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Flex + Lipids - Cat and Dog Arthritis Relief and Joint Health - 2 Part Program

Fish Oils, Calcium and Minerals

Combo Flex Lipids Hip Dysplasia cat arthritisCombo Flex Lipids dog Hip Dysplasia


This is the only supplemental program with the full range of recommended ingredients for joint health

This Program includes Flex-N-Free and Vital Pet Lipids

All supplements for joint health address one of the three nutritional targets. Combo Flex Lipids is the only treatment to address all three:
  • Lubrication of joints, ligaments and the synovial linings.
  • Anti-Inflammatories which reduce the swelling of affected tissue
  • Ingredients that promote regrowth of ligaments and tendons

We are the treatment-resistant experts.

If you cat or dog has arthritis, joint pain, hip dysplasia, then our products and guarantee are what you want.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We have a very strong refund policy. Since we often treat very serious diseases, there are always some cases we cannot resolve. And, we refund that money. However, in six years, treating hundreds of cats and dogs, we have had 100% success with the Combo Flex-N-Free.

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Product Info

Combo Flex Lipids is a three pronged treatment addressing the three primary factors in range of motion pathologies such as hip dysplasia and arthritis in cats and dogs.

  • Undigested or poorly digested proteins go into the general circulation where they are allergens provoking a variety of reactions. Connective tissues are one of the first systems to be affected resulting in the aggravation of arthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • Lipid metabolism is clogged by trans and rancid fats producing a cascade of glandular and immune disorders. Joints need lubrication from essential fatty acids and other essential lipids. When lipid receptor sites are clogged with low quality fats, the result is often pain and and difficulty moving.
In addition, the Combo Flex Lipids is safe and beneficial for any animal young or old, healthy or sick and regardless of hip dysplasia and arthritis symptoms.

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How to Use

Both items can be mixed together into wet food or dry food.

The quantities are on the labels.

Note: For treatment-resistant hip dysplasia and arthritis, double the recommended dose

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We formulate our own products. All our ingredients are purchased from United States sources. We maintain a C of A (Certificate of Authenticity) for all ingredients. We do not use any additives or any substances other than what is on the label. That is, we use no excipients, flowing agents, coloring agents, stabilizers, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or unnatural substances of any kind.

We manufacture so that humans, including family and friends can confidently take any of our products. Family and friends as well as customers take Pet Flora, Vital Pet Lipids, Luxolite, Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, and Soothing Solution.

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"We didn't have any animals after building a new house 23 years ago, then we took in a cat that was my Mothers. Then we had a stray kitten come to the door and I let her in. Then we started getting many strays when they heard we were easy. Now we take care of close to 30 stray cats. When it is cold out, some come in on the porch to sleep. The shelters are all full and no one seems to want more cats. We try to get them fixed, so not to get more, but can't always keep up. One of the females who had been fixed, started having diarrhea. I tried for 3 months to stop it. I cooked just chicken and rice, tried kaopectate, but nothing helped. I searched the internet and found Vitality Science. I decided it was cheaper than another Vet appointment and it was also guaranteed, so I ordered Feline Comfort and Vital Pet Lipids. She was better in 4 days and much better by weeks end. Since then I have used it for many cats with great results every time. One cat we called Suzie was laying on our porch step close to death. I brought her in, wrapped her in a towel and called Mr. Becker. He sent Herbal anti inflammatory. I gave her that, Feline Comfort and Vital Pet Lipids for a week. She was much better and was able to walk again. As soon as she could, she got out. She still comes to eat, but we can't touch her. I bought some for my Mother in law's 16 year old cat and she is feeling much better and can move easier now. I have been very impressed by the products I have tried. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Mr. Becker answered an email question with a phone call. He explained many of the problems and helped immensely. I'm surprised and happy that in this day and age there is still a company that is so very good and helpful also. Thank you from the many benefactors of your kindness."

Ann Reynolds
Wyoming, New York

"A bit of history, about a year ago he had a case of feline anorexia, just stopped eating, we believe a move to a new house caused this. It was looking very grim he was skin and bones, x-rays and blood tests showed nothing but a very high level of bilirubin in his liver, which the vet said is expected when a cat is basically starving. He advised that I really needed to try to get him to eat. After many things tried and not eaten, I tried baby food which he ate a little of, and started eating more little by little until he got back onto the cat food, and then I added some of your products and that seems to have brought him back to health. About three months ago I ran out of the Super Pet Enzymes and now just want to check to see what is appropriate to get him at this point. He does eat now normally. His fur is soft and shiny but he hardly sheds, whereas before his anorexia he shed quite a bit (and before I gave him the enzymes).

Thank you for your help,"

Melissa Penfield
San Clemente, CA

" Ive had Minnie on the celloquent, Vital Pet Lipids, enzymes , and Pet Flora now for a little over a week and her skin is already improved to near perfection!!! "

Watch her video testimonial by clicking here.

Kristen Thompson Christensen
Pearl City, Hawaii

More Testimonials

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Scientific Studies

Vital Lipids

(1a) Astaxanthin
Astaxanthin reduces the negative effects of toxins and is a powerful antioxidant.
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(1b) Astaxanthin
 A Carotenoid with multiple beneficial effects
Ghazi Hussein, Ushio Sankawa, Hirozo Goto, Kinzo Matsumoto, and Hiroshi WatanabeJ.
Nat. Prod., 2006, 69 (3), pp 443–449
Astaxanthin, a red-orange carotenoid pigment, is a powerful biological antioxidant that occurs naturally in a wide variety of living organisms. Astaxanthin has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It has beneficial effects its effects on cancer, diabetes, the immune system, and ocular health, and other related aspects, including antihypertensive and neuroprotective potentials.


1a. Lithothamnium improves bone strength and remineralization.
A Mineral-Rich Extract from the Red Marine Algae Lithothamnion calcareum Preserves Bone Structure and Function in Female Mice on a Western-Style Diet, Calcified Tissue International, Volume 86, Number 4 / April, 2010
Muhammad Nadeem Aslam, Jaclynn M. Kreider, et al.

1b. Lithothamnium improves range of motion and reduces arthritic pain.
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1.Microlactin reduces inflammation in a variety of inflammatory states, including respiratory, lameness, myeloencephalitis (muscle inflammation), skin sensitivity, and toxic enteritis (intestinal inflammation)
Clinical Experience Using MicroLactin for the Treatment of Equine Inflammatory Disease, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Volume 29, Issue 6, June 2009, Pages 547-550
Thomas R. Bello DVM, PhD, and Tammy M. Allen RVT

Ascorbyl Palmitate

1. Ascorbyl palmitate carries ascorbate into neural tissues, providing an detoxifying effect for the nervous system.
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Glucosamine/ Chondroitin

1. A review of many studies shows a high probablity of effectiveness with glucosamine and chondroitin for the treatment of osteoarthritis
Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Treatment of Osteoarthritis A Systematic Quality Assessment and Meta-analysis, JAMA. 2000;283:1469-1475.
Timothy E. McAlindon, DM; Michael P. LaValley, PhD; Juan P. Gulin, MD; David T. Felson, MD

Aloe Vera

1. Aloe Vera increases collagen content of granulated (damaged) connective tissues.
Influence of Aloe vera on collagen characteristics in healing dermal wounds in rats, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Volume 181, Numbers 1-2 / April, 1998
Pandarinathan Chithra, G.B. Sajithlal and Gowri Chandrakasan  


(1) Serrazimes are an analog of serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory agents, used to treat all kinds of inflammatory pain.
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(1) Bromelain has a variety of anti-inflammatory actions, including those involving joints and ligaments.
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Calcium Fructo Borate

(1) Calcium fructo borate is a novel food-based boron supplement. Boron is a critical micro-mineral for the proper deposition and regrowth of bone as shown in numerous animal and human studies.
Todd A. Armstrong, Jerry W. Spears, Thomas D. Crenshaw, and Forrest H. Nielsen
Boron Supplementation of a Semipurified Diet for Weanling Pigs Improves Feed Efficiency and Bone Strength Characteristics and Alters Plasma Lipid Metabolites
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The relationship between boron and magnesium status and bone mineral density in the human: a review.
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