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Causes & Remedies

Normal Diarrhea

Before starting let me make clear that occasional episodes of dog diarrhea and vomiting are normal adaptive responses.

Dogs expel toxic substances from their bodies as quickly as possible. That is why drugs that paralyze their intestinal tract, like Immodium, are usually wrong. You do not want to stop an adaptive response. You want to support the animal’s body while it is detoxifying.

Abnormal Dog Diarrhea

Then there is chronic and treatment-resistant dog diarrhea. Diarrhea will kill your animal unless it is brought under control. With chronic diarrhea, there is a better way. Keep reading to find out what that better way is.

Main Causes of Dog Diarrhea

Genetically Modified Food has been linked to the epidemic of gastrointestinal disorders among humans. (Hospital admissions for food allergies have gone up by a factor of ten over the last ten years!) Since genetically modified corn and soy are also a part of many commercial dog foods, it is reasonable to assume similar
reactions in dogs.

Allergies are triggered by proteins. Genetic modification makes novel proteins,proteins never before encountered by the living organisms on this planet. Much of the soy and corn in dog food is now genetically modified. Domesticated animals are in the midst of an allergic epidemic partly caused by soy and corn.

Vaccines have been problematic since Jenner. Injecting proteins is in itself a risky business as it causes inflammation and bypasses the normal entry route for the body.

Genetic Weakness is difficult to measure. But that doesn’t mean it is difficult to recognize. Every breeder, vet, and person working in shelters for more than twenty years knows that domesticated animals are weaker today than ever before. The incidence
of treatment-resistant diarrhea in newborn dogs has reached catastrophic proportions.

An Inflammed Digestive System occurs when the immune response is inadequate to counter the full range of stressors. Inflammation is a protective response that can overwhelm an organism if it is not controlled. The threshold for the inflammatory response is determined by the level of immune competence. This in turn is the consequence of numerous factors, including food quality, vaccinations, and genetic weakness.Enough vaccinations, sick ancestors, chlorinated and fluoridated water, and rancid food (all dry, extruded food begins to turn rancid as soon as it is exposed to the atmosphere), and you get highly unstable dogs.

Infection is one of those subjects everyone thinks they understand and which is largely misunderstood by everyone, including vets. The common perception is that an infection is caused by a particular bug. But that neglects the stark fact that not every animal that gets the bug gets the infection. The law of cause and effect
is suspended when it comes to diagnosing infections. The condition of the host must be at least as important as the virulence of the infectious agent. By treating the over all health of your dog, you will also treat any disease the dog has.

Final Stages of Degeneration

By the time a dog has reached the final stages, all the drugs, tests, and diets have been tried, and they have failed to stem the diarrhea reaction. We call this treatment-resistant diarrhea.

The Remedies

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