Pet Food Recall - Enough is Enough

April 9, 2016
pet food
Pet food recalls offer a glimpse of what is wrong with entrusting your pet’s nutrition (or your own) to corporations and the government regulatory agencies. Why was “gluten” one of the suspected ingredients in past pet food recalls? Answer, there is a constant search by manufacturers to produce lower cost food that still meet government protein and nutrient requirements. Gluten is a cheap method to do that, yet it is not the only cheap and health threatening additive approved by the government and then added by manufacturers. Scary Ingredients Approved By The Government Wet cat and... Read More

Probiotics for Dog Constipation

April 2, 2016
dog probiotics
The New Age of Animal Health and Wellness-Soil Based Organisms Some 25 years ago, laboratory researchers began investigating why dogs eat dirt and grass. They discovered that organic soils and grasses are teaming with bacteria and micronutrients that are essential to digestion and elimination. (Appropriately, they named them Soil Based Organisms-SBOs). However, soils and grasses today have been attacked by pollution, pesticides, insecticides, chemical runoff, and chemically treated water, yet domestic pets need SBOs more than ever! Today, SBOs are cultured in laboratory controlled... Read More

My Cat Has Allergies!

March 13, 2016
My cat has allergies! A cat allergy, or any allergy in any animal including a human, is usually a reaction to a foreign protein that has entered the GI tract and/or bloodstream. These proteins can be organic, such as bug excrement, food ingredients, and flea saliva. Or, they can be synthetic, such as pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. Sometimes, allergies are a reaction to proteins that are part of the animal’s body. The body literally attacks itself. This is an auto-immune reaction. One common symptom in all cat allergies is inflammation, a self-fueling process. The more... Read More

Best Diet for your Pet

February 7, 2016
best diet for your pet
The media often reports on the poor ingredients that companies and foreign suppliers put into commercial pet food, risking millions of our pet's health. However, they fail to mention the fact that commercial pet food has never been the best diet for your pet! Most pet nutritionists agree on this basic formula for optimum pet health; 40% meat and protein, 30% vegetables and 30% starch. But not all ingredients are created equal, choose wisely! The information is at your finger tips- in cyberspace. The Best diet for your Adult Pet: Homemade Home cooking guidelines: Organ meats are rich... Read More

Dog Cancer Guide

January 30, 2016
Dog Cancer Guide
What Should I know about my Dog’s Cancer? Over the last month your dog has lost a few pounds, seems a bit listless, and can not tolerate to much exercise. But, when he decided he no longer felt like eating  alarm bells sounded and you had him at the vet the same day. Most likely your vet ran some blood work, shot a few x-rays to back up the findings and now you are sitting in an exam room with your faithful companion and wondering how you missed the warning signs for cancer. Cancer in dogs is an all too common problem and much like the human equivalent of the disease, there are... Read More