balance is not maintained daily, over time other GI related issues develop, such as IBS, spastic colon, bad gas, bad breath and constipation. The end stage of this derangement is dog cancer and feline leukemia. The number one killer of older cats and dogs is cancer.

Any or all of the following compounds build up in the body when the colon is out of balance. Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are tissue toxins that can damage the liver. Histamines contribute to allergic disorders such as atopic dermatitis, allergies, urticaria (hives) and asthma. Indoles and phenols are considered carcinogenic. Scatoles produce a rotten egg smell in the breath, gas, and body odor. The body’s defense mechanisms try to eliminate these toxins by releasing neutrophils. When the body is unable to produce sufficient neutrophils, the body reacts, expelling the toxins through vomiting and diarrhea, or becoming paralyzed with constipation. Due to a wide variety of reasons, optimizing colon health is more important today than ever before!

Pet Flora & Super Food
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Real World Probiotics

Some 25 years ago, Laboratory Research Scientists began to connect the dots. If wild animals ate dirt and grass and stayed healthy, why doesn’t this work for modern domesticated animals? They literally got their hands dirty and began examining and studying dirt and grass samples going back before the Industrial Age. Here’s what they found. Pre-Industrial Age dirt was teaming with active bacteria and microflora. Logically, they named them Soil Based Organisms (SBOs). However, samples examined from the mid-20th century to the present are virtually devoid of these essential SBOs, also known as “Probiotics”.

High Efficiency Digestion: The Key

If you’ve read this far, chances are you, too, realize that the keys to optimizing your pet’s health include giving them nutritious food specifically suited to their digestive requirements. You also need to give them distilled or reverse osmosis quality water. Make sure the air they are breathing and the bedding they sleep on is clean and fresh. Finally, make sure they are getting SBOs along with other essential supplements on a daily basis.

Now this may seem troublesome and expensive. But the truth is you will have a healthier, happier pet capable of bringing you love and joy for many years to come. And as an added bonus properly optimizing your pet’s health will cost you far less than the frequent vet visits and numerous medications that will result if you don’t!

To quickly (and naturally) resolve diarrhea or vomiting episodes, give your pet Pet Flora. To “Optimize Your Pet’s Health” give them Pet Flora and Super Food every day

We invite and encourage you to share the information about Vitality Science’s products with you breeder, kennel, animal shelter and  with your veterinarian.

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“Hassle-Free” Money Back Guarantee

Based on Powerful

If your pet has a chronic immune or GI disorder, give them the combination of Pet Flora and Super Food “daily” for one month; If you are not absolutely satisfied with the results, just email customer service for a prompt refund.

Special Price plus FREE SHIPPING!

Click to order Combination Pack for cats or dogs

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“Our pet is an 8 year old female registered border collie. She started vomiting every time she ate.

We took her to our vet where she was given an antibotic shot, anti vomit shot and some anti vomit pills. She continued vomiting, and we took her back to the vet 3 days later where her intestinal system was x-rayed and she received another shot of antibotics and and anti vomiting shot. They did not find any cause but suspected an infection. She was not any better 2 days later so I started her on some Acidophillus and fructooligosaccharides; at the same time, I ordered your Pet Flora product on the internet. The Pet Flora arrived 2 days later. There was some slight improvement on the probiotics that I had her on when the Pet Flora arrived. I replaced the probiotics that she was on with Pet Flora. She showed considerable improvement the second day on Pet Flora, and she had stoped vomiting by the 4th day on Pet Flora. She is now back to normal with more energy than she has had for some time.

Ray H. Tomberlin, President
Global Agri Business Services




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