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Dog Constipation

How do you define frustration? Needing to go- wanting to go- but can not go. If this goes on long enough you are likely to get cranky, and irritable. It affects your pets the same way. If dog constipation is not addressed early on, disease is sure to follow!

In order to eliminate dog constipation, you need to know how or why your dog got this way. And more importantly, what needs to be done to resolve it!

Dog Constipation

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Pre-junk food, our guts were clean and free flowing. But that was decades ago.

In this fast paced world, it seems there is little time to prepare healthy meals. An empty calorie now and then is not a problem, but millions of people eat junk food and junk food snacks regularly. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, skin disorders, IBS, Crohns Disease, (to name a few) can all be traced to poor diet choices.

So what does this have to do with your dog? I was wondering when you were going to ask! Up until about 50 years ago dogs diets were quite healthy. Today their diet is the equivalent of fast foods. Rip open a bag, or pop open a can of pet food and dump into a bowl. It is fast and convenient, but is it nutritious?

You would think you could rely on pet food manufacturers to make sure their products are healthy and nutritious.
Think Again!

It is time to start reading pet food labels, although the ingredients are often misleading. Know this: In the wild, dogs do not eat grains or heavily processed low quality overcooked meats, or meats containing injected hormones and antibiotics, or farm raised fish, which were fed who knows what. Yet, these are the primary ingredients in commercial pet foods. It might surprise you to know that many commercial pet food manufacturers actually spray dry foods with rancid, recycled restaurant cooking oils, just to give them some flavor!

If your dog gets hungry enough they will pick at commercial food, maybe even eat them, but at what ultimate cost?

Another problem is tap water. The actual chemical content of most municipal water is so complex, it is almost incalculable. Yet, most municipalities only check for 33 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)! Though very toxic, Chlorine is the preferred treatment by municipal water supplies. Worse, it is one of those elements that combines easily with just about anything. *Chlorine dries out mucous membranes. If you are interested, you can surf the web to learn more about the impact of chlorine on health.

So what is actually happening with low quality food and chlorinated water? Without getting too technical- the bulk (can not really call it food) goes into the GI tract (gigantic mucous membrane) but since it has little if any nutritional value, it is much harder to process. Instead of moving through the GI tract, this slow moving sludge begins to stick (adhere) to the intestinal walls and causes dog constipation. Chlorinated water speeds up fecal adhesions. These adhesions are a two-fold blockage; they prevent nutrients and supplements from assimilating into the body of your pet and, over time, will completely block the intestines. Additionally, this fecal matter blockage putrefies, and becomes a breeding ground for toxic pathogens, which can manifest as itchy, or dry skin, runny eyes and noses, bad breath, and bad gas.

Even fairly young animals can experience constipation as a result of this build up. If their early warning signs (lethargy) are overlooked, later on the symptoms are unmistakable.

OK, let us assume you realize you need to make immediate changes to the diet of your pet. Where do you begin?

For the cost conscious pet owner, you will be pleased to know that any difference in upfront cost to feed your beloved pet properly is easily offset by the money saved on vet bills and medications that are sure to follow if you do not change their diet immediately.

Dog Constipation

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A Key to Good Health- Bacterial Balance

Here is a little known secret: No matter how much money you spend to improve the food of your pet, supplements, and water; unless you cleanse their intestinal tract first, your efforts will fall far short of expectations!

Of parallel importance to restoring and maintaining optimal health is to make sure their diet includes the same live bacteria and microorganisms (SBOs- see below) that their ancestors ate regularly.

SBOs work in concert to properly digest food, fight against infection, keep the intestinal walls clean, and process waste. Regular supplementation is essential to restore and maintain optimal pet health.

With dog constipation, higher doses of SBOs are required to breakdown the cement-like fecal matter adhering to their intestinal walls. During this clearing/cleansing process, pathogens and microbes that were covered up with layers of fecal matter will be exposed. Your pet may experience several episodes of diarrhea and vomiting during the cleansing process. Depending on the severity of dog constipation, you may need to give double or triple SBO doses for a few weeks. Not to worry as there is no known toxic dose.

Your pet may experience several episodes of diarrhea and vomiting during the cleansing process.

If your dog suffers from gastrointestinal disorders, before incurring inconvenient and expensive medical/prescription treatments, reach for a proven SBO formula. However, if your pet is already showing signs of disease seek help from a vet who understands the benefit of SBOs.

Dog Constipation
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Veterinary Care

All too few vets, like most MDs, fail to make the connection between poor diet over time, and disorders and disease. They seem content to treat the symptoms instead of looking for the causes.

Depending on how advanced constipation is your vet might prescribe one or several prescription medications. If prescriptions are administered sparingly, along with recommending immediate diet changes you are pSrobably in good hands. If they also prescribe SBOs you are definitely in good hands!

The New Age of Animal Health and Wellness-Soil Based Organisms

Some 25 years ago, laboratory researchers began investigating why dogs eat dirt and grass.
Basically they discovered that organic soils and grasses are teaming with bacteria and micronutrients that are essential to digestion and elimination. (Appropriately, they named them Soil Based Organisms-SBOs). However, soils and grasses today have been attacked by pollution, pesticides, insecticides, chemical runoff, and chemically treated water, yet
domestic pets need SBOs more than ever!

Today, SBOs are cultured in laboratory controlled conditions, using strict scientific protocols.
Much like fermenting premium beer or wine, the SBO culturing process cannot be rushed.

Formulating SBOs into a specific product capable of restoring your pet’s proper GI balance took
5 years of intense Research & Development. The result is a formula consisting of 29 individual strains of active SBOs,
working synergistically to restore bacterial balance, and clear the fecal blockage.

Pet Flora is the culmination of that research. It is all natural, fast acting, and scientifically proven.

While SBOs have proven to be a miracle product for many pet owners, many pet’s health issues are advanced
and require additional supplementation to restore them to optimum health.

If you have tried vets, drugs, and natural products and everything has failed,
you know that finding a guarantee is harder than finding success. Well, stop looking, we
guarantee results!

For simple gastrointestinal problems, Canine Comfort and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, will help almost every animal. However, extremely treatment-resistant animals have inflammation, infections, lack of enzymes, and a deficiency of essential fatty acids. This calls for our multi-factorial restoration programs.

If your dog has a treatment-resistant degenerative disorder, bring it back to health with the Treatment Resistant Vomiting and Diarrhea Protocol – 3 Part Program.

Our guarantee is simple. Put your dog on the TRV&D Program for thirty days. if you do not see significant improvement, we will refund your money.





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