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Dog Cancer Epidemic

Almost every dog, over the age of ten, suffers from some type of chronic disorder. Right now millions of dogs are suffering with cancer. Why? Toxic buildup.

Individually: vaccines, low quality food and water, environmental toxins, and pharmaceuticals compromise immune system balance. Collectively they are a toxic cocktail few dogs can withstand for very long.

Immune support is needed now more than ever. Just as we have learned the importance of eating better and taking supplements, the same holds true for your dog. Vitality Science's specialized products are carefully formulated to provide maximum support for your dog's immune system.

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Allergies, Leukemia, Gastrointestinal Issues, Whatever Is Draining Your Dog's Vital Force: Your Best Treatment Is The Natural Option

While you cannot know every disease name, you can see when your dog is under pressure from disease. The name does not matter! What matters is getting your dog back to health. Raising your dog' energy level and resistance to disease is our specialty and our guarantee.

We do that with the Canine Restoration Program, which costs you less than one visit to the vet. And, unlike the vet, we guarantee results. Stop wasting money! Order the Canine Restoration Program ($107.95) today and watch your dog rebound.

Dog Diarrhea "After 8 weeks of soft to totally liquid stools, sometimes bloody, multiple dietary trials and 3 sets of negative stool cultures...4 days of Pet Flora and our 9 pound stray toy poodle puppy is having NORMAL STOOLS!!!! We cannot thank you enough! What a relief for all of us!"

Judy, Jim and Sarah Hibel and "Beal", the 9 pound wonder dog:)

Before it is too late, please click here to start your dog on the road back to health.

Canine Restoration Program

The Four Miracle Ingredients In Canine Restoration Program

(1) Pet Flora (50 each 250 mg. caps) normalizes gastrointestinal function and restores probiotic balance with a proprietary compound of Soil-Based Organisms.
(More Info)
(2) Super Pet Enzymes (41 gms.) improves assimilation and restores normal gastrointestinal tone with a full spectrum of fungal enzymes including the potent anti-inflammatory enzyme Serrazime. (More Info)
(3) Canine Comfort (98 grams) improves gastrointestinal function. (More Info)
(4) Vital Pet Lipids (4 oz.) balances the glands and supplies essential fatty acids in their most assimilable form. (More Info)

Easy To Use

The Canine Restoration Program comes with complete instructions so that you can easily and quickly start your dog on the road back to health.

Claim Your Canine Restoration Program here for Less than one visit to the vet.

And we offer what no vet would dare, which is a 100% money back guarantee on the Canine Restoration Program. This product really works or we could not make such an offer.

The retail cost of the program is:
  • Pet Flora 50 caps $39.95
  • Super Pet Enzymes $14.95
  • Canine Comfort $35.95
  • Vital Pet Lipids $21.95

  • ----------------------------------------
  • Total $112.80
Reduce that price by $15.80 to $97.00 Plus, we are going to add for FREE Priority US Mail shipping ($4.80)

Either Canine Restoration will work to your satisfaction or you will get your money back. Period! No one else can or will make this kind of offer, not any other natural supplement vendor, not the pharmaceutical companies, and certainly not the vets.

Please click this Order Now link and get your dog started on the road back to health.

"I was desperate for some help and I found your product through Google. My 10 year old Golden Retriever (Bogey) has been getting chemo treatments for GI lymphoma since late August and has experienced severe diarrhea for the past two weeks straight. Monday we were advised that after 4 chemo treatments she did not go into remission and the diarrhea will more than likely continue because of the location of the cancer. This was devastating news because the diarrhea was causing her to lose weight (20 pounds so far) and she would eventually become so weak due to a lack of nutrients in her system that we would have to put her down.

We showed the Oncologist your product and she advised us to give it a shot because the prescription drugs and Imodium have not worked. We started on Pet Flora and Super Food on Tuesday (9/26) and this morning Bogey had a normal bowel movement for the first time in 16 days!!! We are thrilled to say the least.Dog Diarrhea

If this continues your product will be solely responsible for extending her life."

Scott Miller Camillus, NY

If you have tried vets, drugs, and natural products and everything has failed, you know that finding a guarantee is harder than finding success. Well, stop looking! We guarantee results for your pets with our Restoration Programs.

For simple diarrhea and vomiting,
Pet Flora and Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, will help almost every animal. However, extremely treatment-resistant animals have inflammation, infections, lack of enzymes, and a deficiency of essential fatty acids. This calls for our multi-factorial restoration programs.

If your dog has a treatment-resistant degenerative disorder, bring it back to health with the
Canine Restoration Program. If your cat has a treatment-resistant degenerative disorder bring it back to health with the
Feline Restoration Program.

Our guarantee is simple. Put your pet on the Restoration Program for thirty days. if you do not see significant improvement, call customer service for a prompt refund.

Special Price plus FREE SHIPPING!

Click to order Restoration Program for cats or dogs

"Our pet is an 8 year old female registered border collie. She started vomiting every time she ate.

We took her to our vet where she was given an antibotic shot, anti vomit shot and some anti vomit pills. She continued vomiting, and we took her back to the vet 3 days later where her intestinal system was x-rayed and she received another shot of antibotics and and anti vomiting shot. They did not find any cause but suspected an infection. She was not any better 2 days later so I started her on some Acidophillus and fructooligosaccharides; at he same time, I ordered your Pet Flora product on the internet. The Pet Flora arrived 2 days later. There was some slight improvement on the probiotics that I had her on when the Pet Flora arrived. I replaced the probiotics that she was on with Pet Flora. She showed considerable improvement the second day on Pet Flora, and she had stoped vomiting by the 4th day on Pet Flora. She is now back to normal with more energy than she has had for some time."

Ray H. Tomberlin, President
Global Agri Business Services

Just think! Your dog will not have to suffer any more. Before it is too late, Please Order Now!

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