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Dog Health Food

Dog health food. Myth or fact?
Is dog health food the best food for puppy or dogs of any age?

Domestic dogsDomestic Dogs are sicker than ever. Many are coming down with human diseases. What do the majority of dogs have in common?

Commercial Pet Foods Commercial pet foods are cheap and convenient. Although they fill the fill your dog up, they lack the nutritional value essential for good health. How long has this been going on? Since the early 1960s!

Regular Feeding Regular feeing of low quality commercial pet foods are little more than empty calories. Empty calories are hard to process. They move too slowly through your dog's GI tract, and become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, and pathogens. This is a primary cause for constant diarrhea in pets. Super Food, the Dog health food supplement is the answer!

How do we get our dogs healthy and keep them healthy?

Think balanced diet (preferably fresh kill), unchlorinated water, plus the right nutritional supplements. City living pretty much rules out fresh kill, but hormone and antibiotic free meats are a good second choice.

In addition, your dog needs microflora, digestive enzymes and immune supplements to restore and maintain optimum health.

Pet Flora and Super Food Supplements are all natural products of highest quality specifically formulated to restore and maintain your pet's health.
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