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TR Vomiting and Diarrhea - 3 Part Program for Dogs - Comprehensive Nutraceutical Supplements

Healing Clay, Digestive Aid, Soothing Herbal Formula

Dog Diarrhea & Vomiting

Luxolite 4 oz
GI Distress 2oz
Canine Comfort Plus Beef 120g
And a sample pack of both Lithothamnium and Pet Flora"
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Program Includes 3 Products:

When everything else has failed ...

Vitality Science guarantees success!

The Treatment-Resistant Protocol is a targeted collection of safe, natural products to address all of the known underlying factors in gastro-intestinal disorders in which vomiting predominates. So, if your dog usually has normal or hard stools but occasionally gets diarrhea and regularly vomits, then this is the right protocol for you. It will not over dry already dry stools.
  • IBS
  • Gerd
  • Acid Reflux
  • Colitis
  • Giardia
  • Listeria
  • Coccidia
 Gastrointestinal distress of all kinds are remedied by the Treatment-Resistant Protocol.

The Many Causes of Canine and Vomiting

Whenever the GI tract is destabilized, pathogens, including giardia, listeria, and coccidia will become more prevalent. Bacterial infection is a symptom of GI distress and a contributing cause. But it cannot be the only factor because these pathogens are normally present in healthy dogs, only in small amounts.

Diarrhea and vomiting can be brought about by a cluster of causes. Vaccines, dental work, emotional stress, a change in diet, genetic predisposition, and the one that dogs are famous for, eating something weird. Any one of these can begin a train of events that can soon become chronic and even life threatening. Acidity quickly builds up. This is called acid reflux or GERD. Electrolytes go out the back end and are not replenished. This is called IBS. The GI tract becomes soggy and sheds portions of the lining. Finally pathogens take over the microbiological population.  

Any diarrhea and vomiting, especially a chronic case that has gone on for weeks, is life threatening. Fortunately, we have the answer you have been looking for. Our program is safe, effective, and guaranteed.

Your Dog's Diarrhea and Vomiting Remedy

You may need one, two, or all three products to stabilize your dog’s health. Regardless of the combination, your dog’s health will stabilize after using the protocol. We know this is true from our 97% success rate treating over 4000 cats and dogs.

Click the Add To Cart button and we will ship ASAP, within 24 hours, often the same day. Your dog will be stabilized or we will return your money!

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Product Info

We guarantee success by targeting multiple treatment points common in treatment-resistant dog diarrhea and dog vomiting.
  • Intestinal wall inflammation
  • Acidity
  • Infection
  • Nutrient uptake
  • Dysbiosis (microbiological imbalance)
  • Explosive Diarrhea

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How to Use

Complete directions are included with the package.

Simpler than it looks!

Administration is easy as the products can be added together, caps opened and given in two feedings.

The Treatment-Resistant Diarrhea and/or Vomiting Protocol contains three products. Powders may be mixed into food or mixed with a liquid and given in a syringe.

 Do I need all these products?

These products may all be needed or you may only need one or two. Since there was no way for us to tell in advance which of these three products or which combination of these products would work for any particular dog, we included them all, discounted the price, added in FREE SHIPPING and one hour of tech support.

Safe & Beneficial

Regardless of how many products you use initially, all the products are safe, gentle, and beneficial for all dogs regardless of age or condition. The three products are especially useful for any kind of GI upset.

Will my dog eat it?

All flavors are neutral. Only the natural liver powder taste comes through. Almost all dogs will eat the mixture in their food.

If your dog will not eat the mixture, you will have to administer with an oral syringe, which we supply.

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    Canine Comfort, 98 gms. Canine Comfort
    • Pet Flora Our flagship product. Pet Flora is a proprietary formulation of Soil Based Organisms that succeeds when all other probiotics fail.
    • Arabinogalactan is a long chain polysaccharide obtained from Larch trees. Arabinogalactan is a water soluble fiber that also enhances immune competence. For this reason, it is a desirable ingredient in any GI formulation.
    • Super Pet Enzymes are a broad spectrum enzyme formulation that will digest the complete range of food items. Additionally, we add generous amounts of bromelain and serrapeptase, two proteases that have an exceptional ability to reduce inflammation.
    • L-Glutamine, the peptide-bound form, is the most easily assimilated form of L-Glutamine. This form is absorbed up to 20 times better than free form amino acids. L-Glutamine is the supplement of choice for more chronic conditions of the GI tract, such as IBD, Crohn's disease and various forms of colitis, as well as for AIDS and cancer patients, where the GI integrity has been compromised.
    • Slippery Elm is an herbal preparation made from the slippery inner bark of a type of elm tree. Slippery elm has long been used in North America for medicinal purposes. Slippery elm is soothing to the digestive system. It is good for both diarrhea and constipation, as it softens and adds smooth bulk to the stool. Slippery elm also calms irritation as it gently coats the lining of the intestinal system.
    • Psyllium Seed Powder is a mucilaginous herb that soothes the intestinal contents. The indigestible mucilage (active principle) is found both in the whole seed and the husk and swells when it comes in contact with water. Psyllium is used for chronic yeast infections. It is employed to prevent the systemic absorption of the yeast's metabolic wastes that many individuals are sensitive to.
    • Beef Liver Powder is from Argentinian natural grass fed cows. This powder is the highest quality human grade available. These cows have never been on feed lots and freely roam the Pampas.

    GI Distress Formula 2 oz.  GI Distress Product Page
    • Venus Fly Trap
    • Yucca
    • Licorice
    • Chamomile
    • Catnip
    • Skullcap

    Luxolite, 16 oz. liquid  (Luxolite Product Page)
    • White Bentonite
    • Ionized Water

    We formulate our own products. All our ingredients are purchased from United States sources. We maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. Vitality Science does not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That is, we use no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind. 

    We manufacture so that humans, including family and friends can confidently take any of our products. Family and friends as well as customers take Pet Flora, Vital Pet Lipids, Luxolite, Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, and Soothing Solution.

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Shelby's dog Chip is 18 years old. He takes TRD&V for gastrointestinal problems, lack of appetite and Diarrhea:

Worst case of canine diarrhea imaginable!

"I have a 8 year old Pomeranian, Buddy, who we adopted from an abuse case. The 4 years we have had Buddy, he has always been a finicky eater and would sometimes have loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. About 15 months ago Buddy got a lot worse with constant bouts of vomiting, loud gut noise and discomfort, and bloody mucus diarrhea. We have a wonderful vet who tried everything - diet, yogurt, fiber, and antacids. Buddy lost 3 pounds - pretty scary when he only started out at 13 pounds! We finally got the vomiting to stop and he gained about a pound back, but Buddy was still having bouts of abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and the bloody mucus diarrhea about every one to two weeks. I was desperate to find something to help Buddy. We thought we may have to put him down if he continued to get worse. I got in contact with Stephen with Vitality Science who truly made you feel like he cared about your pet. He got back to me right away and answered all my questions. After only 2 days on the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, Canine Comfort, and Enzymes - Buddy is a different dog! The diarrhea cleared up and he is happier, bouncier, and livelier than we have ever known him to be. I never thought he would eat the supplements, but he just begs for his food and is eating everything in his bowl - he has NEVER done that before! In the last 3 weeks, Buddy has gained 1 1/2 pounds back and, though he has some minor occasional problems with stomach discomfort which finding the right food for him will alleviate, his major symptoms are completely gone. I also noticed that Buddy's eyes, which were frequently inflamed after all this started, have cleared up. I thought this stuff was too good to be true - but it is not. It truly has saved Buddy and given me a much happier and healthier dog!!"

Thea Lamb
Limon, Colorado

"Stephen…just so you know…your products keep our little pomeranian up and running! Sometimes she is lethargic and we give her a potion. Sometimes we see her gagging up yellow bile. In a day of your products being added to her diet…things just clear up.

Great products…glad I found you!

"We are completely sold on Vitality Science Products!

In March of 2007 on our way back from our winter in Mexico our 11year old tri colour Collie Izzy, had the worst case of animal diahrea imaginable. We were in Orlando and the local Vetinerary clinic would only assist us if we agreed to a total and costly work up of Izzy’s blood work etc etc We were going to go this route, when a fellow Rv'er suggested that we go online and visit a company called Vitality Science. We did, and based on what was presented on the site,decided to order their multi product kit and give it a try prior to spending major dollars with the local clinic.(which of course they knew we were prepared to do)

To make a long story short, we ordered online and received the products within a day or so. Herein lies another story. I telephoned Vitality Science President and owner Mr Steve Becker to request urgent shipping and delivery of his products. Mr. Becker was most understanding and concerned about the situation regarding our Izzy and assured us he would do everything and anything within his power to get the products to us post haste. To say that he and his products are the #1 item on the most important list for our pets health, would be an understatement. Within 24 hours Izzy was rapidly improving and now 3 weeks after the event and continuing on the Vitality Science regimen, is to quote a phrase, "a new dog."

We are home now and we took Izzy to our local vet for a check up. We received a "better than ever" check up report on her health and blood work.

Thank you Steve Becker and Vitality Science products for what we believe saved our Izzy’s life. "

Maurice & Joan Fairweather
Uxbridge, Ontario Canada

More Testimonials

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Scientific Studies

(1a) Arabinogalactan
Arabinogalactan stimulates macrophage activity and therefore may be effective in preventing cancer
Immunomodulating activity of arabinogalactan and fucoidan in vitro.
J Med Food. 2005 Winter;8(4):446-53. Department of Biotechnology & Bioproducts Research Center, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.
Many polysaccharides obtained from natural sources are considered to be biological response modifiers and have been shown to enhance various immune responses. These data suggest that arabinogalactan and fucoidan are activators of lymphocytes and macrophages. This property may contribute to their effectiveness in the immunoprevention of cancer.
(1b) Arabinogalactan Arabinogalatcan has no effect on blood sugar levels and is well accepted by consumers
J Am Diet Assoc. 2004 Apr;104(4):636-9. Marett R, Slavin JL.
(1c) Arabinogalactan Arabinogalactan proteins have a pronounced anti-microbial activity.
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(1d) Arabinogalactan
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(1e) Arabinogalactan
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(1f) Arabinogalactan
Arabinogalactan improves bowel chemistry.
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(2a) Glutamine
Glutamine preserves intestinal permeability and absorption, and shortens recuperation
Advances in Surgical Technique Total Parenteral Nutrition With Glutamine Dipeptide After Major Abdominal Surgery: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study
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(2c) Glutamine
Glutamine is an immune cell activator, inhibits tumor growth, stabilizes weight loss, and reduces incidence of stomatitis and infection

Dietary L-Glutamine Supplementation Reduces the Growth of the Morris Hepatoma 7777 in Exercise-Trained and Sedentary Rats SS Yoo, CJ Field, MI McBurney The Journal of Nutrition Vol. 127 No. 1 January 1997, pp. 158-166
(2d) Glutamine
Glutamine (oral) maintained lymphocytes and protected the GI tract of cancer patients during radiation treatment
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(3) Proteolytic Enzymes (Protein digesting enzymes)
Proteolytic enzymes, such as those in Super Pet Enzymes and Feline Comfort, have a long history of therapeutic use, especially in cases of pancreatitis, malabsorption, and other gastrointestinal disorders
Pancreatic Enzyme Pharmacotherapy 10.1592/phco.27.6.910

(4) Serrazimes
Serrazimes are an analog of serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory agents, used to treat MS, pain of all kinds, cysts, arterial plaque, sinus infections and many other pathologies.

(4a) Clinical use of serrapeptase: an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents Rothschild, J.
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(5) Bromelain
Bromelain has a variety of anti-inflammatory actions, including the reduction of tumors (a type of inflammation)

Therapeutic Application of Pineapple Protease
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GI Distree

(1) Venus Flytrap
The enzymes and other compounds in this ancient plant have immuno-modulating effects
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(2a) Licorice
Licorice has anti-ulcer effects
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(2b) Licorice
Licorice inhibits the growth of cancer cells
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(3) Yucca
Yucca contains saponins that have anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects
PR Cheeke, S Piacente and W Oleszek
Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects of yucca schidigera: A review
Journal of Inflammation 2006, 3:6 doi:10.1186/1476-9255-3-6

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