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Dog Health I

“Pay a Little Now, Save a Lot Later”

Some time ago your dog started suffering from the occasional bout of unexplained diarrhea but she seemed to feel fine within a few hours so you decided to keep an eye on her – she did not seem to require a visit to the vet. It became a little more frequent, but again, not enough to have you worried. Then you went away for a week to visit your family and left her with good friends and although you mentioned the vomiting episodes to them, you told them there was nothing to worry about. But now they are on the phone and telling you she is in the vet hospital awaiting diagnosis but the vet feels she is suffering from colitis and that the stress of staying with your friends brought about a full blown attack. The vet needs to know two things: what changed last month that might have brought about this condition and what credit card number can he use to start treatment?

Commercial FoodsAlthough the first processed dog ‘biscuit’ was first invented by James Spratt of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1860, it was World War II that spurred commercial manufacturers to first start pushing the ease of kibble and canned food onto the already stretched family unit. It was convenient, affordable and no one considered the quality of the food or the ingredients that went into this new time saver because it had to be better then the table scraps that domestic animals enjoyed at the time, right?

With the economic downturn, everyone is looking for ways to save a few dollars and scrimping on day to day expenses is becoming a new way of life for many of us. A buck saved now means more to go around later.

Saving Money is About Making Smart Choices for Your Pet
But what about when it comes to our pets? It makes sense to save a few dollars where you can as long as it does impact their overall quality of life. For example, by taking Fifi to be groomed every four weeks instead of three means that over the course of a year, you save four full grooming sessions or around $200 a year depending on the cost per session. What about doggy daycare? By changing his schedule from the current five days a week to Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he will still be sufficiently worn out three days a week and it will do you some good too to take him out for a good long walk on Tuesday and Thursday. The savings each month is significant equaling into the hundreds, again dependent on the cost per day of your facility.

Where you do not want to scrimp is your pet’s health A healthy dog means no unnecessary trips to the vet and really, it is the cost of veterinary care that can really put a dent in your pocketbook. Most vets charge between $35 and $55 per consultation – that is actually pretty cheap when you think of what a lawyer or similar professional charges for the same office visit. Where the bill starts to add up is when something serious is wrong with your pet and blood work, x-rays and a hospital stay are required. The cost per day in a pet hospital varies depending on location and overhead but it can easily range up to $1500 a day for a full service, 24 hour care facility.

A Cheap Diet will Cost You in the End
One place we all look to save a few dollars is diet – both our own and our pets. For us, that means a little less expensive meat and cheese and increasing the amount of less expensive carbs we eat. We can make those carbs still nutritionally sound however by using brown rice instead of white or sweet potatoes instead of regular white taters. In the long run, you will probably find your overall health improves and you might be surprised to find the scale likes the new eating pattern as well.

For our pets, though, there is less room for change. Less expensive dog foods mean less overall nutrients available and more filler – a combination destined for digestive disaster. A homemade diet is a better option because you know exactly what is going into your dog’s dish everyday and it does not need to cost an arm or a leg in the process. By making their meal, you are providing them with available nutrition with no fillers, improving their overall health.And the “others” have been bombarded with slick advertising campaigns for over 50 years! Just because your mother and her mother and her mother before her bought commercial pet food doesn’t mean it was ever the right choice.

To make sure your dog stays in peak condition Adding high quality
probiotics and digestive enzymes to their diet will guarantee that they are able to absorb and use the high quality nutrients you are providing in their new food.

Pet Flora is made from soil-based organisms or SBOs, more frequently referred to as probiotics. Probiotics play a major role in maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract aiding in proper digestion, nutrient absorption and utilization of those available nutrients. Within a few days of use, you will notice one major indicator of your pet’s improved health – no longer does his flatulence or his bad breath make you drive with the windows rolled down!

Another aspect of overall good health is a strong immune system Super Food Supplement helps promote a healthy GI tract but also helps bolster the immune system, lessening the effect of allergies and various skin conditions for your dog. It also helps fight and prevent cancer and normalizes blood sugar levels to help prevent or stabilize diabetes. The ingredients of canine Super Food are designed to work with each other to help keep your pet in the best physical condition possible.

History of Vomiting, Diarrhea and/or ConstipationWhat about if your dog has had a history of occasional vomiting, diarrhea or constipation but it has never really been bad enough to warrant expensive lab work or x-rays? Or what if your dog has already been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, colitis or Crohn’s but your vet has not been able to stabilize the condition? Considering your dog cannot tell you how he feels, you may want to air on the side of caution and try Vitality Science’s Treatment Resistant Diarrhea and/or Vomiting Protocol. This multi-product system is guaranteed to stabilize your pet’s uncomfortable digestive tract, helping to restore him back to good health.

Managing your pet’s health naturally and holistically May feel like it is costing you more money but, in time, you will see the reward – a happy, healthy canine family member who lives a long illness free life. Isn’t that an investment worth making?


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