Include your pet this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around the dinner table with family and friends. If you are anything like us, that means our pets too. Here are some tips on how to include your pets in Thanksgiving, while keeping them healthy and happy. What is safe for my pet to eat this Thanksgiving? White meat […]

Curse of the Black Cat?

spooky black cat

October has a unique feeling of fall, magic and all things spooky. It marks the beginning of the long dark days of winter, and many people believe the vail between the spiritual world and the physical world becomes thinner. We celebrate the darkness all over the world and throughout history with events like Halloween, St. […]

Chocolate and the dangers to your pet

safe halloween for pets

If your dog is anything like mine, they will eat anything they can get their paws on. This makes the holidays a particularly dangerous time of year in my house and for most dog owners. During all of the holiday fun and excitement, it is easy to loose a few pieces of candy or baked […]