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Diarrhea is Epidemic Among Domesticated Cats!

Cat Vomiting
This page provides additional information as to why cat diarrhea and other GI disorders are affecting millions of cats each year. There are 5 basic causes of GI disorders and immune diseases. The sooner you take a proactive position regarding them, the greater the likelihood your cat will be healthier and happier and live a full, disease-free life.

“Fully 90% of all chronic diseases are caused by
an unhealthy intestinal system.”

Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain

Common causes of unhealthy intestinal system

Weaned too soon Most store bought kittens and puppies come from very large breeders. Frequently, they are weaned too soon. Mothers milk is essential to establishing a powerful immune system. If your kitten was not allowed to fully nurse it may appear healthy when you buy it, but preemptive weaning is a primary suspect of disorders and diseases later in life, that seem to have no known cause.

Improper diet Domestication and convenience has removed your cats natural diet.
You would think you could rely on cat food manufacturers to make sure the ingredients in cat foods are beneficial and nutritious. Think again!

In the wild, cats do not eat grains, or heavily processed low quality overcooked meats, or meats containing injected hormones and antibiotics, or farm raised fish, which were fed who knows what. Yet, these are among the primary ingredients in most commercial cat foods. It might surprise you to know that many commercial cat food manufacturers actually spray dry foods with rancid, recycled restaurant cooking oils, just to give them some flavor!

If kitty gets hungry enough, he/she will pick at them, maybe even eat them, but at what ultimate cost? Today, a virtual epidemic of GI related health issues ranging from picky eaters, eating disorders, vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea, IBS, spastic colon, to constipation can be traced directly to commercial cat food! According to industry statistics, diarrhea is the number 3 reason people are taking their animals to the vet.

Your cats wild relatives eat fresh kill, and supplement this by eating microflora and microorganisms from vibrant chemical-free grasses and soils. Collectively they are called soil based organisms (SBOs).

The closer you come to duplicating your cats natural diet the sooner it will get healthy and stay healthy. You can substitute fresh kill with high quality (antibiotic and hormone free) raw or lightly cooked meats, chicken, and fish.

Due to decades of chemical treatments, it is no longer advisable to let your pet eat grass and dirt. Yet they need SBOs more than ever! Pet Flora consists of 29 active SBOs* scientifically formulated to provide your cat with these much needed supplements.

Your cat also needs digestive enzymes to assist in the breakdown and processing of the protein. Super Pet Enzymes was carefully formulated with your cats digestive needs in mind.

Chlorinated drinking water No one should drink chlorinated water. Not only does it contain amounts of chlorine comparable to swimming pools, ammonia is also added to act as a buffer. Give you cat filtered water, free from chemical residues. Make sure to replenish it twice a day.

Household Cleaning Agents People dont realize that the more convenient the cleaning agents, the more likely they contain toxic chemicals. You pets are getting full whiffs. Additionally, if you pet is lying on the flooring, it is absorbing these chemicals through its skin and paws. Its time to get back to basics. Gallon jugs of concentrated hydrogen peroxide can be purchased from most beauty supplies. Dilute it o 3% and use it to clean floors, countertops, faucets, drinking and food bowls.

Stress is another cause of diarrhea. Cats prefer peace and quite to yelling or screaming. Travel also stresses cats, as it often means leaving familiar territory, beyond which are unfamiliar noises, different air quality, humidity, water, even food- any one of which can throw off your cats now delicate GI balance.

The Remedy

If you are like so many of our customers, struggling to cope with your pet’s recurring digestive diseases, then our wide range of natural pet medicines and food will surely help you. Developed from years of scientific research, our medicines are not just intended to fight against the disease, but also promote overall well being of your pet.

Supplements such as Pet Flora and Feline Comfort are specially made to ease gastrointestinal disorders in both cats and dogs. These medicines are rich in microorganisms that help your pet to digest and absorb the nutrition from food. Today, doctors all across the country are switching to Pet Flora and Feline Comfort as a natural adjunct to antibiotics.
Wondering why you should buy from us when you have so many other options?
For years our products have been successfully used to support the health of cats in both major and minor diseases. But what makes Vitality Science truly unique are the programs for the most treatment-resistant cats.

Feline Treatment-Resistant Diarrhea & Vomiting Program

Treatment-Resistant Diarrhea Cats

Your cat will become stable with this program. We absolutely guarantee results or your money back!

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Advanced Immune Restoration Protocol

Feline Immune Restoration

Your cat’s immune system and vitality will improve significantly with this program. We absolutely guarantee results or your money back!

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*The New Age of Animal Health and Wellness-Soil Based Organisms

Some 25 years ago, laboratory researchers began connecting the dots between SBOs and gastrointestinal balance. Todays soils and grasses have been attacked by pollution, pesticides, insecticides, chemical runoff, and chemically treated water, yet domestic cats need them more than ever.

Today, SBOs are cultured in laboratory controlled conditions, using strict scientific protocols. Much like fermenting premium beer or wine, the SBO culturing process cannot be rushed.

Formulating SBOs into a specific product capable of restoring your cats proper GI balance took 5 years of intense Research & Development. The result is a formula consisting of 29 individual strains of active SBOs, working synergistically to restore bacterial balance, and stop the diarrhea.

Pet Flora is the culmination of that research. It is all natural, fast acting, and scientifically proven. Alone and as the leader in one of our combination packages, it will stabilize your cat.

Our testimonials tell the story better than we can!


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