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Cat Vomiting – The Natural Solution

The Causes

Most people haven’t connected the dots that their beloved kitty has been under attack from a number of different fronts for generations.

As a consequence, today’s domestic cats are genetically weaker, and predisposed to cat vomiting

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Cat Vomiting
Wild cats eat natural grasses and dirt to replenish the microflora they require to properly digest their food and to resolve an upset stomach. If you allow them to do this today you are likely to make matters worse!

Grass and dirt are covered with pesticides, inorganic fertilizers. They are watered with chlorine and chemical residues common in city water.


Cats are carnivores by nature. Wild cats hunt and eat wild game. Domestic cats are predisposed to hunting. That’s why they are constantly stalking and chasing bugs around the house. Many times your cat will catch them, and eat them, without your knowing it. Most likely, you are spraying pesticides and insecticides in order to prevent kitty from eating them. This starts a domino effect with kitty getting various illnesses, including your cat vomiting.

Depending on many factors, the genetic weakness of your cat, or how toxic the bug (or the bug’s parasites), within a short time your cat will attempt to expel the pathogens from its’ body.

“We have had our cat, Ragdoll, for 2 years now and he has thrown up nearly every day. We tried giving him Pepcid AC, one pill twice a day, to combat that problem. It would help some days, but not every day. We have had our rugs cleaned so many times, and just recently took the hall carpet completely out and replaced with hard wood just because we could not get the cat throw up stains out!
I was web surfing, just trying to find out if others in my same predicament had any solutions and I came across your website. I ordered your product just to see what would happen. IMMEDIATELY, my cat quit throwing up! It has been amazing! His appetite, and his playfulness has increased ten-fold! Thank you just does not say enough, but thank you!”

Leslie King, Marietta, Ga

Commercial Cat Food

is a big factor in today’s epidemic of cat vomiting. If you ever read a label, you might have noticed there are lots of ingredients that wild carnivorous cats don’t eat, like grains, potatoes, and vegetables. The meat, chicken, or fish commercial cat foods contain are overcooked, over processed and likely to be the most inferior grades. So they fortify them with so-called vitamins. This is hardly the diet to keep kitty healthy, yet this is precisely what generations of domestic cats have been fed. Each generation is weaker and weaker.

Cat Vomiting

Water’s Role

For the exact same reasons why you shouldn’t drink or cook (even bath) with most tap water, you should not give it to Kitty!

Chemical Onslaught

Many of the commercial floor and carpet cleaning products are highly toxic as well! Yet, Kitty is constantly walking on these various chemicals. Not only are they being absorbed through the paws, they lick their paws as a part of their cleaning ritual. This causes cat vomiting.

Feline Comfort
Feline Comfort Is Long Term Care For Treatment-Resistant Cats

The national average is that cat vomiting occurs 4-6 times a year. For many, the episodes seldom stop.
If your cat is chronic, then we strongly recommend Feline Comfort. It incorporates Pet Flora and several other of the most effective supplements for enhancing digestion and reducing inflammation that are used by holistic vets.

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The New Age Of Veterinary Care

Just as the holistic approach to healing humans has gained in popularity. In early 2006 there are some 775 practicing Holistic vets in the U.S. They even have their own medical journal!

Whereas conventionally trained veterinarians are quick to prescribe antibiotics or some other medication, holistic vets prescribe probiotics, using antibiotics sparingly, if at all.

Probiotics are live microorganisms. The probiotic of choice would be to administer the same live microorganisms cats eat in the wild!

I want to thank you for introducing my cat, Tico, to Pet Flora. I spoke with you at least a month ago or more. Tico is doing wonderfully. He’s gained weight to where you can’t feel his ribs any longer. He no longer has diarrhea nor does he have the constant vomiting. When his vet told us Tico had cancer of the small intestines, we thought surely we would need to put him down for his own sake. He now is a “happy cat”. He takes his cancer and thyroid meds and they are working, where as previously, he was just losing more and more weight. Our vet is astounded. In October, Tico will be 16 years old. At present, he plays like a kitten. I promise I will send you a pic very soon.

Thanks again for all your help.
Helen Fairbrother

Soil Based Organisms For A New Age of Cat Wellness

Some 25 years ago, laboratory researchers began investigating why animals eat dirt and grass. They found that organic soil and grass are teaming with live organisms and microflora that are essential to the animal digestive process. Appropriately, they were collectively named Soil Based Organisms (SBOs). Due to pesticides, insecticides, chemical run off, chemically treated lawn water, SBOs are virtually nonexistent in today’s soil, yet animals need these SBOs now more than ever.

Feline Treatment-Resistant GI problems are our specialty.
Our reputation is built upon products for animals that are treatment-resistant. Almost all our customers have tried everything else before they come to us. We get a 97% success rate with their animals!

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“I just wanted to Thank you for helping me out with my cat tigger. I have been dealing with
cat diarrhea for 11 mos. I have been to two different vets and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. Well after my vet bills racked up to $1200 with IV for dehydration, not eating, and nearly dying, I didn’t know what else to do. I thought he might have a food allergy. Well with him being 11 yrs old it was unlikely. I did some research on line and happen to come across some pet lovers that have also experienced the same thing as me. I decided I had nothing to lose. I made a deal with myself to either try one more thing.. the pet flora med… or put him down. I was in tears to even think to put my cat to sleep because no one knew what was wrong with him. Or my other last thing would be spending $500 on a scan for the cat, but that still wasn’t something they knew would tell them how to stop the diarrhea.

When I started the Pet Flora, I did notice a BIG change overnight with tigger. He took the powder med just fine. I mixed it up with his canned food that i was feeding him. I did this twice a day, and today I finally showed me the results. EVERYTHING is normal! I just want to thank you so much in sharing this kind of info for someone like me. Again Thank you!”Jessica Henry


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