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De-Mystifying Pet Health

What Do You Do When Your Pet Gets Sick?

When your pet is sick, where do you turn for help- the local pet store, on-line, or…? If you are like most pet owners, you don’t know what to give them, but you want a remedy that acts fast! Sadly, most people make an appointment and actually expect to come home with medication. And yet…

Pharmaceuticals do not cure; worse still, they have toxic side effects. If the problem is gastrointestinal, and antibiotics are prescribed, your pet is in for a rough couple of days. Why? Antibiotics do not discriminate- in the process of killing off invading pathogens; they also kill off the good bacteria, which are essential to your pet’s health and wellbeing. In those instances where antibiotics are necessary, probiotics (good bacteria) should also be a part of the treatment plan, but never are.

A balance of good and bad bacteria is actually necessary to maintain a properly functioning GI tract! Ideally, it should be around 85% aerobic and 15% anaerobic. It’s only when the bad bacteria get the upper hand that GI issues develop. Once that happens, the sooner your pet gets a few mega doses of probiotics, the sooner they return to normal.

Medications prescribed for immune disorders, or disease, do not cure. Bizarrely, they are formulated to suppress symptoms. As soon as the prescription runs out the condition quickly returns. The longer medication is taken, the greater the risk that they will override your pet’s natural defense systems. Once those systems atrophy and become non-functioning, your pet will then require a lifetime of medication. In spite of the danger, most people take their pet to the vet and expect pharmaceuticals!

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

The primary reason that pets get sick is that their immune systems have been taxed beyond their ability to defend. The attackers are likely to be bacterial, pathogenic or air borne. Logically, the sooner the cause of illness is removed, from your pet’s environment, the sooner your pet can begin to recover. By far, the best and fastest way to get a sick pet healthy is to nourish them back to health. Medication does not nourish.

Armed with just a few simple tools, you can avoid most pet illness, as well as minimizing any risk your pet might have of getting a chronic disease, or even manifesting a genetic predisposition, such as hip displasya.

Important Steps to Restoring or Maintaining Pet Health

As a pet owner, it is essential that you become educated about what your pets need to get healthy, and stay healthy. The internet offers a wealth of information: some good, some bad: But without educating yourself, you are putting your pets’ health at great risk.

When your pet is sick, there are a number of things to do before going to the vet.

  1. Identify and remove the cause. This could be as simple as removing a toxic substance, be it food or chemicals used for cleaning, artificial air freshening, or insecticides and pesticides used to kill bugs in the home, or yard.

  2. Provide the compromised immune systems with targeted nutritional support.

Prevention is the Best Remedy

Here’s a little known fact- cats and dogs raised on a proper diet live an average of 5 years longer, and, as importantly, these are healthy, happy, vibrant years!

What does a proper diet consist of? Food, consistent with their species requirements including clean air, clean water, and a harmonious living environment.

Pet Foods: No matter how professionally designed the packaging, or how impressive the list of ingredients (even the one’s your vet sells), none of the well-known commercial brands contain the quality or quantity of meat your pet needs to be healthy.

Any meat that commercial pet food may contain is not fit for humans. Even if it was when it was canned, by the time you feed it to your pets the actual nutritional value is negligible. Commercial pet foods contain “meat byproducts” which is rendered meat that comes from euthanized lab animals, and pets: many of which were sick and diseased!No wonder pets are fat, lazy and suffer from an epidemic of illnesses.

Recent articles are exposing the fact that municipal water likely contains trace amounts of prescription medications. Air quality also affects pet health. The air quality near the floor where you might be using toxic chemical cleaning agents, insecticides and/or inorganic air fresheners quickly make their way into your pets’ blood stream.

Basic elements to keep your pets healthy

Begin with nutritious food, clean water, fresh air and clean bedding. Your pets’ diet should include naturally raised meat, poultry, and fish, preferably fed raw!

Pets also need supplements like soil-based probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, plus a variety of oils including omega 3 oils. If this sounds complicated or expensive, consider how expensive and complicated the alternative is. People contact us all the time and tell horror stories having spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and surgeries, only to be left with a pet whose health either was not restored, or whose health is severely compromised and is now on a lifetime of multiple prescription medications.

Probiotics are Essential

According to the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain Fully 90% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy digestive system! Probiotics are essential to maintain a healthy GI tract. If given on a daily basis, the risk of illness is considerably reduced.

If you are like most people, when you hear the word “probiotics” you think yogurt. Alas, independent laboratory tests have revealed that the actual number of live probiotic cultures in commercial grade yogurt is negligible by the time you buy it. No wonder, as commercial yogurt is made from commercial dairy cows. Not only does their milk contains BGH, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, it is both pasteurized and homogenized. These processes destroys any life-giving properties the milk may have had.

The ideal probiotic for humans and animals is soil-based. Soil-based probiotic organisms (SBOs) have been commercially available for about 6 years. They are scientifically proven to restore intestinal balance, and if taken daily, maintain that balance.

The same vitamins, minerals oils and probiotics that need to restore health can also be given to prevent illness.

Your pets depend on you. It really isn’t that hard, or expensive, to provide them with the diet they need. In return, they provide unconditional love. The better you take care of them the more years you get to enjoy that love.


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